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The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he chuckled.

“After waiting for so long, its finally here.”

With that, the Daoist-robed man stood up and spread his arms.

In an instant, a huge amount of power began to gather with him as the core.

It was as if a black hole had appeared in the middle of this halo star cluster and was absorbing the stars in the entire star cluster at an extremely fast speed.

Whether it was the stars, planets, or other interstellar bodies, they all gathered towards the Daoist-robed man under this suction force.

A moment later, this halo cluster condensed into a bead that emitted a sparkling light.

This bead was only the size of an ordinary grain of rice and looked very exquisite.

After the Daoist-robed man sized up the small bead, he nodded and said with a smile, “The quality is not bad.”

He casually threw this rice-sized bead into a cloth bag at his waist.

There were also thousands of similar small beads in the cloth bag.

Every small bead was a halo star cluster!

“Its been thousands of years since I left that place.

I can go back and take a look.” The Daoist-robed man smiled and disappeared from the spot.

… .

In the Heaven Realm, countless lights crisscrossed the world.

These were countless Great Dao laws that had been forcefully revealed by Lu Qingzhus shattering power.

Then, it was tampered with and distorted.

This directly caused the laws of heaven and earth in the entire Heaven Realm to become a mess.

There were even many contradictions.

If this situation lasted longer, the Heaven Realm would definitely collapse.

However, Lu Qingzhu seemed to be satisfied with this situation.

A faint smile appeared on her cold and beautiful face.

Her gaze swept in all directions, taking in all the living beings.

In the end, it landed on the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the Nine Heavens.

Especially the Lord of the Heavenly Court and Heavenly Venerate Shi.

She paused slightly when she saw them.

The Lord of the Heavenly Court immediately tensed up when he was suddenly noticed by a Shattering Realm expert.

He seemed to have become extremely nervous.

Clearly, Lu Qingzhus gaze gave him extreme pressure.

However, Heavenly Venerate Shi at the side looked as if nothing had happened.

Of course, this might also be because his entire body was made of stone.

It was very difficult to see any obvious changes in his emotions.

“Youve nurtured my remnant body for so long.

It can be said that youve worked a lot.” Lu Qingzhu suddenly spoke and praised the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the Nine Heavens.

She smiled and said, “To express my gratitude, I can satisfy your wish, your shared wish.”

The Lord of the Heavenly Court could not help but be stunned when he heard this.

He did not understand what Lu Qingzhu wanted to do.

The Nine Heavens of the Outer World looked at each other and exchanged some information with their eyes.

In the end, Heavenly Venerate Zhong stood up and explained their wishes to Lu Qingzhu.

“Senior, please kill this person!” Heavenly Venerate Zhong bowed respectfully to Lu Qingzhu.

At the same time, he pointed at Cui Heng on the other side.

The pressure Cui Heng gave them earlier was too great.

He had such strength, but he was actually an outsider from the Lower World.

He was really too dangerous.

Therefore, in their opinion, as long as they could get rid of Cui Heng, everything was worth it.

However, Lu Qingzhu shook her head when she heard this and sighed softly.

“That wont do.

This is my savior.

After my tomb collapsed, he was the one who gave me a place to settle down…”

As she spoke, her tone suddenly turned cold.

“You actually want me to kill my savior.

Your heart is really vicious.

You deserve to die!”

With that, Lu Qingzhu raised her right hand and circulated the Shattering power in her body, gently pointing at Heavenly Venerate Zhong.


At this moment, Heavenly Venerate Zhong felt something shatter in his body.

And it was something that concerned his life.

In the next moment, when he sensed that something was wrong with his body, he fell straight down on the spot and fell to the ground with a bang.

There was no warning.

He was dead.

Heavenly Venerate Zhong died just like that!

The remaining eight of the Nine Heavens were incomparably shocked to discover that Heavenly Venerate Zhongs death had begun at the moment he suddenly collapsed, which was after Lu Qingzhu spoke.

Moreover, he was not killed in the conventional sense.

His body was intact, and his soul was not damaged at all.

But he was still dead.

This was caused by the power of Lu Qingzhus finger.

This was what the power of Shattering looked like.

It could directly penetrate the appearance of everything and point to the essence.

As long as one pierced through the essence of an object, it would be extremely easy to shatter its essence.

Simply put, Lu Qingzhu had ignored all the cultivation realms, divine powers, and other methods of Heavenly Venerate Zhong and directly shattered the life of Heavenly Venerate Zhong on the most fundamental level of laws.

This was an unblockable technique.

Under normal circumstances, as long as one had not reached the Shattering Realm, any methods would be instantly seen through.

Then, the power of Shattering would shatter their essence through the appearance.

There was no way to resist or defend against it.

Its power was extremely terrifying.

This was a complete suppression.

Even billions of experts at the peak of the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm were meaningless in front of such shattering power.

They would be shattered in an instant.

In fact, to the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the Nine Heavens of the Outer World, although they knew the name of the Shattering Realm, they did not know how powerful the combat strength of this realm was.

But now, watching helplessly as Heavenly Venerate Zhong died inexplicably in front of them, an indescribable fear immediately rose in their hearts.

What should they do

What should they do now

At this moment, no one dared to say what their wishes were.

After all, the appearance that Lu Qingzhu had revealed was too temperamental.

If they said something wrong, they might lose their life.

However, Lu Qingzhu did not seem to like this strange silence.

She frowned slightly and swept her gaze across the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the eight people from the Outer World.

After sizing them up slightly, she actually turned her gaze to Cui Heng.

“Youre my savior.

Do you have any wishes Ill definitely help you fulfill them.”

Lu Qingzhu spoke softly.

It sounded very pleasant, but Cui Heng was not moved at all.

He only shook his head gently and did not even say a word.

Behind Cui Heng, Hui Shi, Pei Qingshu, Zheng Nanxun, the Yellow-scarved Strongman, and the others stared at Lu Qingzhu warily.

They were afraid that this temperamental expert would suddenly attack them for no reason.

This was very likely.

Lu Qingzhus attack on Heavenly Venerate Zhong just now was very sudden, completely beyond everyones expectations.

“Why are you so cold” Lu Qingzhus attitude towards Cui Heng was still very kind.

She slowly descended from the sky and smiled.

“Do you not trust me”

“Who exactly are you” Cui Heng asked with a frown.

With his divine sense, he could clearly sense a problem.

At this moment, Lu Qingzhus aura was quite different from before.

They were simply two completely different people.

However, there were many similarities.

“Me” Lu Qingzhu pointed at herself and said with a smile, “Didnt you already know Im Lu Qingzhu, also Lin Qingzhu.

I was once the Paragon of the Plague Sect and also a disciple of the Daoyi Sect on Daozhou Star.”

As she spoke, she approached Cui Heng, her gaze sweeping across his body.

“Arent you afraid that Zhou Juntian will be angry if you look at me like that” Cui Heng suddenly chuckled.

“…” Lu Qingzhus expression turned cold as she said in a low voice, “You do have some methods such that I cant see through your appearance.

However, the use of the power of Shattering is not only applicable after seeing through your appearance!”

As she spoke, the Shattering power on her body instantly became thousands of times denser, almost materializing!

It was as if the sea was flowing backward, turning into a huge torrent that suddenly surged towards Cui Heng.

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