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Cui Heng had a plan for this.

It would definitely be a waste to kill them directly.

Therefore, Cui Heng sent these people into the reincarnation space he had established, making them “Reincarnators” who were completely under his control.

Such a group of experts who stood at the peak of the 12 Heaven Gate realms and had surpassed the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm could be said to be very useful to explore this Star Sea.

Their efficiency was extremely high.

And their exploration gains would ultimately be attributed to Cui Heng.

This saved Cui Heng the time to explore the surrounding Star Fields and even the entire Star Sea, allowing him to focus on perfecting his cultivation realm.

The turmoil in the Heaven Realm disappeared.

In many places, many living beings did not even know what had happened.

Most of the people only felt the color of the sky change a few times.

After a few loud sounds in the distance, everything returned to calm.

However, many people still understood how lucky they were to survive such a calamity.

If not for the group of experts guarding the Heaven Realm, they would have definitely been reduced to ashes by the invasion of the Scarlet Calamity.

How could they have such a life now

This also allowed more people to pursue a higher realm and become stronger.

Under such a wave, many ancient inheritances began to prosper again.

In such circumstances, Pei Qingshu came to find Cui Heng.

He wanted to leave traces of the cultivation system he was using in the Heaven Realm and leave his inheritance behind.

“Why do you want to do this” Cui Heng asked with interest.

“In the past, you only focused on fighting powerful enemies and had never considered the matter of leaving an inheritance.”

“I feel that the cultivation method of the human race in the Heaven Realm is too crude.

Its a waste of such a good cultivation environment,” Pei Qingshu said in a low voice.

“Since theres such a good environment, we should naturally let them cultivate a path with a clear direction.

Other than these, I also have some selfish motives.

I want to summarize my cultivation over the years while preaching the Dao to the outside world so that I can consolidate my current realm and break through to a higher level.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng nodded slightly when he heard this and smiled.

“This is not bad.

External inheritance and preaching are indeed good methods to summarize ones cultivation.

The Heaven Realm is a good place.

If you can seize this opportunity and establish an orthodoxy that belongs to you alone, you will benefit endlessly.”

“Disciple understands.” Pei Qingshu bowed respectfully.

After obtaining Cui Hengs affirmation, he was a hundred times more confident.

“Go.” Cui Heng smiled.

… .

In the Yellow Heaven Sect.

Li Mingqiong and Li Mingcheng finally had time to sit down and talk.

“Little Sister, its been hard on you all these years.” Li Mingcheng sighed deeply.

When he parted ways with Li Mingqiong back then, she was still a child.

She only knew how to follow him around every day and call him Big Brother.

The current Li Mingqiong had already become the Empress of the Great Zhou who was famous throughout the myriad worlds.

Her name was spread in many places in the endless starry skies of the mortal world.

Such success was something she had never expected.

“Its all thanks to Master.” Li Mingqiong looked in the direction of the capital of the Wood Nation, her eyes filled with incomparable reverence.

“If not for Master giving me the Immortal Opportunity, Im afraid I would have died in the palace battle long ago.

Even if I was lucky enough to survive, I definitely wouldnt be able to escape the vicious hands of those aristocratic families.”

At that time, the Great Zhou was too weak.

Not to mention resisting the Immortal sects, they did not even have the qualifications to resist the aristocratic families that were dogs for the Immortal sects.

The difference was too great.

“Without Master, there wouldnt be a day for me to reunite with you.” Li Mingqiong was filled with emotions.

Then, she asked, “Brother, do you have any plans next”

“I plan to travel around well.” Li Mingcheng seemed to have made up his mind long ago and smiled.

“Now that the Heaven Realm has stabilized, its in a state of exuberant vitality.

Its suitable for me to travel around, increase my knowledge, and temper my cultivation.

Little Sister, what about you”

“Of course its to establish a country in the Heaven Realm.” Li Mingqiong smiled and said, “I cultivate the path of national luck.

My country is the foundation of my cultivation.

Previously, in order to avoid the calamity of the mortal world, the entire Great Zhou was moved to the Heaven Realm by Master.

Its time to rebuild the Great Zhou here, recruit talented people, and expand my territory.

The cultivation environment of the Heaven Realm is far stronger than the starry skies of the mortal world.

The territory of the 9,000 Heavenly Regions is even more vast.

As long as I can subdue a Heavenly Region and subjugate it into the Great Zhou, I can easily break through my current realm.

If I can turn these 9,000 Heavenly Regions into the territory of the Great Zhou, my cultivation realm will definitely reach an unbelievable height.

Perhaps I can surpass the limit of the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm.”

“Hahaha, good!” Li Mingcheng laughed loudly when he heard this.

“Then Ill wait for that day.

When the 8,000 continents away from the capital are still within the Great Zhou.”

“That day will come!” Li Mingqiong said with a firm gaze.

… .

Time passed quickly, and 200 years passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past 200 years, the Heaven Realm had entered an unprecedented stable development state.

Only some forces had a small-scale conflict, and there was almost no large-scale battle.

It was very stable.

This was naturally inseparable from the suppression of a peerless expert like Cui Heng.

With him in the Heaven Realm, naturally, no one dared to act rashly.

Pei Qingshus Dao inheritance was established quite smoothly.

After all, his cultivation method was clearly much more exquisite than the current cultivation method of the Heaven Realm.

Anyone who knew their stuff would not let go of this opportunity to learn.

Therefore, in just 200 years, Pei Qingshu had already gained billions of disciples.

Although this could not be considered a top faction, it could be said to be flourishing.

Li Mingqiongs Great Zhou was like the sun in the midday sky.

Thanks to the efficiency of the countrys system and her conscientiousness as an Empress, the Great Zhous expansion was extremely fast.

To this day, she had already subjugated three Heavenly Regions into her territory.

Li Mingqiongs cultivation realm naturally increased greatly.

All of this seemed to be developing in a good direction.

However, there was something that Cui Heng cared about.

Whether it was him looking down at the Star Sea and investigating the entire Heaven Realm and this Star Field, or asking the “Reincarnators” to investigate the foreign realms, he did not find any information about Jiang Qiqi.

It was as if she had disappeared from the face of the earth, as if she had never appeared in this Star Sea.

Jiang Qiqis last message was to track down an Outer World creature and leave the Green Stone Wasteland.

There had been no news since then.

Originally, Cui Heng thought that Jiang Qiqi was most likely still in the Heaven Realm.

At most, she had gone to the Outer World.

Now, it seemed that this was not the case.

“This is because every time I arrive, shell leave before me.” Cui Heng frowned slightly and thought to himself, “Over and over again.

Is this situation just a coincidence”

If it wasnt a coincidence, then why

This made him fall into deep thought.

“The traces of Fugui can still be traced, but Qiqis tracks are too mysterious.

This feeling of missing out every time is too strange.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “Previously, I didnt deliberately look for them.

Perhaps I missed the chance to meet them because of this

If thats all, its fine.

But Im afraid that some invisible force is secretly creating such a coincidence.

Perhaps I should find their whereabouts first so that I can feel more at ease.


However, this is also for later.

Ill wrap up the matter of this Star Sea first.”

Thinking of this, his figure left the palace and arrived in the endless dark starry sky.

With a thought, a Heaven Gate that emitted incomparably holy light appeared.

At the same time, the other five Star Fields seemed to have been pulled by some force.

five Heaven Gates appeared at the same time, all of them affected by Cui Heng.

Then, they began to gather!

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