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“Those who are willing to listen to my orders, follow me!”

Li Fuqing gave the final order.

Following which, he led his troops and the surrounding invading lord troops and quickly fled to the side.

Since they had chosen to escape, time and speed were very important.

They had to escape quickly before the other party could react, not giving them the chance to attack and kill them.

The surrounding invading lords were already panicking.

Now that they saw Li Fuqings actions, they did not hesitate and began to move.

They quickly charged to the sides.

A large number of soldiers began to run and quickly scatter in all directions.

Ren Qi and the others were also stunned when they saw the scene in front of them.

They did not expect such a situation to happen.

Xuan Ming was stunned as he said, “What the f * ck They escaped just like that I thought that they were going to fight us to the death.”

Tian Ji zi also said, “I really did not expect that they would choose to escape just like that.

It is really exaggerated.”

Zhao Yuhengs eyes flickered as she said, “It should be that the other party was too far behind and had no choice but to escape.

However, this method is clearly more sensible.

At the very least, it can save their own lives.”

Looking at the scene in front of them, Ren Qis eyes flickered slightly, and a hint of a smile appeared in his eyes.

“According to my previous thoughts, these invading suzerains and troops will definitely launch an attack on Belhermione and the others.

If thats the case, they still have the capital to continue fighting.”

“But now, it seems that the other party has given up on this idea and is instead choosing to flee for their lives.

Then, they dont need to think about any battle strategies anymore.

They can just charge forward and kill them all!”

If the other side chose to continue fighting, it would be quite difficult for them to devour the invading Lord Alliances main force.

After all, the invading Lord Alliances main force was very powerful.

However, now that the invading Lord Alliances main force was preparing to scatter and escape, it was a good opportunity for them to attack.

Following Ren Qis order, the surrounding new lords and soldiers began to take action one after another.

They began to charge toward the invading Lord Alliances main force.

The sounds of battle immediately rang out.

A large number of troops began to charge forward, wanting to massacre the invading allied forces in front of them.

The invading forces in front also panicked.

Each and every one of them fled in all directions.

They simply did not have the courage to stay behind and fight.

Under such circumstances, the invading Allied forces in front were quickly separated by Ren Qis troops and were continuously destroyed.

Mournful screams rang out one after another, causing the corners of Li Fuqings eyes to twitch.

When they had first arrived, they had been in high spirits.

At that time, they had completely disregarded the new horde leader and his troops.

But now, the situation had become like this.

The changes had happened too quickly.

However, this situation couldnt be blamed on anyone else.

Their coordination was simply too poor.

Most importantly, the new Lords series of actions had destroyed any information they had about the invasion of the Lord.

If not for the series of events where their headquarters had been toyed with, the command of the invading lord alliance would still be firmly in his hands.

In that case, no matter what, the situation wouldnt be any worse than the current situation.

However, it was too late to say anything now.

All they could do now was hope that they could run faster and escape as quickly as possible.

On Hermiones side, a smile appeared on her face when she saw the large army of the invading lord alliance quickly escape.

“Theyre starting to escape! Its time for us to attack.

All of us, Attack! Well attack directly!”

The surrounding new lords and soldiers were also getting ready, quickly chasing after the invading Lord Alliances main force.

The Dark Elven Queen and Elemental Elven queen also commanded the Dark Elves and elemental elves around them to quickly chase after the invading Lord Alliances main force.

Because they and Ren Qi had surrounded the invading Lord Alliances main force, if the invading Lord Alliances main force wanted to escape from both sides, they still needed a certain amount of time to run to the edge of Ren Qi and Bel Hermiones group.

Li Fuqing and the others, who were the first to escape, were almost at the edge.

However, before the invading suzerain alliances main force could rush over, they were pincer-attacked by Ren Qi and Hermione.

A large number of soldiers shouted and killed.

Ren Qi and the others were the first to arrive on the battlefield.

A large number of soldiers charged directly at the invading suzerain alliances main force.

Elise was still in the lead.

With the Dragon Abyss Sword in his hand, he directly arrived in front of the invading Horde Leader Alliance.

He raised the Dragon Abyss Sword in his hand, and a sharp sword light blossomed from the Dragon Abyss Sword in Elises hand.

It quickly spread in all directions.

As the sword light rose, the surrounding invading lord alliance soldiers were all killed by the sharp sword light.

Screams of pain rang out as the succubus army charged over, splitting up the invading troops of the Lords Alliance and killing them.

Some of the invading lords and troops who sensed that they couldnt escape turned around and started fighting with Ren Qis troops.

However, at this moment, these invading lords and troops were completely unable to defeat Ren Qis troops.

A large number of troops were killed, causing the invading Lords Alliance to quickly collapse.

At this moment, the invading forces from the other three directions also returned and saw the shocking scene in front of them.

“F * ck! Whats going on Why are Ren Qi and the others chasing after the invading Lords Alliance”

“I thought that the two sides would enter a stalemate, or that the invading lord alliance would gain the upper hand.

Why is this happening now”

“Dont say that you dont know whats going on.

I dont know either.”

“The invading lord alliances main force seems to have been defeated.

They are now fleeing in all directions.

This is a good opportunity for us!”

“This is indeed a good opportunity.

Lets not worry about anything else.

Lets just charge over and help Ren Qi and the others.”

When the teams from the three directions saw the situation in front of them, they had a simple discussion before leading their troops to charge forward quickly, preparing to assist Ren Qi and the others.

As the three teams entered the battlefield, the invading alliances main forces defeat became even more serious.

They were fleeing in a panic.

At this moment, Li Fuqing also brought some of the invading lords and troops to escape from the encirclement.

They quickly fled into the distance.

“Boss, a team has escaped.

Should we chase after them” Luo Ming asked Ren Qi, who was beside him, after seeing Li Fuqing and the others escape.

Ren Qis eyes flickered when he saw Li Fuqing escape.

Following which, Ren Qi looked at Zhao Yuheng beside him and said, “Bring the aerial troops and chase after that small group of people.

Try to kill them all.”

Since they had already reached such a stage, they naturally had to kill all of them first.

Although the invading lord alliance was already out of the question, even if some of them escaped, it wouldnt be a big problem.

However, if they could escape less, they still had to let them escape less.

After all, they were all threats!

Zhao Yuheng nodded when she heard this.

Then, without any hesitation, she directly led her undying blood phoenix and some of the flying troops in the air to chase after Li Fuqing and the others.

Ren Qis gaze fell on the defeated invading lord Alliance.

He directly commanded the new lords and troops around them to surround them.

Kill them all!

Leave none alive!


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