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The double door swung open and a gust of smoke fled the room, the other end of the room was completely covered by the congestion of the smoke. *cough* *cough.* "What the hell is this the infirmary?" Mia gasps her head dug into her shirt using her right hand to shield her mouth and nose Sunruas left arm still wrapped around her shoulder. "Is there a fire or something?" Xen mirrors a similar behaviour to Mia. *cough *cough* a blurry silhouette of a man sitting at a desk in the centre of the room, putting a cigarette to his mouth and out again before releasing another puff of smoke, just to be engulfed by the massive fog. "Is there actually someone in there? How the hell is he breathing?" Xen questions in a muffled voice his mouth also buried in his shirt. They both squint their eyes and look closer in for a few seconds, until their concentration is dampened by sharp squeals and wheezes, as they feel the weight on their shoulders increased. Sunruas body had completely gone limp solely being held up by Xen and Mia, along with his eyes almost completley whited out and foam fuzzing at his mouth. "Wait Sunrua what is wrong with you?" Mia asks yet is is only replied with weak gurgles. "Huh?" Xen says as he moves his ear closer to hear a muffled "Let..." "What? Speak up?" "Let go you damned idiot!" Sunrua screeches as he swiftly bashes his head into Xens. "Ow!! What the hell was that for!" "You guys brought me here on a secret plot to murder me didn you!" "Mia I repeated your name like a hundred times, too busy playing detective as you both held my hands to crucify me I was about to suffocate!" Mia begins whistling looking in the opposite upper right corner of the room.

"Myyyy-Baaad." She muffles under her breath. "Its fine I can walk now, you should go back now." Sunrua says as he pulls himself back to his feet casually. "Wait you don really think we were trying to-" "Nah that was just a joke." Interrupts Sunrua "Thanks for your help really. But sorry I just don think its worth it." Mia freezes for a second in thought. "Huh what are you saying about us?" replies Mia until "Gah! My nose is bleeding, ow damn this hurts. ow. ow. ow. Why me ow now youve forced a reason on me to stay now regardless." Xen calls clutching his nose with both hands as blood seeps under his knuckles. Mia turns away and begins walking in the other direction silently a dim gloom corroded her face. "We have to go in there. Why the hell is it like that." said Xen in a scrunched up high pitch voice as he was still holding his nose. Sunrua sighed. "Dont worry its just golden period its fine." He explains as he takes a step inside. "The golden period?" Questioned Xen with a puzzled look on his face. "Yeah its the best time for one to release themselves." he replies. "That sounds hella dodgy but howd you know that." He queries as he follows behind Sunrua. "Oh thats cause-" *WAM!* before Sunrua can answer a brown leather heeled formal shoe is planted insides Sunruas face launching him to back outside slamming against the wall.

"He knows that cause this is practically his second home!" Exclaims an unseen voice. "Eh Sunrua?!" A tall figure emerges from the smoke, revealing a white man in a blue shirt and tie, with brown pants, and normal straight brown hair. However his face broadcasted a completely different idea he glared down at Sunrua with an infuriated look of anger on his face and pulsating veins. However he did seem to have some kind of flap in the middle of his forehead although almost completely covered by his hair. "Come on Im probably only person keeping you in business." "Keeping me in business and over-working me half to death are completely different things Sunrua!" "I told you especially golden periods as well." As his eyes clear up from all the rage he glances down at Sunruas beat up body. Grinding his teeth against each other he utters "What the hell brought you here this time." "I swear it wasn me this time Olga." "Hard to believe considering you-" "Hes telling the truth!" They both turn their heads to see Mia standing in front of them passionately holding her hand towards her chest. "I was there as-" she continues but both Sunrua and Olga get up and begin walking towards the door "Just go in and get a bed you too nosebleed." Mia stands her hand still frozen to her chest dumbfounded, yet you could easily read she so pissed off it looked as if she was about to burst.

The infirmary wasn that big about 17ft long and 10 ft wide. The was a row of 5 white beds lined up across the back wall, with blue and white polka dotted curtains between them leading up to the back wall where a window could be seen. The infirmary was on the 2nd story of the school. The floor and ceiling were white with a blue smudge paint pattern dotted around them. There was a table pushed against the right wall, a black office chair in front of it with regular desk items over the table such as papers and pens. above it was a row of cabinets one open revealing some medicine and bandages.

"Hey Olga what was that about?" Sunrua questions as he lies down on a bed, and begins adjusting it so he can sit up right. Olga stands for a second and then pushes his chest out, suddenly all of the smoke in the area is dragged towards him, as his chest inflates and his face puffs up like a balloon, he then waddles towards the window, which he draws open and shoots all of the smoke out. Closing the window behind him he responds. "Hm? Oh that?" Xen stares stunned at what he had just seen whilst Sunrua continues laying back casually. "I was going to let you in regardless but that was the principals daughter you know. Mingling with someone like that could mean trouble. Im not in position to risk trouble right now either." Olga whispers tilting his head slightly up to the ceiling. "Oh yeah she is isn she?" "No way you forgot already! Im sure the guy said it to you in the backstreet." Xen says thrusting the curtain beside Sunrua open. "Yeah but is it really that big a dea-"

Thundering cluster of stamps can be heard drawing closer halting everyones train of thought. "Sunruaaa." She screeches in a ghostly tone. She looks to the right her face red with rage only think missing was steam puffing out from her ears. She pounces at Sunrua and begins strangling him and throwing his head back. "How the hell can one human be so rude! I came back to help you and this is how you treat me." she stops for a moment allowing Sunrua to talk. "I-I never told you to...." He wheezes, She begins shaking harder than she was before. "Ok-ok Im sorry!" Mia instantly stops shaking. "Hmpth!" she says turning her head in the opposite direction whilst sitting on the bed. "Huh? happened to all that smoke." "Don worry about it. You didn see nothing right?" Olga responds expectingly. "Yeah I guess so. But for real what the hell was that?"

"Lets just call it a smoke break. after period 3/5 lunch is about to start chances of people coming hit real low. All the fakers wont come till lesson begins. Except a few select people." He remarks once again glaring at Sunrua.

"Just you should relax a bit don get lung cancer till I graduate." "Ha-ha guessing thats the closest Im getting to repayment from you." He chuckles as she gets up and heads towards the cupboard. He pulls out a green liquid in a long bottle labelled Sugen. He pours the liquid into 2 separate plastic cups. "Here." he hands a cup to Sunrua. "And by the way you

e not leaving till it takes effect. "Huh what but thatll take hours!" Bawls Sunrua. "Well guess you can eat lunch at home." He giggles as he pulls out a salad with sardines on the top from under his desk. He proceeds to eat it in front of Sunrua with an evil grin. Sunrua looks at him disappointed. "Thats more turning my appetite off than on." His stomach grumbles revealing his evident lie. "I packed a lunch here." Sunrua turns to his right to see Mia with her outstretched arm towards Sunrua holding a pink bento box. "Wow really! Thanks!" exclaims Sunrua. "We might as well all share together. I guess." Xen pushes the sheets off from over him and walks towards Sunruas bed revealing his green lunch box. "*Sigh* well my plan backfired but was it really a bad thing." Olga couldn help but jerk smile but after Sunrua looked up at him his mouth stuffed with rice balls he immediately changed back to his original demeanour. "Hey Sun stop scuffing the rice balls!" Exclaimed Xen as he tried pulling them out of his mouth. "What are you gonna do with them after you get them out idiot!" replied Sun. Mias face was solely filled with beaming glee as she giggled tenderly watching the two fight.

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