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578 Inside Qingshui Pass

Qingshui Pass was a city pass on Wu Kingdoms borders.

It was heavily guarded.

However, the citizens in the city were usually not very worried about the Liang Kingdoms attack.

This was all thanks to the battle 200 years ago.

In that battle, the general guarding Qingshui Pass died in battle.

As the deputy general, Hongwu was ordered to take over the position of general to defend the city.

At that time, Hongwu was only at the Fifth True World Realm.

The commander of the Liang Kingdom who attacked the city was an expert at the Seventh True World Realm.

No one felt that they could win this battle.

Even in the hearts of the people of Qingshui Pass at that time, this city pass was destined to be breached.

However, the final outcome shocked the world.

Hongwu had succeeded!

He had used some unknown method to actually repel the Seventh True World Realm expert of the Liang Kingdom and defended this city pass.

It was also that battle that made Qingshui Pass famous.

Ever since then, the Liang Kingdom had never attacked Qingshui Pass again.

Even if Hongwu was no longer at Qingshui Pass, the Liang Kingdom would deliberately avoid this place when they harassed the Wu Kingdoms borders.

Therefore, 200 years ago, Qingshui Pass did not experience even a single battle.

As for the position of the general guarding Qingshui Pass, it gradually became a good job.

Almost everyone thought that such a peaceful life could last for a long time.

After all, to the experts of the True World Realm, a mere 200 years was just a blink of an eye.

In such a short period of time, Hongwus might in that battle back then should not have been forgotten.

However, there was someone in Qingshui Pass who had always been vigilant.

He treated every day as preparation time, as if the Liang army would attack the city tomorrow.

His name was Liu Shanji, and he was the governor of the Grand Generals Mansion.

He had once been personally promoted by Hongwu after he became a general.

Although his cultivation was only at the Third True World Realm, he was extremely good at managing the citys affairs and handled everything in an orderly manner.

Therefore, even though Hongwu was no longer at Qingshui Pass, Liu Shanji was still trusted by the Great General.

As the actual manager of Qingshui Pass, he would ascend the city gate every day to observe the environment outside and check the subtle changes in the Great Dao laws, as well as the power of the national seal and the array formation on the wall.

Day after day, year after year, without stopping.

It was as if the Liang army was really preparing to attack.

Many people had tried to dissuade him, including the general guarding the city—

The Liang army was already afraid of General Hongwu.

They would definitely not rashly attack this place.

There was no need to be so nervous every day.

It was quite scary.

However, Liu Shanji could convince the people who wanted to dissuade him every time.

As time passed, no one cared about him anymore.

Instead, they felt that it was good to have such a person on guard.

The others could enjoy themselves more at ease.

… .

After Cui Heng arrived in the sky above Qingshui Pass, he did not go down directly.

Instead, he looked down at the entire city from the sky.

Then, he noticed Liu Shanji at a glance.

“His cultivation path is different from ordinary martial artists.” Cui Heng floated in the sky and sized up Liu Shanji.

He thought to himself, “He actually has some Dharmic powers.

Although its very faint, its indeed the charm of an Immortal cultivators Dharmic powers.

This isnt obtained through an Immortal cultivation technique.

Its more like the result of modifying ones martial path after comprehending an Immortal cultivators Dharmic powers… Moreover, the source of his Dharmic powers is actually similar to my Dharmic powers when I was at the Qi Refinement realm.”

After discovering this, a guess appeared in his heart.

Could it be that Hong Fugui had already comprehended the mysteries of Dharmic powers contained in the Hongwu Divine Sword back then and used the mysteries he comprehended to conceptualize a martial path, allowing his martial path to possess the charm of Dharmic powers

“If thats the case, the martial path this person cultivates should have been taught by Fugui.” Cui Heng stared at Liu Shanji in the city and found it unbelievable.

“But if its really as I guessed, Fuguis talent is too ridiculous.”

After all, the sword he gave Hong Fugui back then only contained Dharmic powers at the Seventh level of Qi Refinement.

Now, Liu Shanchang was already at the Third True World Realm, and Hong Fugui had already stepped into the Fifth True World Realm 200 years ago.

The most ridiculous thing was that at this realm, their Martial Dao power actually still retained the charm of Dharmic powers.

What did this mean!

This meant that it was very likely that Hong Fugui had obtained it through comprehending the wisp of Dharmic powers at the Seventh level of Qi Refinement and had improved the martial path he cultivated to the Fifth True World Realm.

“What is a martial arts genius” Cui Heng could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

This guess shocked even him.

However, guesses were just guesses in the end.

As for the exact situation, he would probably have to ask Hong Fugui himself first.

The most important thing now was to find out Hong Fuguis whereabouts through this person.

… .

Liu Shanji looked to be a middle-aged man in his forties.

He was wearing a scholars shirt and had a beard.

His hair was tied up with a jade crown and he looked refined.

At this moment, he had just finished his day of city wall inspection and was about to return to the Generals Residence to handle government affairs when his gaze suddenly focused on a young man walking on the street.

“Outsider!” Liu Shanji was shocked.

“How did this person get in”

Although there were many people in Qingshui Pass, he remembered everyones identities and appearances in his heart.

He also knew very well how everyone entered and left the city.

Therefore, he could tell at a glance that this person was not a citizen of Qingshui Pass.

Moreover, he had never appeared in Qingshui Pass, nor had he entered from any city gate.

When Liu Shanji saw such a person, his first reaction was that this person should be a spy from an enemy country.

He was definitely here to gather information.

However, he instantly reacted.

Qingshui Pass was a large border city of the Wu Country.

How could a stranger enter before the city was broken through

With the protection of the national seal and the city protection array here, it was impossible for them to fly over from the city wall, or dig a tunnel and sneak in.

How did this person get in

Liu Shanji was filled with doubts.

However, in order not to alert the enemy, he did not take the initiative to look for the young man.

Instead, he continued to walk towards the Grand Generals Mansion without changing his expression, planning to report this to the Grand General when he arrived.

After all, the general guarding the city was an expert at the Seventh True World Realm.

Whether it was capturing this person or questioning him, it was much easier for him to do it than a Third True World Realm expert like him.

However, when Liu Shanji returned to his office in the Generals Mansion, he was surprised to find that the young man had actually followed him over and was standing beside him.

He actually did not notice him following in, nor did the people in the Generals Mansion notice him!

What kind of cultivation was this

Liu Shanji was bewildered.

At this moment, the young man said with a smile, “Sir, dont worry.

Im Cui Qing.

Im here to ask you about Hongwu.”

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