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Chapter 401 Your Star Field Is Going to Fall Soon

After discovering that something was wrong with the two men, Shi Qingyu hurriedly left the street with Yu Lei and returned to her temporary residence.

This behavior puzzled Yu Lei.

In a courtyard north of Fangtian City, Yu Lei said unhappily, “Senior Sister, why are we avoiding those two Theyre just two Sages.”


“Theyre definitely not just Sages.” Shi Qingyu shook her head and said, “I can sense an extremely deep and powerful aura from them.

It far exceeds our current state.”

“Thats impossible.” Yu Lei frowned when he heard this and said in a low voice, “Although our Heavenly Dao power has been sealed and our souls have been split, and our cultivation has fallen from the Fusion realm to the Dao Body realm, were still Dao Lords at the peak of the Seventh Realm.”

“If those two people far exceed our current state, wouldnt they be two Lords of the Heavens Thats impossible.

The Venerable once said that in this galaxy, Lords of the Heavens powerhouses almost dont exist among the starry skies.”

“My feelings are never wrong.” Shi Qingyu was still certain in her heart.

She said in a low voice, “Ever since I was born, my feelings have never been wrong.

Those two are very dangerous.”

“Alright.” Yu Lei seemed to have compromised and nodded in agreement.

However, he asked, “Senior Sister, if those two are really very dangerous, whats the use of us returning to our courtyard” “Its still different.

Ive set up an array here.” Shi Qingyu nodded and smiled.

“The core of this array is a Heavenly Treasure that contains dense Heavenly Dao power.

“Therefore, the power of this array formation is very powerful.

It can even allow you and me to regain the power of the Heavenly Dao for a short period of time and recover to the Fusion realm.”


At this moment, Shi Qingyu and Yu Lei suddenly heard a crisp sound, as if something had shattered.

The surrounding nomological power also changed slightly.

“Not good!” Shi Qingyu was shocked.

She looked at the sky in disbelief and grabbed Yu Lei.

“Lets go, weve been discovered!”

“What!” Yu Lei was stunned.

The situation had changed too quickly.

Shi Qingyu had just said how powerful this array formation was, but now, it had actually shattered.

Did it have to be so fast!

Unfortunately, it was too late to escape.

Shi Qingyu had just flown up with Yu Lei when she suddenly felt the space around her distort.

In the next moment, she realized that she and Yu Lei had returned to the courtyard.

It was as if they had never left.

“How is this possible He can actually silently fold space and completely blind my senses.

Has the Lord of Heavens of this domain descended!”

Although Shi Qingyu was at the Dao Body Realm now, she was originally an expert at the Fusion realm.

She quickly saw through what was going on.

But she was helpless.

She could only bring Yu Lei around in this endless spatial cycle.

In the end, she could only give up.

“May I know which senior made a move” Shi Qingyu put on a confused expression and bowed to the sky.

“If we siblings did something wrong, please tell us.”

She tried her best to act like a native martial artist.

To Shi Qingyu, as long as she did not expose that she was from the Outer World, it was acceptable.

There was always a way to deal with the situation.

Yu Lei lowered his head at the side and remained silent.

His expression was gloomy, and it was unknown what he was thinking.

“Two Outer World invaders came here and still dare to ask what they did wrong” A slightly teasing voice sounded in the void.

Then, two young men appeared out of thin air in the courtyard.

They were Cui Heng and Hui Shi.

It was the two people Shi Qingyu and Yu Lei had met on the street.


“How was this possible!”

Shi Qingyu and Yu Leis expressions changed drastically when they heard this.

They looked at the two people who had suddenly appeared in disbelief.

Immediately after, they attacked without holding back.

They were about to release all the power contained in their Dao Bodies and try to counterattack in this way and escape.

Hence, the incomparably huge power in their Dao Bodies erupted, affecting the laws and causing most of Taihong Star to tremble, waking up many Creators and Sage Kings who were either in seclusion or cultivating.

“This level of Dao Body power… could it be the descent of a Dao Lord!”

“Outer World Dao Lords have appeared on Taihong Star When did they come”

“Its in Fangtian City.

Why would a Dao Lord attack!”

A stone that caused a thousand ripples!

In just an instant, the power of the Dao Body erupted, causing a huge commotion on Taihong Star, making the leaders of the Immortal sects extremely shocked.


But suddenly, another shout resounded throughout Taihong Star.

It actually instantly suppressed the two extremely powerful Dao bodies.

At the same time, the entire Taihong Star returned to its usual calm.

It was as if nothing had happened.

But this made the people on Taihong Star even more shocked and terrified.

This was a power even stronger than a Dao Lord!

It actually all appeared on Taihong Star!

What exactly was going on! At this moment, in the very ordinary-looking courtyard, Shi Qingyu and Yu Lei were sitting on the ground with pale faces, looking at Hui Shi in shock.

“Lord of Heavens!” Shi Qingyus face was filled with disbelief.

She said bitterly, “Why is there a Lord of Heavens here Why!”

“Other than the three Realm Keepers, arent the Lords of Heaven on your side already asleep! Why are you still able to find us here Moreover, weve only been here for a few days…”

She could not figure out how they had been targeted.

From the time their cultivation realm was sealed in the Other World to the time they crossed the Star Field barrier with the help of a few Venerables and secretly arrived at Taihong Star, only a dozen days had passed.

They also did not leave any traces of their activities at all.

Even the characteristics of their Dao Bodies had long been modified by the Heaven Gate Venerables to match this Star Field.

They had already made so many preparations, so why were they still found! Shi Qingyu could not figure this out no matter what.

“Actually, we just happened to pass by.” Cui Heng looked at Shi Qingyu, who was filled with confusion, and chuckled.

“If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves for being too vigilant.

You actually discussed the Outer World realm on the streets.”

He and Hui Shi had just arrived on Taihong Star.

They did not expect to discover two people with special life auras.

They were even talking about the Outer World in public.

They were just short of writing on their foreheads that they were from the Outer World.

Who else should they arrest if not them

Out of caution, Cui Heng would not rashly cross realms to attack the Outer World.

However, he would not be polite to the people from the Outer World who had come knocking on his door.

“…” Shi Qingyu fell silent when she heard this.

At the same time, she glared at Yu Lei.

At this point, she knew that she had no chance of escaping.

She closed her eyes and said, “Kill me.”

Actually, when she first came to this Star Field, Shi Qingyu was very cautious and would not talk about information about the Outer World anywhere.

However, as Yu Lei used the soundproofing method to discuss with her several times, things gradually became like this.

Moreover, they were essentially Lords of the Heavens at the Fusion Realm.

The sound-proofing technique they used was at the Fusion Realm, and it was enough to deceive the senses of all living beings below the Ninth Realm of the Immortal World.

This was also one of the reasons why they gradually lowered their guard.

After all, there was not even a single Dao Lord at the peak of the Seventh Realm on Taihong Star, let alone any experts at the Eighth Realm of the Immortal World.

In Shi Qingyus opinion, they had more or less reaped what they sowed.

Hence, she planned to die generously for the Star Field she was born in.

However, Yu Lei suddenly looked up at Cui Heng and said, “Exalted Immortal, since you didnt kill us immediately, I believe were still useful to you.

Im willing to explain what I know.”

“Junior Brother, you, you!” Shi Qingyu immediately opened her eyes and looked at Yu Lei in disbelief.

Her extreme anger made her breathing quicken.

“What did you say!”

Yu Lei ignored Shi Qingyu and continued to look at Cui Heng.

His gaze was very firm as he said, “For a Lord of the Heavens like you, information about the Outer World must be very rare, right Im willing to tell you everything.”

“Youre shameless!” Shi Qingyu couldnt help but curse.

“Oh” Cui Heng looked at Yu Lei with interest and chuckled.

“Why did you surrender so skillfully”

“Any living creature has the instinct to survive,” Yu Lei said with a matter-of-fact expression.

“Theres no need for me to sacrifice my life for the sake of others.”

“Junior Brother, are you worthy of the Venerables nurturing” Shi Qingyu gritted her teeth and looked at Yu Lei in extreme disappointment.

“Ive cultivated painstakingly for tens of thousands of years and fused my Dharmic powers with my Dao Body to become a Lord of the Heavens.

I didnt come here to die.” Yu Leis expression was normal, and his tone was calm, as if he was talking about something extremely ordinary.

“Heh, interesting.” Cui Heng looked at Yu Lei and then at Shi Qingyu on the other side.

He chuckled and said, “Hui Shi, Ill leave this kid to you to interrogate.

Ill deal with her.”

“Yes, Sir!” Hui Shi bowed respectfully.

He grabbed Yu Leis shoulder and flew into the sky.

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

Then, he looked at Shi Qingyu and smiled.

“Now, were the only ones left.”

“What do you want” Shi Qingyu frowned and closed her eyes.

“I wont say anything.”


“Are you really going to insist” Cui Hengs gaze was gentle as he said to Shi Qingyu, “Your companion is no longer here.

There are no outsiders here.

No matter what you say, they wont know.”

e are

“I…” Shi Qingyu opened her mouth and hesitated before falling silent.

After a long while, she took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “You dont have to interrogate me anymore.

I dont know anything, and I wont say anything.”

“Your Heaven Realm has already been corroded, and many Heaven Gate experts are on the verge of death.

The entire Star Field is about to collapse.

Its impossible for me to side with you.”


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