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609 Evasion, Nine Nether Crack

It was an unfamiliar power of unknown origin, strength, and actual effect.

Was there a need to go over to investigate it

Although this unfamiliar power might bring him danger, it might be even more dangerous if he took the initiative to investigate.

There was no doubt about that.

Therefore, whether to go or not became a problem for Cui Heng.

“I definitely have to investigate.” Cui Heng made a decision after some thought and thought to himself, “However, I have to be careful and not alert the enemy.

Its best if I can investigate through an incarnation that cant be traced.

Even if Im exposed, they wont be able to track him to my main body.

In that case, I cant use a fake self incarnation.”

The essence of the fake selfs projection was not high.

It was just a cultivation result accompanying the advancement of the Late-stage Soul Formation realm to the Peak of the Soul Formation realm.

It could not even hide from a Peak Soul Formation expert.

Those who could truly threaten Cui Hengs safety were at least experts equivalent to the Return to Void Realm.

If the other party wanted to threaten his life, they most likely had to be existences at the Dao Integration realm.

“I need an Immortal technique that can completely hide the origins of my incarnation.

Its best if even existences at the Dao Integration realm cant discover the connection between my incarnation and my main body.” Cui Heng quickly made up his mind.

Hence, his figure swayed gently and he entered the Grotto-Heaven Dao Palace.

Then, he ordered the System.

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“Exchange for an Immortal Technique Voucher and use the Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Initiate to Ascension to deduce targeted spells.

“The direction of deduction isconcealment!”

[Congratulations! You have used the “Immortal Technique Voucher” to successfully deduce the “concealment” spell, “Evasion”.]

[Evasion: Of the 50 Great Dao and 49 Heavenly Transformations, Evasion is one.

One represents a variable that derives endless possibilities.

After using this technique, one can turn their origins and background into a state of chaos, thereby achieving the goal of concealment.

You can also guide your background in a specific direction.

When cultivated to the highest level, you can create something out of nothing and fabricate your background out of thin air.]

The moment the deduction was successful, Cui Heng suddenly saw all kinds of hexagram patterns appear in front of him, as well as the scene of countless Great Dao laws changing.

At the same time, his own body and soul began to flicker continuously, becoming filled with random chaos.

It was as if at this moment, he was still in human form, but in the next moment, he had scattered into basic particles.

Sometimes, he was here, and sometimes, he was there.

At the same time, he existed in different places, but he did not exist in certain places at the same time.

His aura was so chaotic that his presence became blurry.

However, Cui Heng quickly returned to his normal state.

He no longer flickered and became stable.

At this moment, Cui Heng also understood the effect of Evasion.

He thought to himself, “Theres actually such a spell.

As long as I use it, any existence who attempts to deduce my origins will only see chaos and randomness, no matter what their cultivation realm is.

In that case, I can be at ease and boldly send out my incarnation to investigate the mysterious power revealed by the Wu Kingdom.

I dont have to worry about it being traced back to me at all.

However, be it Cui Qing or Cui Feng, they are both the strongest experts on the surface of this Immortal Land.

If the incarnation is exposed, even if they cant find out the origin of the incarnation, its possible that they will find me.

The safest way is to direct the link of the origin of the incarnation in a specific wrong direction, making people think that this is someone elses incarnation.

With a clear wrong direction, they naturally wont discover me.

But the problem is, who should I choose for this wrong direction If theyre too weak, its too obviously fake.

One look and they can tell that its a scapegoat.

Its best if its someone above the 12 True World Realms… Theres someone!”

Thinking of this, Cui Hengs eyes suddenly lit up as he thought of an excellent choice.

Then, with a thought, the surrounding Heaven Earth Origin Qi and nomological Dao runes began to condense.

In the blink of an eye, a white-haired old man appeared in front of Cui Heng.

His aura was thick and powerful, like an ancient cultivator who had cultivated for many years.

This was a Soul Formation cultivator he had condensed out of thin air.

His cultivation was equivalent to the Tenth True World Realm.

Then, he began to circulate the power of his primordial spirit again and instantly simulated the Human Monarch descandants aura he had seen in the Human Emperors memories.

“Evasion!” Cui Heng immediately conjured another spell and released his Dharmic powers.

The old mans aura immediately became erratic, but it quickly stabilized.

At this moment, the origin of this incarnation had already become the incarnation of the Human Monarchs descendant.

However, Cui Heng still had control over everything about this incarnation.

The Human Monarchs descendant did not even know that he had such an incarnation, let alone be able to control it.

“Good spell, good Immortal technique!” Cui Heng circulated his Essence Soul and sensed the aura of this incarnation.

He could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

This spell was really too practical.

Not only could he perfectly hide himself, but he could also divert the trouble and borrow strength.

“However, now is not the time to go over and investigate.

I have to wait a little longer.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “That aura has just flashed past.

Its impossible for the Human Monarchs descendant to discover it so quickly.

If we go over too early, its very easy to be suspected.”

Out of caution, he did not act immediately.

Instead, he planned to wait for a period of time before investigating.

Of course, the time spent waiting could not be wasted.

During this period of time, he would continue to create other fake identities.

With these fake identities, he participated in the process of unifying the nine countries bit by bit.

He sought to be remembered by the world with various identities to complete the cultivation of refining fake into reality.

It increased his cultivation and realm.

… .

In front of the Human Ancestral Hall in the center of the Central Plains.

A Divine General in golden armor descended from the sky.

His expression was incomparably anxious as he rushed into the palace where the strongest person in this world lived.

The two Divine Generals guarding the palace door had no intention of stopping him, as if they were already used to this golden-armored Divine Generals actions.

This was one of the Nine Divine Generals guarding the Nine Nether crack, one of the strongest experts under Human Ancestor.

It was his privilege to approach the Human Ancestor Hall without reporting or removing his armor.

However, some time ago, the Human Ancestor had encountered something and actually lashed out in unprecedented anger, causing countless experts to tremble in fear.

From then on, no one dared to come and pay their respects.

This Golden-armored Divine General was the first.

The Golden-armored Divine General hurriedly walked into the Human Ancestor Hall and quickly arrived at the deepest part.

He stopped and knelt on one knee, cupping his hands.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

A dignified voice sounded and said indifferently, “Shen Lou, you look anxious.

Did something happen in the Nine Nether Crack”

“Your Majesty, theres indeed an abnormality in the crack,” the Golden-armored Divine General said in an incomparably serious voice.

“Im afraid the power of the Nine Nether God Fiend has infiltrated the Yang Realm.”


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