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“Zhou Juntians goal is indeed strange and unfathomable.” Cui Heng seemed to have thought of something and said in a low voice, “Lets make a trip to the Juntian Palace.”

Then, layers of ripples appeared in the void around him, spreading out like water waves.

In an instant, he brought Wang Daoyi, the Lord of the Heavenly Court, Heavenly Venerate Shi, and Lu Qingzhu to the Juntian Palace on the Dark Sea Star.

Compared to the last time he came here, the Juntian Palace had not changed much.

It was still empty.

Other than the shrine filled with memorial tablets, there were no other decorations.

These memorial tablets were placed here alone and had been silent for countless years, causing this place to have an aura of sorrow.

Cui Heng looked at these memorial tablets thoughtfully.

When he first came here, he had already sensed the sorrow contained in these memorial tablets.

However, he did not know much about Zhou Juntian previously and did not feel that it was strange to have dense sorrow here.

But from the information he knew now, it was a little unusual.

“…The memorial tablets of my beloved wife, Lin Qingzhu, and my beloved daughter, Zhou Xuanji.” Lu Qingzhus eyes were filled with tears when she saw these two memorial tablets.

She muttered, “Husband…”

When Wang Daoyi saw the many memorial tablets on the shrine, he was actually a little dazed, especially when he saw the memorial tablets on the altar.

He said in a low voice, “The memorial tablets of my master, Lin Shanchang… he actually erected a memorial tablet for my incarnation.”

The Lord of the Heavenly Court and Heavenly Venerate Shi stood at the side without saying a word.

Actually, they were all very surprised.

These memorial tablets retained extremely strong emotions.

It could make anyone who saw the memorial tablet feel a strong sense of sorrow.

This was a situation that would only happen if one poured their heart and soul into creating the memorial tablets.

Zhou Juntian actually had such a rich emotion.

Could it be that he had really fallen into a trance and lost his memories

“Zhou Juntian will always act with you.

He didnt even hesitate to let himself fall into a trance.

This is probably one of the reasons,” Cui Heng said in a low voice.

“He needs more qualities of human emotions.


Whether its reincarnating into the Purple Sun Heaven to become a disciple, fighting in all directions as a sect disciple, or being banished to the mortal world and falling into a trance, it can let him live a better life as a human.

You thought that this was an arrangement to plot against him.

In his opinion, these are all ways to help him experience more of humanity.

And as long as he maintains his connection with the six Heaven Gates, there will be no real danger.”

“Thats all” Wang Daoyi was stunned and said in disbelief, “Just to experience more human nature The seven emotions and six desires, myriad emotions… This should be something that will be abandoned after stepping into the True World realms.”

“So your cultivation method is still focused on this” Cui Heng laughed when he heard this.

He shook his head gently and said, “I dont think this is the correct path.

Whether its cultivating to become an Immortal or to possess powerful strength, people shouldnt lose their humanity.

Cultivators are also humans.

They live as humans.

Cultivating painstakingly is not to refine yourself into a senseless, ignorant, emotionless, and unrestrained rock.

Its necessary to maintain human nature.

Moreover, Zhou Juntians Dharma treasure and artifact spirit might be even more precious to him.

This made him go through a lot of trouble.

However, hes an expert with a high realm after all.

According to the three realms of the True World you mentioned, hes at least at the Peak of the Blackhole Realm and might even have reached the Xuan Sea Realm.

An expert of this realm might not have a single goal in scheming against something.

Perhaps he doesnt just want to obtain more traits of human nature.

He might also have other goals.”

At this point, he suddenly walked forward to the shrine.

His gaze landed on the empty memorial tablet.

Then, purple-gold light appeared in his eyes.

Under Cui Hengs gaze, words finally appeared on the empty memorial tablet.

“Zhou Juntians memorial tablet.”

The moment he saw the words appear on the empty memorial tablet, an incomparably powerful pressure immediately erupted from it.

In an instant, an extremely powerful shockwave spread out with the Juntian Palace as the core.

The entire Dark Sea Star trembled violently.

The glaciers that had been frozen for countless years instantly collapsed, and all the living beings on this planet were instantly reduced to ashes.


This extremely terrifying shockwave spread extremely quickly.

At the same time that it killed all the living beings on the Dark Sea Star, it had already arrived on Tianzhu Star.

With the trial ground set up by Cui Heng and the Tianzhu Star God that Cui Heng had specially enlightened, it should be the strongest planet in this galaxy.

However, in front of this shocking power, they were still unable to resist.

Facing this sudden attack, the Tianzhu Star God immediately erupted with all its power.

The Star Gods body completely appeared and became even larger than the entire Tianzhu Star, wrapping the main body of the planet in the Star Gods body.

However, in an instant, the Tianzhu Star Gods body was shattered.

Countless starlight scattered in all directions and he actually died on the spot.

The Tianzhu Star wrapped in it also collapsed.

The many Golden Immortals and Limitless Golden Immortals on the planet were like small wooden fishing boats facing huge waves.

In the blink of an eye, they were destroyed.

Many people did not even react before they fell into darkness and lost their consciousness.

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