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588 Immortal Treasure and the Lord of the Immortals (2)

The world shook, as if the entire Immortal Land was trembling.

The power of the 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers had already formed a blood-colored river that connected the entire Immortal Land.

It surged over majestically and washed towards Cui Heng below.

At this moment, all the experts who were fighting felt terrified, afraid that the power of these 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers would be too powerful and would shatter this Immortal Land.

It was not impossible.

After all, this was a treasure left behind from an Immortal Domain, a legendary treasure used by the Immortal Court during battle.

It had the complete laws of the Immortal Domain, and the limit of its power was immeasurable.


An extremely terrifying aura spread out.

The blood-colored river had already arrived on the ground and was about to drown Cui Heng.

“Cui Qing is about to die,” the Human Emperor said indifferently.

“The power of the Human Emperor is boundless.” Taihong heaved a sigh of relief.

Cui Qing was too powerful.

He could not be left alive.

Many experts who were paying attention to this battle also relaxed and were no longer nervous.

Facing such a terrifying blood-colored river, Cui Qing would definitely die.

It was impossible for him to have any chance of survival.

However, at this moment, Cui Heng moved.

He still raised his hand extremely casually.

He still did not use any Dharmic powers and only used the power of his body.

His five fingers clenched into a fist and suddenly smashed towards the blood-colored river.


An indescribable bang rang out and exploded, instantly reaching the minds of every living being in this Immortal Land, making them feel as if the world was about to shatter.

An extremely strong sense of fear immediately filled their hearts.

Many living beings could not help but kneel on the ground and worship this power.

Even the Paramount True Immortals who were paying attention to this battle became flustered.

The moment Cui Heng punched out, their faces turned pale.

They looked at Cui Heng in disbelief, almost unable to believe their eyes.

Accompanied by an extremely terrifying bang, the mighty blood-colored river was actually swept back by Cui Hengs punch!

It went from flowing down to flowing up into the sky.

As the blood-colored river rolled back, layers of void were destroyed, and Great Dao laws shattered one after another.

At the same time, the sky began to tremble violently.

The ground had already begun to crack in all directions.

Mountains that were tens of thousands of feet tall collapsed, and rivers, lakes, and seas boiled.

It was as if the world was really about to be destroyed!

What kind of terrifying power was this!

With just a punch, he sent the blood-colored river that was enough to threaten an Eleventh True World Realm expert back, causing the entire Immortal Land to show a scene similar to the end of the world.

Moreover, it was a punch that did not contain any special power.

It only had pure physical strength.

What kind of body was this!

Was he actually a ferocious beast in human form

It was too terrifying!

Now, everyone who was paying attention to Cui Heng was stunned.

The scene in front of them had completely exceeded their imagination.

They had never even thought that such power could exist.

It was too ridiculous.

In the Central Capital Imperial City, the Human Emperor naturally noticed this situation.

His hand trembled slightly as he took a deep breath, as if he was calming down.

He said in a low voice, “Youre quite capable.

However, the power of the Blood God Immortal Court Flag is far from this.”

With that, the Human Emperor wanted to further activate the power of the Blood God Immortal Court Flag.

But at this moment, something unexpected happened.

“Oh no!” The Human Emperors expression suddenly changed drastically, and his eyes revealed an expression of disbelief.

He said in shock, “How is this possible This is impossible!”

A huge hole suddenly appeared in the sky above the capital of the Liang Kingdom.

The sound of waves surging could be heard in the sky.

Then, a huge palm stretched out from the hole and grabbed the blood-colored flag.

In an instant, the 100,000 Divine Blood Soldiers disappeared, and the blood-colored river instantly dissipated.

All the phenomena in the world disappeared, as if they had never existed.

“Brother Flag, weve met again after so long!”

A voice filled with sighs and nostalgia came from the void, followed by an incomparably ethereal and powerful aura that was difficult to track.

This aura completely surpassed the Ninth True World Realm, causing some overlord-level Paramount True Immortals to be horrified.

“Lord of the Immortals!”

“Lord of the Immortals!”

“How was this possible!”

Exclamations resounded everywhere.

The Human Emperor in the Central Capital Citys expression was extremely gloomy.

He looked down at his empty palm and was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

He gritted his teeth and said, “So the reason why Zhou Juntian left this Immortal Supreme Treasure behind It wasnt to help me at all!”

The Human Emperors control over the Blood God Immortal Court Flag came from the power left behind by Zhou Juntian.

He used the power left behind by Zhou Juntian to activate this Immortal Supreme Treasure.

This power left behind by Zhou Juntian could also prevent the supreme treasure from being snatched away by the Immortal Race.

Therefore, the Human Emperor was at ease and boldly activated the Blood God Immortal Court Flag.

He was not worried that the Lord of the Immortals would take action to snatch this supreme treasure.

However, just now, Zhou Juntians power in the Blood God Immortal Court flag actually automatically subsided and turned into nothingness.

Not only did this make the Human Emperor lose control of this Immortal Supreme Treasure, but it also gave the Lord of the Immortals who had long been driven to exile, a chance to snatch this supreme treasure.

“Zhou Juntian lied to me.

The Blood God Immortal Court Flag has been snatched away by the Lord of the Immortals,” the Human Emperor said to Taihong beside him.

“What!” Taihong was shocked when he heard this.

He said in shock, “This, what should we do!”

“Dont worry, I didnt completely believe Zhou Juntian, so I naturally left a trump card.” The Human Emperors eyes flickered with killing intent as he sneered.

“Do you still remember the person who came here 200 years ago”

“I remember.

That person is very strange.” Taihong nodded and said curiously, “But that person is only at the Fifth True World Realm.

What use can he have”

“Hes very useful.” The corners of the Human Emperors mouth curled up slightly as he smiled and said, “Hes enough for me to completely rule the Immortal Realm! Follow me.”

… .

At this moment, the Lord of the Immortals had already completely controlled the Blood God Immortal Court flag and descended from the East Sea to the sky above the capital of the Liang Kingdom.

A middle-aged man with an incomparably noble aura slowly descended from an endless height.

His entire body was enveloped in purple light, and he was wearing a crowned robe and holding a blood-colored flag.

He was the strongest expert who ruled the Immortals overseas—

The Lord of the Immortals!

He held the Immortal Supreme Treasure in his hand and stood in the air.

His gaze swept across the world, and he felt an indescribable comfortable feeling in his heart.

He smiled and said, “How many years has it been Ive finally returned to this Immortal Land.”

Buzz! Buzz!

The Blood God Immortal Court flag was also humming slightly, as if it was celebrating that it had finally returned to the hands of the Immortals.

The Lord of the Immortals gently stroked the blood-colored flag.

His gaze was very gentle, as if he was communicating with it.

Then, he lowered his head to look at Cui Heng below.

“Human, youve helped me retrieve my races supreme treasure.

I should thank you.

However, Brother Flag feels that he didnt manage to kill you earlier because he couldnt use his full strength in the hands of the Human Emperor.

Hes very indignant.

Now that Brother Flag is in my hands, I can finally unleash all his power to my hearts content.

I will definitely be able to kill you.

I can only trouble you.

I need your life to satisfy Brother Flag.

It can also be considered as celebrating our reunion.

Im sorry, Human.”

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