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The last time Cui Heng came to Taihong Star was when he was at the Early-stage Soul Formation realm.

At that time, he had also checked this place, but he did not find anything unusual.

But now, he could clearly feel that in the core of Taihong Star, there was a collapsing space that formed an extremely hidden void vortex.

This void vortex was like a door, as if it led to an unknown place.

A blurry barrier enveloped its surroundings, isolating this void vortex from the outside world and blocking the perception of the outside world.

“The level of power that formed this barrier has already surpassed the Early-stage Soul Formation realm.

Is this the strength of a Peak Xuan Sea Realm cultivator” Cui Heng thoughtfully sensed the abnormality in the core of Taihong Star.

From this method of hiding the void vortex, Zhou Juntians strength was extraordinary.

He might even be the strongest existence in this Star Sea.

His strength had surpassed the Early-stage Soul Formation realm!

Even Cui Heng, who had broken through earlier, was filled with fear towards such strength.

“According to the traces left behind by this void vortex, a wormhole was opened 3,000 years ago and once more hundreds of years ago.”

Cui Heng guessed in his heart, “3,000 years ago, it was extremely closely related to Zhou Juntians aura.

Hundreds of years ago, it was much smaller.

The former should be that Zhou Juntian had entered the void vortex himself, and the latter should be traces left behind by Fugui.

The two are more than 2,000 years apart, and even the traces are different.

Could it be that Zhou Juntian had actually completed all the arrangements 3,000 years ago and entered the void vortex Fugui might have obtained his guidance and also entered the void vortex.”

Thinking of this, his figure swayed and he brought Wang Daoyi and the others to the core of Taihong Star.

The fire at the core of the earth burned brightly.

The temperature here was extremely high.

However, to Cui Heng and Wang Daoyi, this temperature did not affect them at all.

At this moment, Wang Daoyi and the others were still in a very confused state.

They did not know why Cui Heng suddenly left the Juntian Palace and came to Taihong Star, or why he suddenly came to the core of Taihong Star.

Did he discover something

“Its here.” Cui Heng stared ahead.

He raised his right hand and tapped lightly, and a trace of Dharmic powers spread out.

At the same time, the burning fire in front of him immediately split in the middle, revealing an empty space.

However, there was nothing there.

However, as Cui Hengs trace of Dharmic powers spread out and filled this empty place, a faint layer of purple-gold light appeared.

It kept circling in this area, forming a void vortex.

“The power of the silver disc!” Wang Daoyi immediately recognized the power contained in this purple-gold light.

It was clearly the strange power that enveloped the silver disc in the middle of the Star Sea.

It was exactly the same!

“Mn.” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

Actually, after arriving at the core of the planet, he had already discovered that this spatial vortex was actually a ball of distorted Primordial Qi that was connected to the silver disc in the middle of the Star Sea.

“If Im not wrong, Zhou Juntian should have entered the silver disc central world through this void vortex 3,000 years ago.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “Fugui should have entered hundreds of years ago.”

But the problem was, why did Hong Fugui follow the arrangements left behind by Zhou Juntian and enter the silver disc world in the middle of the Star Sea Why did Zhou Juntian take Hong Fuguis aura in the empty memorial tablet left behind by the Juntian Palace and set it as Hong Fuguis “resurrection point”

This was very confusing and he could not think of a reason at all.

“There should be communication between Fugui and Zhou Juntian.” Cui Heng speculated in his heart, “Perhaps Zhou Juntian left some arrangements elsewhere and was discovered by Fugui

However, the clues have already been severed here.

As for the exact situation, Im afraid I can only continue exploring after I enter the silver disc world in the middle of the Star Sea.

Next, Ill arrange the matters of the Heaven Realm first.

Then, Ill go to the other Star Fields to take a look and further perfect my Mid-stage Soul Formation cultivation.

I can also see if Zhou Juntian left any other traces.”

To him, the process of searching for Zhou Juntians traces was the process of understanding the truth of this world.

The more he understood this world, the deeper the level of communication he could have with it.

This could directly increase his cultivation.

Of course, the core path still required him to find a higher realm to communicate with.

The cultivation progress that this Star Sea could provide him with was already not much.

Next, he had two options.

One was to head to the silver disc world in the middle of the Star Sea, and the other was to head to Great Yan Planet.

In comparison, Cui Heng was more inclined to the latter.

After all, he had already asked Wang Daoyi about the situation on Great Yan Planet and knew some things about it, but he knew nothing about the silver disc world in the middle of the Star Sea.

He did not even know what kind of experts were inside.

If he rashly went over, he might encounter great danger.

He had to consider it carefully.

However, all of this could only be decided after Cui Heng completed his cultivation in this Star Sea.

That was still a period of time.

… .

After investigating the situation on Taihong Star, Cui Heng brought Wang Daoyi and the others back to the palace in the capital of the Heaven Realms Wood Nation.

At this moment, the problem he faced was how to deal with Wang Daoyi, the Lord of the Heavenly Court, Lu Qingzhu, and the Outer World Heavenly Venerates, including Heavenly Venerate Shi.

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