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Zhou Zhenghuang is not sure either what Xu Lili was doing.

Instead of inheriting her family’s company, she just left and came to them to become a programmer, but her technical ability is really good.

In addition, in order not to damage the cooperative relationship between Ximei and the operator, under the direction of the General Manager of Ximei, these people should give Xu Lili some convenience in her work too.

So this time, Xu Lili said she wanted to develop the official website by herself, and Zhou Zhenghuang agreed after a little hesitation.

In his opinion, if Song Jinxi goes to develop the forum, her work will be easy and she also can get the same salary as Xu Lili.

Most people would agree with this kind of distribution.

He didn’t expect Song Jinxi to be so dedicated to her job.

“When is the fastest time the game is expected to be launched” Song Jinxi asked.

Zhou Zhenghuang said: “If the entire team works overtime, the game will be launched within a year.”

“To launch this game within a year, it will take at least half a year to open the official website to warm up the game.” Song Jinxi thought for a while, calculated the workload slightly before looking at Zhou Zhenghuang and said: “Can you make me and her develop the official website at the same time and when it’s done, whoever develops the website better, that’s the one that will be used.

Do you think this is feasible”

Zhou Zhenghuang feels very hesitant now.

“In addition, I am also responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the forum.” Song Jinxi said.

Zhou Zhenghuang looked at her: “Are you sure you can undertake such a heavy workload”

Song Jinxi: “I am sure.”

Zhou Zhenghuang thought about it again.

“Since you insist, I will give you this opportunity.

But your focus is on the forum.

There should be no omission in the establishment and maintenance of the forum.” He said.

After discussing the results, Zhou Zhenghuang asked her to give him timely feedback when she encountered difficulties.

If the official website cannot be developed, there is no need to force it.

Song Jinxi just responded, but did not take it to heart at all.

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Even if it is to slap Xu Lili in the face, she must develop this official website well.

When she returned to her seat, she saw Xu Lili rolling her eyes again.

She just pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled, completely ignoring her.

“Only worked for one day but took two days off.” Xu Lili said, looking at the manicure she had just done yesterday, “Since some people have become mistresses, can’t they just wait at home for the old man to give money What kind of vase do they want to be by running to the company Really a waste of company resources.”

Song Jinxi acted like she didn’t hear it at all, and even picked up the water cup, earphone, and pillow that were distributed on the table and looked at it.

First, she chatted with her colleagues and praised that the company is really very considerate, and then hugged the soft pillow and sighed faintly.

“The working environment in our company is very considerate in all aspects.

It’s just that, why is there a dog in the office” She said while digging her ears: “Every day, it’s barking in my ear, and the noise makes my ears hurt.”

Xu Lili immediately stood up, raised her eyebrows and stared at Song Jinxi.

“Who are you calling a dog”

Song Jinxi slowly turned the chair and turned around, looking surprised when Xu Lili’s face was twisted with anger.

“I don’t know.” She tilted her head and said cutely, “Whoever barks the most is the dog.”

Her expression was very leisurely when looking at Xu Lili’s face that was flushed red with anger but couldn’t find anything to refute her.

She can’t help sighing in her heart.

This person’s combat power is really too low.

Can’t stand being beaten at all.

She even feels a little lonely now.

In this way, while bickering with Xu Lili like this, she also started to write code according to the planning book.

And two days passed in the blink of an eye.


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