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It was a calm evening.

After walking Bell and brushing her clean, I spent the afternoon playing with Lynn and Sela, and was thinking it was almost time for dinner when Alice suddenly appeared.





[Please treat me! Thank you very much! Well then, with the restaurant were going decided, lets go!]

[Eh Hey, wait…… Wait, youre moving too fast!]



What the heck is with her Just when I thought she appeared out of nowhere, she advanced the conversation in a super-fast and one-sided manner…… Heck, she didnt even confirm anything to me.

I wasnt even able to utter a single word between “Please treat me” and “Thank you very much”……



[N- No, things are unfolding too fast to follow———— Wait, why the heck are you bringing me up to your shoulders Seriously, stop messing around……]





And so, just like that, I found myself fluttering through the skies of the Royal Capital.








I walked alongside Alice, who was painfully holding her head, through the busy street at dinner time.

Apparently, were not in the royal capital anymore, but in a city located a few distance away.

As one would expect, Ive become relatively composed after being transported in that manner for the third time, and this time, I flew through the skies while enjoying the sunset.

Well, I still do feel that I wanted her to carry me normally……



[……That really hurts.

Isnt it too cruel of you to use that paper fan]

[If I dont use this, I wont do any real damage…… Anyway, whats with you all of a sudden]

[Well, it has been quite disastrous for Alice-chan lately.

For Alice-chans peace of mind, I was thinking of eating away this stress with Kaito-sans money, so I brought Kaito-san here.]

[……I respect your mentality to be able to say that line without sounding offensive at all.]



She just seriously added the words “with my money” as if it were a matter of course…… Even so, Alice wants to eat away her stress huh…… I feel like that would cost an outrageous amount of money.

With these indescribable feelings and thoughts like how much money would be drained out of my wallet, we decided to go to the restaurant that Alice said she had reserved.








I wonder how much time had passed since we entered the restaurant…… The meals at this restaurant, which mainly consisted of meat dishes, were quite tasty and generous in volume.

Its not super expensive, but it provides a hearty amount of food…… It seems like a place that Alice would like.

Well, thats good and all……



[……Seriously, how much are you gonna eat Dont you have any limit……]

[Hey, thats rude! Alice-chan here is a maiden whose existence makes even flowers blush.

Of course, I have limits…… My limit of “stores inventory” properly exists!]




The strong style that pushes the limits of a restaurant is absolutely astonishing, but since its Alice were talking about here, in a sense, I guess its too late to question that.



[……Even so, for you to be eating away your stress, did something happen]

[No, rather than something happening…… Its just, even though I was so busy revising the Peerage system, a Ten-Tailed Mystic Silver and the Spirit of the Blue Crystal Flower just suddenly decided to show themselves……]

[Ahh~~ Spica-san was her name, right The number of people in Isis-sans place is gradually increasing.]


Her appearance gives the possibility that plants that we thought couldnt be inhabited by Spirits could be mistaken, and it seems that Lillywood-san is going to start a re-examination, so she was asking me to help her…… On top of that, theres the Mystic Silver that grew a tenth tail and was able to keep her sense of reason…… Like, we would like to investigate whether Mystic Silvers can become like Eul-san if we immobilize other Mystic Silvers and rearrange their magic composition…… but Mystic Silvers are just too rare and die too quickly, so its very difficult to try it out.]



I see, Alice…… Or rather, the Phantasmal King camp mainly deals with information, so having multiple factors containing new information is a disaster for them……



[Seriously, weve been very busy, thanks to the continuous stream of “Subject Ks” from Isis-sans side.]

[……What is this Subject K]

[The sudden appearance of unknown events, unidentified creatures, and other related matters, in “our industry”, they are designated as “Subjects related to Kaito-san”, Subject K for short.]

[Which industry is that Also, that K means me! No, no, that makes it sound like everything you categorize under that is my fault, so Id like it if you could stop with the reputational damage……]

[If you could say the same line in front of Lilia-san, Ill admit that I was damaging your reputation.]

[……………………Going back to the topic, can I take it as youre burnout as a result of stress from being so busy because of the new guy at Isis-sans place]



Unfortunately, I dont have the hobby of willingly accepting peoples scoldings, so Im just gonna pretend I didnt hear that.



[Yes, Alice-chan has already suffered from stomach pains due to all the things that have happened, so this was to cancel that out!]

[……Seriously, who the heck cures their stomachache by building up a tower of empty plates]



Hearing Alices words, I look at the pile of plates she ate from with a dumbfounded expression on my face.

Moreover, it seems that the limit of this restaurant is quite far ahead, as it seems that the number of those plates would still increase from here.



[Now, now, isnt it fine Alice-chan can relieve her stress! Alice-chan can eat delicious food! Alice-chan gets to be treated! Get triple the value for the price of one, a triple win system if you ask me!]

[Stop trying to pull out all that bullcrap! Youre the one scoring all those things, and thats totally not a triple value for the price of one!]



[Tehe———- Ouch!]



Looking at the frown on her face as she seemed to be contemplating her comeback, seeing her responding with a tehepero made me hit her with Shiro-sans special paper fan again.

Alice, who had been sprawled out in pain, looked up a little later and vehemently protested.



[What are you doing! Alice-chans stomach already aches, are you trying to make my headache too! ……Ahh, excuse me, Id like to have 20 of everything from here to here!]

[……Like I said, people who really have a stomach ache wont make such a hellish order……]



Alice looks like she still wants to eat…… How should I say this…… What a troubling person she is.

Im not sure if I should say, in a way, that shes acting like usual or its just like Alice to do that but…… I astoundedly watched Alice eating with a wry smile on my face.

Well…… Boisterous exchanges like this are also quite fun.



……Incidentally, three white gold coins disappeared from my wallet when I made the payment…… Im not sure if I should praise her for eating 30 million yen worth of food from this moderately upscale but affordable restaurant, or the restaurant for having such a large amount of ingredients in their inventory……


















Serious-senpai : [From Alices point of view, seeing the wry smile on Kaitos face, as if to say it cant be helped, makes it a 4-win situation huh…… The one scoring the goal is Kaito though……]










T/N: Its that day again, yep.

New update in Nocturne.


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