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Resurfaced Chapters Of My Life Chapter 3

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Janelles POV


I don know how to say this but I didn know how much I had missed Mr Castillo and Fabian until I stayed with them, Fabian is still caring and loving as before and his dad is still as loving, caring and awesome as before. So today I was supposed to go fetch Fabian at the office before going to see the doctor, I wore my dress with matching flats "are you ready to go to the office my girl?" Mr Castillo asks me "yes mr Castillo, I mean dad" I say as we both share a small laugh. As we arrive at the office space I have/ get this bad feeling as we both silently walk in and the receptionist greet us with a smile, when we reach Fabians office I hear voices arguing. I enter and I regretted walking in there as I saw my she devil of a sister she was shocked to see me so instead of blowing my cover I continue to pretend to not to be Amelia " oh Im sorry Mr Castillo I didn mean to interrupt" I say looking down "stop this act Amelia" my sister says "Im sorry I think you

e confusing me with somebody else, Im Janelle Black, Im a surrogate mother for Mr Castillo, Fabian Castillo" I say even Changing an accent "hey hey Anatalia get out of my office Fabian says "Fabian we shouldve gotten married four years ago but you

e stalling" Anatalia states "I told you and your family that I don want to marry you Anatalia, until you and your familia find my fiance then well talk a wedding between me and Amelia" he says firmly "father please make sure that Anatalia leaves this office, Jane lets go to the hospital or well be late for our appointment " he adds Sounding very bold, sexy and serious. So we head to the doctor and suddenly he asks me a question I hate with every fibre in me "So uhm you

e a Surrogate right ? So where is your child?" he asks me "Well Id rather not talk about it" I say awkwardly trying to escape This question or the next one because Ill end up crying.

We finally arrived at the hospital and suprisingly I was on time and thats all thanks to fabian. And so the doctor cheeked me and the baby up, and asked If he should do a sonagram or not. Fabian said yes with happiness written all over his face, After our appointment he took me out for lunch and when we arrived I saw Maegan having lunch with the others I quickly went to them "Hey guys" I greet them "hey you" they say in unison "how have you girls been?" I ask "well weve been better we

e Just not used to seeing you twice a week only" Buntu says in a sad tone "you girls miss me?,even after I was hard on yall for four years 2 months?" I ask kind of I don know shocked? "kates always been right"kates says cheerful "youve been right about what ? I ask my attitude coming back up "You may have been a Spaniard bitch but you sure did have a soft side" kate says all smiley like she did not just insult me "you do realize that you just called dragon lady a bitch right?" Erin says like she also didn just insult me "Jane come I found us a table " Fablan calls out "okay Ill be there In a second, bye guys" I wave at them and blows them a kiss "and oh Maegan can we meet tomorrow at the house?" I ask "Sure how about at 5 pm?" she suggests,"sure" I say "you sure took your time Fabian says "hey I was busy with my friends " I say almost whining.

At Fabians House

" So my daughter, where is your child? Mr Castillo asks and I answer sincerely because why not, the thing is never was good at lying to Mr Castillo even when I wat still Amelia Martinez, "what happened to your child" He asks with concern in his voice, " oh well my mother threw him across the room and at the hospital he survived but he died a few weeks after he was discharged" I explain not able to stop the tears as they race down my cheeks and Mr Denis Castillo rubs my back hushing me.

" you know I also lost a daughter a long time ago , well I took her as my daughter because she was the perfect match for my son, she was an angel born in a family of demons, my son loved her so much after she ran away he never dated another woman. He buried himself with a lot of work just to fill the void that was in his heart, he didn sleep he just kept and working, since he didn want to be with another woman I suggested he gets a surrogate mother to bare him an heir, it took him a lot of convincing because he didn want have a child with anyone else unless it was his Amelia "Mr Castillo says "Why are you telling me this? I mean I am not family or anything Im not even here to stay"I say in a low tone, "Hello family" Fabian greets us and comes to kiss my stomach " hey little one, daddy missed you so much" Fabian says as he continues to brush my cute little bun. "son don shout at me, this missy over here got mad wanting to cook dinner for us" Mr. Castillo says with his hands up. " Jane I told you no cooking, why don you listen to me when I set out some simple rules?" Fabian asks half shouting " Thats because you want to control me" I say as tears threaten to spill out, argh stupid hormones and bad timing "Oh Im sorry Jane, please don cry, Ill take you out tomorrow to wherever you wanna go" Fabian says fast, he can handle a crying person, ever. "Promise?" I ask wiping my tears " I pinky promise, anyway what did you cook for dinner?" Fabian asks carrying me to the dining table. "oh some curried pork shanks and crunchy Thai salad with peanut dressing" I say Smiling like an idiot " Ohh Pork shanks has always been one of Fabians favorite" Mr Castillo says with a huge smile, oh I know I used to make it for him every weekend, I say to myself.

As we were eating, theres a loud banging on the door, "Ill go check whos at the door" says Fabian very angry and went to open up, in came my entire family and I mean, Alena, Craig, Anatalia and Aguelo Martinez. "oh my darling daughter we finally found you" she says with a fake cry coming towards and I quickly hide behind Mr Castillo senior "uhm Mr Castillo, Who are these people?" I ask acting scared, confused and innocent " What do you mean Amelia, its me your mother" Alena says " Why does everyone keep calling me Amelia, Im not Amelia sorry to disappoint yall my name is Janelle" I say with a tiny whine.

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