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Chapter 2318: The Result

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“Weve done everything we can.

Well have to see what the other side will do when they receive that news.” A man without sin would be guilty of possessing wealth.

Zhou Weiqi wanted to use the word f*ck to describe that reasoning.

Jiang Yaochengs medical skills were excellent, but so was her misfortune.

In that world, countless people were always afraid of death and did not want to die.

Her superb medical skills would make her the target of many people.

“By the way, has Third Brother sent men to his hometown” Chen Xuyao put away his phone and focused on the discussion.

“Jiang Yao has relatives in Jindo City.”

“It has been arranged.” Zhou Weiqi glanced at the person beside him, who had finally put his phone away, and sneered.

“Are you harassing Chu Sheng all day long so that she will pay attention to you”

‘What did you do to upset Zhan Qiuhe and delay the wedding date” Chen Xuyao sneered, “I thought I would be attending your wedding soon.

You might not even be married when I have a son.”

Zhou Weiqi bared his teeth and gave Chen Xuyao a thumbs-up to show his admiration for his vicious tongue.

He was already engaged, and Chen Xuyao dared to say such vicious words even before he had caught up with him.

He really needed to be taught a lesson.

Zhou Weiqi suddenly moved closer to Liang Yueze and revealed a sly expression.

“Do you know That day, Second Brother called me and asked me about girls.

Do you think he has a love interest”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqi shrugged again.

“I dont know which girl is so unlucky to be liked by a smiling tiger like him.”

Liang Yueze stretched his long legs and kicked Zhou Weiqi.

He patted his trousers and stood up.

After tidying up his clothes, he turned around and left Chen Xuyaos office happily.

Chen Xuyao waited for Liang Yueze to leave before he asked Zhou Weiqi curiously, “Then how did you reply to Second Brother”

“How else could I reply Of course, it was a passionate love confession with a bunch of red roses.

That man likes to keep everything in his heart.

I told him that if you like a girl, you must tell her.

If you dont say it, she might not know that you like her, even if you give her the whole world.

He thinks what I said makes sense.

He probably doesnt know when hell confess, and he doesnt know what the outcome is.

When youre free, you can ask him about it.”

Chen Xuyao nodded.

He and Zhou Weiqi could talk about love and affection all day long.

It was not difficult for his fourth brother to pursue his wife.

On the other hand, he would be glared at every time he talked about it.

Chu Sheng could not even be bothered to speak to him.

“Its winter.

Why is spring still so far away Its time for the animals to seek a mate again.” Chen Xuyao sighed.

Without saying anything, he kicked Zhou Weiqi out of his office.

Jindo City was the capital and center of that country.

The news that spread out from Jindo City was like a gust of wind that spread throughout the country overnight.

Many people were paying attention to the news of the Divine Doctor.


Divine Doctors accidental death made many people feel regret and sadness.

That was also why many people had turned their attention to the Divine Doctors student.

Perhaps many people felt that the student of the Divine Doctor was too young and could not inherit too much of the Divine Doctors abilities.

Still, her disappearance had once again aroused everyones heartstrings..

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