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Whyd she even use fake names, anyway!

And thisPoer name… I think I mightve heard it from somewhere…

“Poer Quite an unusual name.

Whatever are you doing here”

The cold steel tip pressed into the base of my neck.

Ouch… I mustve bled a bit there.

Oops, no time to worry about that now.

“…Truth is… we got lost on our way… hahaha…”

“Lost Here You expected me to believe that Lylia, what do you say”

Well, then… thats another name I recognize.

“Hmm… Seems he wasnt lying, Giorno.”

Nope, better not.

I could only see things getting worse and worse now.

Giorno and Lylia, and me… posing as Poer Hahahaha, theyre all names Id heard from kids bedtime stories!

It doesnt seem like Pochi has realized the direction we were going in.

She probably hadnt even thought things through at all when shed brought up the names.

And just look at her – it was like she was asking me whether hergenius plan had turned things around.

Man, I sure would love to break myself out of this situation right about now.

And pinch that triumphant look right off her face.

And stretch her cheeks wide.

“All right, if you say so.

Now, you… step away from your staff, put your hands on the back of your head, and sit down on your knees.”

“…Like this”

I did as I was told, and Pochi followed suit.

The sword was no longer touching me now, but that didnt mean it wasnt still pointing at me.

‘Giorno circled around to our front, revealing his appearance as a blonde, well-groomed young human male.

Ahh, what a close resemblance to the descriptions Id read.


I muttered with a voice so low that only I myself could hear.

Almost breathless, but it seemed that Pochi had noticed me, what with her having good ears.

Pochi was surprised, too.

One of the people in front of us was a Dark Elf – no, straight up an Elf.

One with a face I recognized, at that.

She did seem a little younger, though, at least from my memory.

Ill remember to double-check that later.

Now, the main question is…where have we gotten ourselves to

“You said you were lost.

Where were you headed to”

Relying onShiro in this situation could be the death of us two, so I suppose Ill have to try and wing this myself.

If my guess is correct – well, I cant think of anything other than that, anyway, so – hmm… right… should be around here-

“Were currently on our way to Toued.”

Before Giorno and Lylia could even say anything, my oh-so-competent FamiliarShiro questioned what Id said.

Please, for the love of God, keep your thoughts to yourself.

As much as Id like to shoot a Telepathic Call to Pochi and explain why, it surely wouldnt be good to do so now.

Who knows how it could mess up the situation.

For the time being, Ill have to prioritize getting us free from here.

“Toued… isnt that a town to the far north-east of here”

“It is.

Were headed to Brunnera, so its a long way off from our destination, too.”

“Poer, was it …Tell me, where do you hail from”

Giorno asked while combing up his bangs.

Damn it, would you look at that handsome little gentleman… Reminds me of a certain someone Id heard of that was supposedly super popular with the girls.

And his age… a bit older than Adolf, I suppose – didnt look quite twenty, but pretty close.

Now then, what answer should I give …Not that I had any viable choice in the first place.

We have to get out of here.

Whatever it takes to get out of here.

“Really now What were you doing out here in the frontier, then”

Ngh… he seems quite used to interrogating people, despite his age.

Im not seeing any easy way through this.

“Weve heard that there were sightings of rare monsters… oh, I think we really should run away from this area.

We just saw a powerful-looking golden Dragon monster nearby.

It was wounded, but still…”

“Oh, the Dragon.

I was the one who killed it.”

It was YOU!

Theres absurd, and then theres this guy, soloing one of the strongest Rank SS monsters.

Ugh, its just one surprise after another today.

If possible, Id like to loot any remaining materials off the Kiryu, too.

Gotta get away from here, then find my way back there-

“Say, Master… why are we going to Toued, again”

“Ill tell you later.”

“When exactly!”

“When we get out of whatever were in now!”

“I knew it! Youre lying! Why would you do that! Arent you supposed to be honest and get them to trust you!”

“Excuse me-“

“Shut up! Integrity aint gonna keep us alive, you idiot!”

“Its the one who calls others idiot whos the idiot, you damned fool!”

“Attention, you two-“

“You know what! Im always having such a hard time because you keep running your damn useless mouth, stupid dog!”

“Stop whining and listen to them, damn it!!”


“I totally meant what I said! If you hadnt insisted that you needed to go investigate your old cave, none of this would have happened!”

“Youre saying that NOW! Besides, shouldnt we shut up and hear what this lady has to say!”

“Ah – apologies for the interruption, miss! Please, go on!”

“…Seriously, arguing between yourselves with Giornos blade against your faces You both are not right in your minds, I say.

Now listen up… I am Lylia.

I can see through your lies quite easily.

You will not hide anything from me.

Have I made myself clear”

Pochi turned to look at them, while I glared at Pochi and nodded.

Come to think of it, there used to be this ability called theMinds Eye among the Elves.

Lylia seemed to possess it as well, though apparently different from what Tūs had.

“Its quite rare to see a Master and his Familiar quarrel between each other in this day and age… Not to mention, its been a while since I last saw Lylia having trouble reading someone.

Oh, Im called Giorno, by the way.

Since Im sure now that you two dont pose a threat – and not a spy or an Apostle – do feel free to stand.”

Pochi had a strong reaction… Should I be worried about that

“Apostle… whats that”

“You dont know …Was that supposed to be a joke”

Giorno turned to ask Lylia.

It seemed that he was confirming with her whether or not Pochi was lying.

But of course, she was in fact telling the truth, so Lylia responded by shaking her head.

“Haha… now this is a surprise.

Listen well, Shiro – it is a known fact that exceedingly high-ranking monsters are able to take on a human form.

To see through their transformation, one must possess the Minds Eye, like Lylia here.

And Poer, judging from the look on your face, it seems that you are completely aware.

Have you neglected to inform your Familiar of this”

“Sorry for the trouble.

Im still in the process of teaching her various things, so…”

“A recent contract, then Perhaps I should have expected that.”

Pochi froze up, seemingly in the middle of sorting her thoughts.

Hmph, took her long enough to realize.

Giorno, Lylia,Poer, Elves, Apostles, Minds Eye, Kiryu and a human man who could kill one so easily, and a large herd of the supposedly near-extinct Grand Centaur.

It would be strange for one not to realize what was up when presented with such information.

Now Pochi turned at me with a horrified look in her eyes.

Thats right, its exactly as she thought.

Now Im certain…

“Those of the Devil Kings army have been lurking among the populace, you see.

We werent about to take any chances.”


TITLES: Iron Heart; Wind Deity; The Strong; Sword Saint; Dragon Slayer; Holy Warrior Candidate

LV: 201

HP: 50,431

MP: 39,882

EXP: 451,938,512

SPECIAL SKILLS:Support Magic (Advanced)Recovery Magic (Advanced)Fortify StrengthFortify ResilienceFortify MindBlinding SpeedFlightHigh-frequency BladeEarth SplitterFlash ThrustBrave Blade

-This place wed been brought to…

“Well be departing shortly.

Would you like to follow us to a nearby town”


TITLES: Iron Heart; The Swift; Diamond Senses; Sword Deity; Dragon Slayer; Holy Warrior Candidate

LV: 200

HP: 69,210

MP: 18,741

EXP: 430,217,281

SPECIAL SKILLS:Fortify StrengthFortify ResilienceFortify MindTempestLight BodyEarth SplitterSmash-slashAerial DancerSmiting Flash

…It was in the distant past.

Way back in the era of the three Holy Warriors.

Please, for the love of God, real Poer… please come join them soon.



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