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With this, even the Lord of the Heavenly Court might be Zhou Juntian.

If these speculations were true—

It did not seem too surprising for Zhou Juntian to establish a “vessel” of Heavenly Venerate Shi in the Outer World a long time ago.

Moreover, Zhou Juntian had once said, “Six Heavens as one, sea of stars merge, that is the formation of my Dao.”

Although the exact meaning was still unclear, if one only understood it from the literal meaning, one could not help but suspect that Zhou Juntian was collecting the power of the Six Heaven Gates to form his own Dao.

Perhaps Heavenly Venerate Shi was one of Zhou Juntians identities in the Outer World to collect the power of the Heaven Gate.

However, if that was really the case, what was Zhou Juntians reason for helping the Outer World attack this Star Field He had an extraordinary identity in this Star Field to begin with, so it should not be difficult for him to collect the power of the Heaven Gate here.

“There are still too few clues, so its difficult to come to an accurate conclusion.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and thought to himself, “What we can confirm now is that there must be some connection between Zhou Juntian and Heavenly Venerate Shi from the Outer World.

However, theres no answer to what this connection is, whos in charge of the two, or why Zhou Juntian helped the Outer World invade this Star Field…”

Zhou Juntian was too mysterious, and all kinds of secrets were related to him.


This meant that as long as they investigated information about him, it was equivalent to understanding all kinds of secrets and increasing their understanding of this world.

In turn, they could communicate with the world itself.

Unfortunately, Divine Lord Yu Tian was from the Outer World after all.

Even though he had a cultivation at the Sixth Heaven Gate realm and had a lot of knowledge, what he knew was basically the situation and surface secrets of the Outer World.

He did not know much about this Star Field and Zhou Juntians situation.

Otherwise, he should be able to obtain a lot of information about their Star Field from him.

However, obtaining information about the Outer World was still quite useful to Cui Heng.

However, it could only be displayed after he went to the Outer World.

Then, he asked Divine Lord Yu Tian some detailed questions about the Outer World, such as the layout of a certain Sector and the characteristics of the Great Dao laws.

All of this could help him further understand the Outer World and prepare for establishing a communication relationship with the Great Dao laws of the Outer World in the future.

… .

In the Jiang Heavenly Palace.

Heavenly Venerate Jiang was still lying lazily on his throne.

He closed his eyes slightly and held a wine glass in his hand, carefully tasting the wine.

Suddenly, his wrist paused, and he looked up and chuckled.

“Since youre here, why are you still outside”

As soon as he finished speaking, a path filled with purple light appeared out of thin air in the palace.

A burly man in a purple robe stepped on the purple path and crossed space, slowly walking here.

“Heaven Jiang, long time no see.” The burly man sized up Heavenly Venerate Jiang and chuckled.

“Now that the final battle is approaching, youre still so casual.

If the person who came this time is not me, but Heaven Zhong or Heaven Tian, you will definitely be reprimanded.

They all take this final battle very seriously.”

“Its not just Heaven Zhong and Heaven Wu.” Heavenly Venerate Jiang chuckled.

“There are many people who care about this decisive battle, including Heaven Shi, Heaven Chen, Heaven Jin, and the others.

Theres also you, Heaven Zi.”

“Arent you the same” Heavenly Venerate Zi chuckled.

Then, he casually found a chair and sat down.

“Alright, lets get down to business.

The Heaven Gate in the Outer World has restarted.

This is not ordinary.”

“What do Heaven Zhong and Heaven Wu think” Heavenly Venerate Jiang knew that Heaven Zi had come to ask about the situation on behalf of those two.

“Youre still so straightforward.” Heavenly Venerate Zi smiled when he heard this and said in a low voice, “They want me to ask you what you think.

Now is not the time to launch an all-out attack.

In our Star Field, your place is the closest to the foreign realm, and also the place that has investigated the foreign realm the most.

You know the situation there the best.”

“This opportunity…” Heavenly Venerate Jiang put down the wine glass in his hand and sat on the throne.

His gaze suddenly became solemn as he shook his head and said, “Actually, its already lost.”

“What” Heaven Zi frowned.

“Heaven Jiang, what do you mean”

“In the past hundreds of thousands of years, Ive said more than once that its best to mobilize the entire force as soon as possible and completely complete the corrosion.

But you guys wanted to be more prepared!” Heavenly Venerate Jiangs expression suddenly became cold.

“Now that a mysterious top expert has suddenly appeared in the foreign world, and we know nothing about him, how can there be a chance now”

“It cant be so serious,” Heavenly Venerate Zi said in a low voice.

“Youre saying this out of anger.”

“Heh!” Heavenly Venerate Jiang sneered.

“A few days ago, I sent someone to the foreign world to investigate the matter of the mysterious expert.

For safetys sake, I gave him a strand of hair that contained the projection of my power.

Although its only a strand of hair, it carries my power after all.

You should know very well how powerful it is.

Anyone who has yet to cross the Third Heavenly Ladder realm cant survive the power of that strand of hair.

But in the end, not only was the person who faced the attack of this strand of hair unharmed, he even completely destroyed it.

I couldnt even sense what technique that person used.

Under such circumstances, can you be sure that hes on the Tenth Heaven Gate realm, the Eleventh Heaven Gate realm, or even the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm He might also be the person who changed the rules of the Outer Worlds Door of Heaven.

A strength above the Third Heavenly Ladder and the ability to change the rules of the Door of Heaven has appeared on a person.

Heaven Zi, you should know what it means.”

“…” Heavenly Venerate Zi fell silent.

He took a deep breath and frowned.

“You mean that the Lord of the Heavenly Court has escaped How is this possible Thats a restriction array set up by the nine of us.”

“In the past, he might not have been able to escape, but that might not be the case now.” Heavenly Venerate Jiang shook his head and walked down from the throne.

He snorted and said, “After 500,000 years, too many changes have happened in the Heaven Realm.

Who can guarantee that the restriction and seal will remain stable”

“If thats really the case, weve indeed lost the best opportunity to attack.” Heaven Zi sighed, then smiled and said, “However, the former Lord of the Heavenly Court has been suppressed by us.

Even if he really escapes, we can join forces to suppress him again.”

“Its already the best guess that this person is the former Lord of the Heavenly Court.” Heavenly Venerate Jiang still said with a cold expression, “If hes not the former Lord of the Heavenly Court, it means that he has the ability to open the seal on us!

At that time, we wont have to face an expert who has crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder, but at least two experts who stand at the Peak of the Heaven Gate system.”

“Thats true.” Heaven Zi nodded helplessly.

Finally, he said in a low voice, “Then whats your opinion What should we do next”

“My meaning is very clear.

Attack immediately!” Heavenly Venerate Jiang had already walked to the door of the palace.

Facing the sunlight in front of him, his body seemed to be covered in a layer of colorful clouds.

“The longer we delay, the more disadvantageous it might be for us!”

“Yes.” Heavenly Venerate Zi nodded and said in a low voice, “Thats true.

We should launch a general attack as soon as possible.

At the very least, the Lord of the Heavenly Court has yet to be unsealed.

Now, we only need to face an expert who has crossed the Third Heavenly Ladder.”

… .

Originally, there was still some time before the Scarlet Calamity arrived.

However, ever since Cui Heng captured Divine Lord Yu Tian, strange phenomena had frequently appeared everywhere in the Qinghua Domain.

There were even strange monsters that crawled out from the ground and began to kill the surrounding living beings.

Although these phenomena were only in individual regions and had yet to form a large-scale calamity, this situation was already very obvious.

Everyone already knew that the terrifying calamity that was about to sweep through the Qingtian Region had already descended!

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Although these phenomena were only in individual regions and had yet to form a large-scale calamity, this situation was already very obvious.

Everyone already knew that the terrifying calamity that was about to sweep through the Qingtian Region had already descended!


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