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Chapter 373 Nascent Soul Melting Purple Light, Divine Radiance Brilliant Star Sea (2)

“Ah, the taste of a Grand Completion Dao Body is really not bad.” The baby grinned.

There was still blood at the corner of his mouth.

He looked extremely strange and terrifying

At this moment, Huo Liu, Li Mingqiong, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman had just rushed into the sky and happened to see the scene of Zhuo Fan being eaten by the baby.

They immediately felt their hair stand on end.


In the past hundred years, Zhuo Fan had already advanced to the Dao Lord realm.

In terms of level, this was already equivalent to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm, but his strength was relatively uniform.

Yet, he was actually eaten without any resistance!

This shocked the three of them greatly.

“Oh” The babys dark blue eyes looked at the dragon, the human, and the god.

He licked his lips and smiled.

“Alright, another three delicacies.


Suddenly, his eyes widened and he revealed a very shocked expression.

He muttered, “You dont have a Dao Body or the authority of the Heaven Realm.

What are you What cultivation technique is this”

This baby was from the Heaven Realm after all.

As soon as they met, he could tell that the cultivation method of the three of them was different from the 21 realms of the two worlds.

However, before Huo Liu, Li Mingqiong, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman could react, the baby suddenly laughed again.

He opened his arms and looked up at the sky.

“Hahaha! The heavens are helping me!”


As the baby roared with laughter, the power fluctuation on his body became stronger and clearer.

The range of influence was soon not limited to Divine Might Planet.

A dark golden light rushed out of the planet, enveloping the surrounding starry sky and quickly spreading out.

This power seemed to have some special characteristics that exceeded the laws and principles.

It had clearly just spread out of the Divine Might Planet when it directly crossed the distant void and appeared on Tai Cang Planet and Purple Sun Star.

Then, it quickly enveloped these two large stars.

In a moment, the three main stars in the Purple Sun Realm were enveloped by the might of this baby.

Such a huge range of influence was too shocking.

“Hahaha!” The baby laughed non-stop, and an incomparably greedy expression appeared on his face.

Suddenly, he raised his hands and grabbed at the void in front of him.

He shouted, “Come over!”

Huo Liu, Li Mingqiong, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman immediately felt their bodies stiffen as they flew towards the baby uncontrollably.

In front of this incomparably powerful baby…

Any resistance was useless.


At the same time, it was not only the changes in the Purple Sun Realm.

Even at the endless height, where billions of laws converged and the endless Great Dao gathered, a Lord of the Heavens, who was still sleeping, was affected and woke up.

At the highest point of the Immortal Realm, in the clouds above the nine heavens, an extraordinary immortal palace was faintly discernible.

There was a plaque hanging on it.

Nine Heavens Immortal Palace.

In the main hall of this immortal palace, there was an old Daoist priest who had been meditating and sleeping for countless years.

His breathing was originally stable and his face was very red.

Now, he suddenly opened his eyes, which were filled with shock.

“What aura is this Above the Ninth Realm!”

“Who opened the heavenly barrier Its not the White Lotus Goddess, nor is it that bald donkey.

Whats going on!”

“Could it be the Heaven Realm

“How is this possible The Heaven Realm has already disappeared for so long.

How can such a big shot appear!”

“With the sudden appearance of such an existence and the absence of the Heavenly Realm, this sea of stars is probably going to be overturned.”

Just as the old Daoist priest was woken up, there was a change in the Buddhist Light Pure Land.

In the pure land filled with an immortal Buddhist light, a huge Buddha more than a million feet tall was sitting cross-legged on a lotus platform.

He was holding a Buddhist prayer bead in his hand and spouting wonderful words.

His tongue was like a lotus flower as he preached the scriptures.

Beneath him were millions of Arhats, Bodhisattvas, Bhikkhu, and Vajra.

There were countless listeners.

All of them were intoxicated and completely immersed.

But at this moment.


A muffled sound suddenly came from above.

Immediately after, the sound of something heavy falling woke up the monks who were listening in the Pure Land.

They looked forward and were stunned.

The mountain-like Buddha beads smashed to the ground and interrupted the huge Buddhas lecture.

This scene terrified countless monks.

These prayer beads were clearly the string of beads in the Buddha Lords hand.

Why did they suddenly break and fall

Just as the monks were shocked,

“Amitabha!” The Buddha suddenly pressed his palms together and chanted the Buddhas name loudly.

Then, he said, “Todays lecture will end here.

A great demon has descended into the human world.

Im afraid a great calamity will descend soon.

You have to be on guard.”


As soon as these words were spoken, all the monks present panicked.

What demon

How powerful was this great demon that even the Pure Land Buddha was afraid of!

The Buddha Lords were all Ninth Realm existences.

Was there anything stronger than this!


Great Zhous Hexi Province, Tongguang County.

The entire Ren Family was already in a panic.

They could not understand what was going on at all.

Why would their newborn child cause such a commotion

Especially Ren Feng and Yang Mingyu.

As the parents of the children, they could not understand the current situation.

Yang Mingyu even fainted the moment the baby rushed into the sky.

“Why, why is this happening What exactly is

going on”

Ren Feng was completely stunned.

He knelt on the ground in panic and muttered, “Immortal Cui, please protect us.”

At this moment, Jiang Caiyun, who was in the guest room, had a splitting headache and was about to lose consciousness.

But just as she was about to faint, a bright and pure golden light suddenly flashed in front of her eyes, instantly waking her up.

The splitting headache also disappeared.

At the same time, the originally dark night sky suddenly lit up.

Pure golden light instantly filled the entire planet, dispelling all kinds of negative forces.

“This golden light… How, how is this


Jiang Caiyuns eyes widened in disbelief.

She felt a familiar aura in these golden lights.


At the same time as Jiang Caiyuns side changed, the power that the baby had used to grab Huo Liu, Li Mingqiong, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman suddenly dissipated, as if it had been scattered by some invisible force.

“Who is it!” The baby was shocked.

He could clearly feel the strength of this force.

Moreover, it was incomparably powerful.

Huo Liu, Li Mingqiong, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman were overjoyed and could not help but shout.

“Immortal Venerable!”


“Immortal Venerable!”


In the Blessed Land Dao Palace of the Grotto-Heaven World.

Cui Heng floated in the air and sat cross-legged.

His entire body was already wrapped in purple-gold light.

Boundless light blossomed from between his eyebrows.

It filled the entire grotto-heaven.

Countless shadows flickered in the purple-gold light.

There was the Purple Sun Realm, the Five Visions Realm, the Dao Star, and many civilizations that were affected by the Purple Sun Star and were already implementing the rules of order.

At this moment, the Purple Mansion Golden Hall between his eyebrows had completely transformed into a sea of light with the purple-gold divine light.

His Nascent Soul sat in the middle.

Suddenly, the Nascent Soul began to slowly melt.

Soon, it turned into countless purple-gold divine light and fused into the sea of purple-gold light.

Cui Hengs Indestructible True Spirit appeared.

At the same time, the purple-gold sea of light immediately boiled, raising huge waves.

Countless light waves surged towards the Undying True Spirit.

At this moment, an extremely pure and powerful purple-gold divine light rushed out of the grotto-heaven world and instantly descended in many worlds and starry sky.

They were all places affected by Cui Hengs rule.


Under a larger perspective, under a wider spatial scale, under the vast universes void…

The sea of stars with a diameter of 200,000 light years was spinning.

It had six clear and symmetrical cantilevers.

Just as the purple-gold divine light descended into the outside world,

The end of the fourth arm of the sea of stars suddenly lit up with an unprecedented brilliance.


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