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After chasing for some time and realizing that he couldnt catch up to the other party, Zhao Yuheng quickly returned with her troops.

Ren Qis side had already begun to clean up the battlefield.

The invading Lord Alliances main forces had all been eliminated.

Although Ren Qi and the others had paid the price of losing some of their troops, it was all worth it for everyone.

They had finally eliminated the threat of the invading lords.

Previously, when the invading lords had descended, they had been like a rock pressing down on the hearts of all the new lords.

They were afraid that the invading lords would attack them from time to time and destroy their territories.

After all, the combat strength that the invading lords had displayed previously was extremely powerful.

However, no one had expected that they would be able to destroy the invading lord alliances main force in such a short period of time.

Everyones gaze landed on one person, and their eyes were filled with admiration.

Ren Qi!

If it wasnt for Ren Qi, they definitely wouldnt have been able to achieve such a high level of achievement and destroy the invading Horde Leader Alliances main force.

To them, Ren Qi was a god-like existence.

“Its all thanks to Big Brother Ren Qi this time.

If it werent for him, I really wouldnt know what to do.”

“Thats right.

The combat strength those invading Horde leaders displayed before was too powerful.

There arent many new horde leader territories that can stop their attacks.”

“A new lord beside my territory was destroyed along with my territory.

If I hadnt killed the invading lord, I would have been killed as well!”

“Dont say anymore.

My territory was already destroyed by the invading lords and soldiers.

If I hadnt run away quickly, I would have died at the hands of the invading lords and Soldiers!”

“Big Brother Ren Qi is too powerful.

If he hadnt turned the invading LordsAlliances headquarters upside down, we wouldnt have had the confidence to face the invading lords and soldiers.”

“Thats right.

I was quite afraid of the invading lords and soldiers.

It was all because of Big Brother Ren Qis actions that dispelled my fear of the invading lords and soldiers.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have dared to attack the invading lords and soldiers.”

“Who says so However, in my opinion, Big Boss Ren Qis command in the end was godly.

He blocked the reinforcements of the invading Lord Alliances main force and then directly invaded the Lord Alliances territory, forcing the invading Lord Alliances main force into a corner.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have been able to attack from both sides just now.”

“Thats right, thats right, thats right.

This is really too godly.

I never thought that big boss Ren Qi would be able to do this.”

“I wonder how Big Brother Ren Qi knew about the resource routes and territories of the invading lords.

Its simply too amazing!”

“Hahaha, when I think about how the invading Lord Alliance was played around, I feel a burst of joy.

Its so great!”

“No matter what, we still managed to kill the invading Lord Alliances main force.

We can finally heave a sigh of relief.

I must go back and have a good rest.

My nerves have been tense for the past few days.”

“Thats right.

We must have a good rest!”

The surrounding new lords all looked very happy.

To be able to kill the invading Horde Leader Alliance, all the new lords were very happy.

Ren Qi looked at the scene around him and a smile appeared on his face.

Following which, Ren Qi looked at the surrounding alliance leaders and said, “Everyone, clean up the battlefield and gather the resources.

Then, continue to attack the invading Horde leaders territory.”

“Because the invading Lord Alliances main force came to attack our territory, many of their territories have yet to be destroyed by us.”

Hearing Ren Qis words, the alliance leaders of the surrounding New Lord Alliances naturally agreed without hesitation.

The invading Lord Alliances main force had already been destroyed.

Now, they were going to invade the Lord Alliances territory to obtain the resources.

“Then, well still follow the previous route and divide into four teams to attack.

After cleaning up the battlefield here, well make some simple preparations before setting off.”

After making some simple arrangements, Ren Qi got Elise and the others to start making preparations before preparing to invade the suzerains territory.

Outside the Black Fog, in the meeting hall of the five great nations, the representatives of the five great nations looked at the scene projected on the screen in front of them with smiles on their faces.

They had never expected that the new lords in the Black Fog would be able to eliminate the threat of the invading lords and troops so quickly.

The representative of the Bear Country laughed, “I really did not expect that they would be able to eliminate the threat of the invading lords and troops so easily.

It is truly shocking.”

“That Ren Qi is really not bad.

He is actually able to lead the new lords and troops to such an extent in such a short period of time.”

Hearing the bear countrys Lords words, the eyes of the surrounding lordsrepresentatives flickered slightly.

They were also astonished in their hearts.

According to their previous thoughts, it would likely be extremely difficult for the new lords in the Black Fog to deal with the threat of the invading lords and troops.

However, from the looks of it now, this difficult matter was not considered too difficult for them.

The Eagle Countryss lord representative also said, “Yes, the performance of the new Lord in the black fog this time was indeed beyond our expectations, but it was all because of Ren Qi.”

“If it werent for him, the new lord in the Black Fog wouldnt have been able to achieve this level.”

“I really didnt expect that Ren Qi would be so outstanding.

The tactics he formulated are simply divine.

All of them are very suitable.

Its completely suitable to deal with the invasion of the Lord Alliance.”

The Tiger Countrys representative also nodded.

“This Ren Qi is indeed not bad.

The more I look at him, the more I like him.

The dragon country has produced an amazing horde leader.”

The smile on the Dragon Countrys representatives face was almost uncontrollable.

He did not even need to emphasize Ren Qis performance.

All the representatives around him were very clear that the new lords in the Black Fog were able to destroy the invading lords and theur army all thanks to Ren Qi.

If it werent for Ren Qi, the new lords in the Black Fog would never have been able to achieve such a feat.

Ren Qis performance made him and the Dragon Country feel proud.

It could even be said that Ren Qi had saved the new lords in the Black Fog.

“Sigh, dont say that.

Ren Qi isnt bad, but its only because the new lords in the Black Fog worked together that they were able to achieve such a feat.”

Although he felt very happy in his heart, he still had to be modest on the surface.

The representatives of the Dragon Country kept smiling.

The more they looked at Ren Qi in the projection screen, the more satisfied they became.

At this moment, a staff member quickly walked in.

“Representatives of the various countries, our staffs inspection just now found that the fluctuation of the black fog is a little less now.

We can use the box made of special materials to transport supplies into the black fog.”

Hearing the staff members words, the representatives of the surrounding countries were stunned for a moment before a smile appeared on their faces.

“Hahaha, its just right.

I can definitely send a batch of supplies into the black fog to give Ren Qi and the others some rewards.”

“Thats right.

The new lord in the black fog destroyed the invading lord.

I also feel that we can give them some rewards.”

“They should be lacking in resources right now.

Its naturally better to be able to transport a batch over.”

After the Lord representatives of several countries heard the report from the staff, they all wanted to throw resources into the Black Fog.

Firstly, they wanted to reward their performance, and secondly, they wanted to help the new lord increase some resources.

Looking at the smiles on the faces of the surrounding lord representatives, the expression of the Wolf Countrys lord representatives became increasingly gloomy.

The performance of the new lord of the Wolf Country in the black fog could be described as extremely poor.

Therefore, he could not feel the happiness of the other Lord Representatives.

All he felt was intense humiliation!


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