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Chapter 141 Giving the Chicken Bone Bodhisattva a Home

“Deity Realm, Langya Wang Clan!” Shen Yu stood up when he heard this.

He looked at the subordinate in front of him and asked in a low voice, “Deputy Fang, did that person really say that”

This subordinate was a historian from Youzhou.

At this moment, Wei Xiong had already died in Youzhou, and there was no new deputy, so he had become Shen Yus most important subordinate.

“Lord Overseer, thats indeed what that person said.” Fang Cheng nodded and asked, “Should we welcome this person into the residence”

“Of course! Is there a need to ask!” Shen Yu immediately glared at him and strode forward.

“Hurry up and welcome the esteemed guest in.

No, Ill go with you to welcome the esteemed guest!”

Now, he was a little flustered.

That was a Deity Realm expert from the Wang Family of Langya.

He actually did not welcome him in immediately!

He was simply courting death!

As someone who had been a State Overseer for more than ten years, he knew very well what these two identities meant.

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Either one of them was earth-shattering.

Not to mention both.

Deity Realm experts were true Immortals in the truest sense of the word.

They had unbelievable power, and their strength far surpassed the so-called Inner World realm.

The Wang Family of Langya was a colossus that had existed for 3,000 years.

As early as the beginning of the Great Yan Dynasty, they were already a wealthy family in the world and had produced countless experts.

Other than the time when Heavenly King Hongwu appeared 300 years ago, the Wang Family of Langya had a large number of rulers in every dynasty.

Although no one in their family had ever been an Emperor, many nobles and generals had appeared.

Although Shen Yu was also from a large family and was one of the 13 aristocratic families of the world, and he was also a State Overseer with a high status, he knew his status very well.

Compared to a top family like the Seven Distinguished Families, be it himself or the Shen family behind him, they were nothing.

The difference was too great.

Just like that, he arrived outside the State Overseers Office with an uneasy heart.

He saw a middle-aged man who looked to be in his thirties.

He had a noble and steady temperament, and one could tell at a glance that his identity was extraordinary.

“Governor Shen Yu of Youzhou greets Perfected Wang.” Shen Yu bowed respectfully and said with a humble expression, “I was busy with official matters just now and didnt expect Perfected Wang to arrive.

Please forgive me for not coming out to welcome you.”

Deity Realm experts could be addressed as Perfected Ones, regardless of whether they were from the Dao Sects.

“Its fine.” Wang Donglin smiled and waved his hand.

“I came to look for you to seek cooperation.

Theres no need to be so courteous.”

“Thank you, Perfected Wang.

Please come in.” Shen Yu hurriedly invited him in.

At this moment, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that Perfected Wang did not care that he was late to welcome him.

However, he was even more puzzled.

What was worth the Deity Realm experts of the Wang Family of Langya coming over to ask for cooperation

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After arriving at the reception hall, Shen Yu asked carefully, “May I know why Perfected Wang is here”

Wang Donglin took a sip of tea calmly and asked slowly, “Do you know about the Emperors decree issued a few days ago”

Shen Yu was stunned when he heard that.

He nodded and said, “Of course I know.

His Majesty said that the Fengzhou Governor, Cui Heng, massacred the people of the grassland.

He was crazy and asked the State Overseers of the world to kill him.”

“Thats right.” Wang Donglin nodded and said solemnly, “I came here to look for you because of this.

Are you willing to send troops to Fengzhou”

“Ah This…” Shen Yu frowned.

He naturally had this thought, but he was afraid of Cui Hengs strange battle results and could not make up his mind.

Now that the Deity Realm expert of the Langya Wang Clan had suddenly come over to persuade him, his first reaction was naturally to agree.

However, he instinctively felt that this was a little strange.

He did not have any interactions with the Wang Family of Langya, so why did they come to persuade him

This was not normal.

“Lord Overseer Shen, are you wondering why I specially came to persuade you” Wang Donglin saw through Shen Yus thoughts.

He had the ability to sense the fluctuations in ones emotions.

It was very convenient to use this as a reference to deduce the other partys thoughts.

“Perfected One, please enlighten me.” Shen Yu stopped beating around the bush and said bluntly, “I dont have any interactions with the Wang Family of Langya, let alone a Perfected One like you coming over to persuade me.

Can you tell me please”

Since Wang Donglin had already revealed his concerns, it would be easier to anger him if he continued to hide it.

It was better to directly explain the doubts in his heart.

“Its normal for Lord Overseer to have such doubts.” Wang Donglin was not angry.

He still had a kind expression and smiled.

“Lord Overseer should know about the hatred between our Wang Family of Langya and Cui Heng

“Wang Qinghe, Wang Qingquan, Wang Jinsheng, and the old family head, Wang Huaiyi, all died in Cui Hengs hands.

The Wang Family of Langya is already in an irreconcilable situation with him.

However, Cui Heng is indeed powerful.

He has a shocking secret in his hands.

The Wang Family alone cant match him.

We have to join forces with other forces to have a chance of defeating him.

Now that the Central Continent Imperial Court has issued an edict to let the State Overseers of the world kill Cui Heng together, this is a good opportunity bestowed by the heavens.

Its the best time to kill Cui Heng.

We naturally wont let go of this opportunity.

I wont hide it from Lord Overseer.

Youzhou isnt our only target.

Other than that, theres also the State Overseer of Yanzhou, the State Overseer of Yuzhou, and the State Overseer of Yuezhou.

We also invited two Deity Realm experts from the Baolin Buddhist Hall to join forces to kill Cui Heng!”

“This, this, this…” Shen Yus eyes widened when she heard this.

He looked at Wang Donglin in disbelief and said in shock, “Perfected One has actually joined forces with so many forces and even invited two Deity Realm experts.

Is Cui Heng actually so powerful”

“Indeed, that Cui Heng is indeed incomparably powerful.

“Wang Donglin nodded and said in a low voice, “He himself is a Deity Realm expert, and he has the Sect Master of Daoyi Palace, Zhang Shuming, by his side.

He also has several top-notch Inner World experts under him.

He cant be underestimated.

“However, these are not the true strengths of Cui Heng.

His true strength is also the true fear.

He has Heavenly King Hongwus inheritance!”

“What!” Shen Yu was shocked.

“Could the rumors be true Cui Heng is really the successor of Heavenly King Hongwu.

He has the supreme treasure left behind by Heavenly King Hongwu, so he can have all kinds of unbelievable and achieve powerful results”

“Thats right!” Wang Donglin said in a low voice, “I dont think I need to say much about what the name Heavenly King Hongwu means.

You definitely dont want to see that day, and neither do we.

But now that Cui Heng has matured, if we dont kill him in time, Im afraid the Hongwu Calamity from 300 years ago will repeat itself.

At that time, you and I will be in big trouble.”

“Thats true, but…” Shen Yu had always been indecisive.

He was still a little hesitant and worried.

“But that Cui Heng is so powerful.

He can even easily destroy an army of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Whats the point of me getting involved”” “Lord Overseer, why are you belittling yourself” Wang Donglin shook his head and said, “The entire Youzhou is bordered by the grasslands.

The soldiers are on the border day and night.

Their combat strength is so powerful.

If they can march into Fengzhou, they will definitely be unstoppable.

As for Cui Hengs strange methods, Lord Overseer, you dont have to worry.

Im a Deity Realm expert and the two more from the Baolin Buddhist Hall, there will be other Deity Realm experts joining later.

Only then will we face Cui Heng.

Lord Overseer and the other State Overseers only need to lead your troops to attack various parts of Fengzhou.

You might not even see Cui Heng.

Theres no need to worry about what strange methods he has or how powerful he


After the matter is done, the Wang Family only needs Cui Hengs head.

You can distribute the rest of the gains.

The inheritance of Heavenly King Hongwu and the land in Fengzhou will be distributed by you


“This, this…” After Shen Yu heard this, he was so excited that his breathing became a little heavy.

He tried his best to hold his breath and focus.

After thinking for a moment, he finally made up his mind and gritted his teeth.

“Alright, Ill do it!”

“Haha, good!” Wang Donglin also laughed and said, “To be honest, Im actually not from the Wang Family of Langya.”

“Ah!” Shen Yu was stunned.

What did this mean

“Im from the Upper World.” Wang Donglin had a proud expression as he chuckled.

“Im a Deity Realm expert of the Wang Family in the Upper Worlds Jiangdong.

As an Angel, Ive descended to the Wang Family of Langya.

This time, there will be other Angels participating in the execution of Cui Heng.

You can be at ease and do it boldly.”

“Youre an Upper World Angel!” Shen Yus eyes widened, and he became even more excited.

When Wang Donglin suddenly revealed this identity, the last trace of doubt in Shen Yus heart completely disappeared.

The Upper World Angels were about to join forces to kill Cui Heng.

What was there to worry about

They would definitely win this battle!

Wang Donglin felt the excitement in Shen Yus heart and felt that this person was really pitiful.

This was a path to death.

He actually left so happily!

In the next few days.

Wang Donglin had been moving between the various factions.

He persuaded them to join the alliance to kill Cui Heng.

Among them, someone asked if the Wang Family of Langya had really been captured into the sky some time ago.

Wang Donglin explained again and finally obtained recognition as an Upper World Angel.

An extremely huge alliance gradually formed around him.

There was only one final goal for this alliance.

Kill Cui Heng!

Then, they would divide Fengzhou, divide the Immortal Opportunities, and divide everything!


The commotion caused by Wang Donglin colluding with the various forces to kill Cui Heng was not small.

Cui Heng naturally received the news as well.

Although he had ordered Wang Donglin to do this, he did not expect this Upper World Angel to be so hardworking.

The forces that Wang Donglin had formed had already exceeded Cui Hengs expectations.

“Hes trying to trick them to death.” Cui Heng looked at the letter on the table and smiled.

Then, with a thought, he thought, “Since he has even linked up with the Baolin Buddhist Hall, I might as well make them feel more confident.

“Its time to let that chicken bone be eaten.”

Yuzhou was still in chaos.

Many Deity Realm experts were gathered here, and there was no lack of Upper World Angels.

Their goal was to fight for the strange Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

The Bodhisattva Jade Bone was good at escaping.

After so long, no one could catch it.

However, the Bodhisattva Jade Bone today was a little different.

It seemed to have decided on a direction and fled as though it was flying.

Soon, it arrived at the foot of a tall mountain with dense Buddhist light.

This was the Golden Light Mountain.

Baolin Buddhist Hall!


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