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Divine Lord Yu Tian also noticed their gazes and nodded.

“Calm down.

I have my ways.”

As he spoke, the Heaven Gate characteristic powers in his entire body began to circulate, and six obvious rings of light appeared on his body.

Their auras were connected and fused into one, instantly erupting with extremely powerful strength.

Under the impact of this power, an incomparably majestic palace appeared out of thin air and blocked in front of Divine Lord Yu Tian and the people from the Longevity Divine Mountain.

The palace bloomed with divine light, like a huge light source, illuminating the chaotic space.

At this moment, the omnipresent chaotic turbulence calmed down a little, and many void cracks were blocked.

Divine Lord Yu Tian and the people of the Longevity Divine Mountain immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

“This supreme treasure of mine was personally given to me by Heavenly Venerate Jiang.” Divine Lord Yutian returned to his previous state and smiled.

“The power of this treasure is far from just…”


At this moment, billions of lightning bolts appeared out of thin air in this chaotic space and interrupted Divine Lord Yu Tian.

These columns of light seemed to contain the ultimate mysteries of the Five Elements Great Dao.

They could shatter all substances of the Five Elements and had a terrifying power to destroy everything.

Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Technique!


Billions of lightning bolts exploded in the chaotic space, directly turning the divine treasure that Divine Lord Yu Tian was so proud of into a pile of scrap metal.

It lost all its Dharma and Logos and was no longer magical.

It was completely destroyed!

“This, this, how is this possible!”

Divine Lord Yu Tian looked at the shattered divine treasure in horror.

Looking at the lightning that had yet to dissipate, the fear in his heart rose to the extreme.

He directly took out the strand of hair and shouted.

“Supreme Lord, save me!!”

Before he could finish speaking, the strand of hair flew out of Divine Lord Yu Tians palm.

Its surface was enveloped in a layer of scarlet light, trying to attack the chaotic turbulence that filled the surroundings.


Accompanied by a deafening bang, countless chaotic turbulence surged under the influence of this strand of hair, but this space was still unbreakable.

In fact, although the scene of the chaotic turbulence surging was very vast, to the entire Chaotic Space, it was just a small wave in the endless sea.

It was insignificant.

It was undoubtedly wishful thinking to rely on this bit of power to break through the chaotic space created by the Five Elements Primordial Chaos Yin Yang Reversal Technique.

However, the power of this hair was also extraordinary.

After the fruitless impact on the chaotic turbulence, the scarlet light on his hair suddenly became dense and spread out.

In the blink of an eye, it condensed into an incomparably huge human-shaped outline.

When Divine Lord Yu Tian saw this outline, he immediately shouted excitedly, “Lord Supreme! Lord Supreme! Lord Supreme, save me!”

However, this human-shaped outline was clearly only a projection of power and did not have intelligence, so it naturally did not respond to Divine Lord Yu Tian.

After the light and shadow of the human figure condensed, it gathered all its strength again, trying to attack this chaotic space a second time.

Unfortunately, because the commotion caused by this human-shaped figure was not small, the other spells also descended.

Balls of Yin fire appeared out of thin air and landed on the light shadow, instantly enveloping its entire body.

Streaks of Origin Magnetic Light infused in lightning flew over and wrapped around it…


Under Divine Lord Yu Tians disbelieving gaze, the human-shaped figure actually exploded into countless dust fragments and completely disappeared.

He also felt a splitting headache.

His vision darkened and he lost consciousness.

He felt himself falling rapidly.

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