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Chapter 171 Inner Demon Bewitchment, Welcome, Nine Fire Flame Dragon!

A total of 2,071 Heaven Dew Crystals were piled in front of Cui Heng.

This was a 12-sided diamond-shaped golden crystal that emitted a faint fluorescent light.

It was only the size of half a fingernail, and every piece was exactly the same size.

There was almost no difference.

Clearly, it was a product of artificial manufacture.

Cui Heng grabbed a handful of Heaven Dew Crystals and placed them in his hand.

He released some Golden Core power to envelop them and began to analyze the structure.

The moment they came into contact with the power of the Golden Core, the faint fluorescence on the Heavenly Dew Crystals immediately became bright and actually reflected into the air, forming a three-inch-wide light screen.

Various scenes from the 11 states of Great Jin flashed inside.

There were thatched huts, pavilions, peddlers, soldiers, generals, and nobles… All of them transformed into countless lights and shadows that flashed through the light screen.

“As expected, its the luck of the country.” Cui Heng made a preliminary judgment in his heart.

Actually, when the ceremony was held, he had already discovered that formless Qi had condensed on the State Overseers uniform and the seal.

At that time, he had a similar guess.

Coupled with the requirements of the ritual, it was easy to obtain such guesses.

For example, the ritual could only be done by the State Overseer, who was the head of a state.

Moreover, it could only be completed if the State Overseer shouted to welcome the arrival of the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World.

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The State Overseer was the core of the countrys luck.

That sentence was most likely the key to offering up the countrys luck that they had accumulated.

Cui Heng did not say those words, so the invisible aura remained on his State Overseers uniform.

It only gradually dissipated three days after the ceremony ended.

Now that the Heaven Dew Crystal had been analyzed by the power of his Golden Core and revealed the scenes of the eleven states of the Great Jin, it meant that this guess was most likely correct.

However, Cui Heng felt that something was still missing.

Hence, he tried to continue analyzing.

Suddenly, Cui Heng frowned and his eyes widened.


The Heaven Dew Crystal actually contained an extremely weak trace of spirituality.

It was only about a thousandth of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon.

However, with his understanding of spirituality, he quickly discovered that something was wrong with this trace of spirituality.

The spirituality Cui Heng knew was extremely pure.

Whether it was the Golden Core spirituality he was nurturing, the spirituality born from the Hongwu Divine Sword, or the spirituality given to the Nine Fire Flame Dragon, they were all like this.

However, the spirituality in the Heaven Dew Crystal was very turbid.

It did not feel pure and clear.

It was as if the complicated thoughts of countless living beings were forcefully condensed together.


Cui Heng crushed the dozens of Heaven Dew Crystals and used the power of his Golden Core to extract the subtle spirituality.

Then, he smelled something similar to incense.

“So its the Power of Faith of All Life.” Cui Heng finally understood what was going on.

The Power of Faith of all living beings was a spiritual power unique to living beings with intelligence.

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When a person was extremely passionate about something or believed in an existence, they would produce Power of Faith.

When Cui Heng was collecting the seven emotions of all living beings, he would often sense this power of faith, but he would carefully avoid it and try his best not to touch it.

He would only collect the normal light of the seven emotions.

This was because the power of faith was too complicated and contained the different thoughts of countless living beings.

It was useless for his cultivation.

However, after cultivating the Nine Fire Flame Dragon Technique, he discovered that although this power of faith could not be used to nurture the spirituality of hisGolden Core, it could be used as nourishment to nurture the spirituality of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon, allowing it to grow quickly and become stronger.

“The strength of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon is related to the strength of its spirituality.

If I feed it all these Heaven Dew Crystals, even if it cant grow to the late-stage Foundation Establishment realm, its strength can increase by several times.”

Cui Heng was quite happy about this.

The Nine Fire Flame Dragon was a spell related to spirituality.

The deeper he cultivated this spell, the smoother it would be in the later stages of the Nascent Soul realm.

In other words, these Heavenly Dew Crystals would be quite beneficial to his future cultivation.


At this moment, the sound of a sword rang out from Cui Hengs sleeve.

The Hongwu Divine Sword was slightly impulsive, revealing an emotion of yearning.

“Right, this fellow also needs to increase its spirituality.” Cui Heng waved his sleeve and released the Hongwu Divine Sword.

It spun gently in Cui Hengs palm and instantly absorbed the power of faith contained in the dozens of Heaven Dew Crystals.

Then, it let out a happy sword cry.

It was like a child jumping around happily after eating its fill.

Its strength had also increased from the Seventh level of Qi Refinement to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

“If I refine all these Heaven Dew Crystals, it should be enough to advance the sword to the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm.” Cui Heng estimated in his heart, but he still put away the Hongwu Divine Sword.

He had other uses for the Heaven Dew Crystals.

Moreover, the spirituality of the Power of Faith was only a part of its structure.

The main body still contained the countrys luck.

Cui Heng had yet to figure out the effect of this power and had to study it for a period of time.

“However, there are only about 2,000 crystals.

Its indeed a bit too little.” Cui Hengs heart skipped a beat.

He looked up at the sky and an idea appeared in his mind.

“Should I go to the Heavenly Void World toborrow some from those Immortal sects and Buddhist monasteries”

Previously, he had learned from Wang Dongyang that the Immortal Sects of the Upper World had descended to the Lower World to collect Heaven Dew Crystals since 3,000 years ago.

It was after the Ancestral Master of Daoyi Palace ascended to the Heavenly Void World and the Great Yan Dynasty was established.


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