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It is now the evening of the twenty-seventh day of the sixth month, hundred and twentieth year of the Sacred Calendar.

I have just arrived at Kugg Village.

Sir Polco has guided me to the reception house, in which I currently am staying.

Though I do not understand why Ferris is still following me around.

I am afraid of the way she looks at me.

It feels like… some sort of hot object is being held against my back.

“Feel free to use anything you need here, young Bright.”


Sir Polco has been very kind to all of us.

I must learn from his example and become the best man I can be.

But how did Ferris come out of someone as wonderful as him Surely that is the greatest mystery in mankinds history.

Instructor Poer has previously left to investigate the surrounding area; it did not take long for him to come back.

He said that he would go out again at nighttime, which prompted Shiros stomach to growl loudly; it sounded just like what I imagined the Ogres roars were in the stories I have read.

It seemed that she really did not want to go.



“…Its my journal.”




I wonder when she will leave…

While I ponder over that un-grantable wish, I hear a loud noise coming from next door – which is Instructor Poers room.

It grows louder and louder – and closer, until I can feel it right in front of my room.

Heavy breathing.

All the way through the door.

What follows is a light knock that echoes through the room.


“Whos there Bright is busy right now.

If its nothing important, then you ought to come back later.”


Why is Ferris answering instead of me


“No, I dont mind at all.

Please, come on in.”


There may have been incorrect information in the explanations I have received regarding the mansion and the reception house.




I was so surprised that I just knocked over my chair.

But the person Im looking at right now is definitely, unmistakably, absolutely my elder sister.

How is she here, at the Adams mansion in Kugg Village!

While I ponder that over, I see Instructor Poer standing behind my sister, smiling gently.

Oh, I see… This is the work of THAT spell.

Am I right, Instructor Poer

Ferris was surprised at first, too, but now she seems to have recalled that time when I suddenly appeared back in my room.



“I-I cant breathe, Sister…”


She is hugging me tighter than normal.

Her usual hugs were already suffocating, so it being stronger than that means I truly feel like I might die.

I am aware of how much my sister loves me.

So as to not disappoint her, I must stand strong and strive to be the best.


“Lady Ferris, Master Bright… please keep this a secret among us.”


Thesecret most likely refers to the fact that he has used his magic to bring Sister here.

Him saying that to Ferris as well probably means he would like to keep this knowledge away from Sir Polco.


“Lady Ferris, I also ask for your compliance… For Sir Poers sake, too.”


My sister would go to such lengths… could she be… No, she does have her limits – that is definitely not happening.



Im indebted to you and him, too, so Ill agree to not say a word about this.”


“S-so do I!”


Ferris is understanding of the situation, a rare sight coming from her… I wonder what exactly does she owe to Instructor Poer

Consider my curiosity piqued.


Which reminds me, the night before we departed from Brunnera, my sister had summoned Instructor Poer to her room.

Even I, her younger brother, has not gotten to enter her room very often.

The fact that he was allowed inside is proof of her firm trust in him.

I knew it – Instructor Poer is amazing!

According to Instructor Poer, it was at that time that my sister had requested the use of his special spell.

It was right after I had gone through a kidnapping incident, so it must have been painful for her that I would be leaving her protection almost immediately.

Instructor Poer sympathized with my sisters woe, which is why she could come here herself.

That is my guess on what happened.

My sister did not stay long, however; she soon went back home, albeit very reluctantly.

Our mansion could not afford the absence of all its masters, after all.

Apparently, she will be permitted a visit every few days, with Instructor Poer transporting her.

I was somewhat relieved to hear that.

We of House Fulbright are greatly indebted to Instructor Poers assistance and service.

Surely, he will be providing more in the days to come as well.


And so, late into the night, Instructor Poer went out of the mansion again together with Shiro.

They have told me that preliminary inspections of the vicinity had already been completed to some extent – what could they be going out for this time

Consider my curiosity greatly piqued.

I would like to follow them, but me going outside now would only cause trouble for the people around me.

I must exercise patience, so as to not worry my sister, too.

And for my own sake, I must prepare for tomorrows monster-combating lessons!

This is Instructor Poer I am thinking about.

Surely he has a meticulous plan ready to carry out.


“Frilled Dragon… Rank E… Careful… Nails and breath attacks… -! Hah! …Oh, no… I dozed off again.”


I look at my pocket watch; it is almost midnight.


“Another page… no, that would be a detriment to my performance tomorrow.”


I prepare to go to sleep, but then notice a warning light outside the window.

Could that be the sign of Instructor Poers return

I rub the drowsiness off my eyes and open the door.

There, I see Shiro-




Because I swung the door open without warning, Shiro ended up bumping into it.

She seems to have hit her nose quite hard.


“I-Im sorry, Shiro!”




Shiro must be in pain, but for some reason, she is smiling.

Why is that Did something happen that made her happy

…What …What is this The arcane energy around Shiro is different from before, is it not

What is this… pressuring aura

I have never felt this sort of arcane energy before.

It is as if… the extent of the energy is bottomless.


“Ngh… Please be careful next time, Bright…”


Shiro says while holding her nose with her front paws.

Then she readjusts her glasses… – huh, glasses

Why is she wearing Instructor Poers glasses


“Cmon, Po – I mean, Shiro… give me back my glasses already.

O-oh, hello, Master Bright.

I look forward to our lesson tomorrow.”


“Ah, yes, of course.”


I notice how Instructor Poer cut off his first sentence – I did not catch what he was trying to say.

Oh, I see… Shiro must have put on Instructor Poers glasses as a joke.

Instructor Poer proceeds to sayPo-po-pocket Instructor Poer, as if putting on a shoddy act, while retreating into his room.

Shiro is grinning in response to that act, at least; she does look somewhat funny, so I let out a chuckle.


“Arent you going to return those glasses, Shiro”


“Well, I did tell my Master that Id be handing them over once were back here… So yes, Ill return them to him soon.”


“Why were you wearing them in the first place”


Despite the simplicity of my question, Shiro takes a while to think, and then turns her face away before answering,


“W-well… Its because these glasses… smelled good.



Going by Shiros words and the look on her face, I can tell immediately what it must smell like.

Instructor Poer must be very loved by Shiro.

And since the glasses were Instructor Poers, it must have had no other scent than that of his.

Shiro turns her face away – in the opposite direction from last time – and continues,


“A-and also, these glasses are kind of an Artifact! It is part of my duties as a Familiar to handle them! Oh, but thats a secret!”


Shiro extends one finger and puts it over her mouth – thebe quiet gesture.

She looks quite embarrassed to be doing that.


“Hehehe… yes, I understand.”


Shiro, as if to make excuses to herself, mumbles some gibberish as she walks into her room.

I let out one last chuckle before closing the door, all the while looking forward to the magic lessons tomorrow.

My room is dimly lit only by candlelight.

Hearing the sound of the door close firmly, I proceed to head to the bed.

I can still hear Instructor Poer and Shiro conversing between each other – they sure are an interesting pair.

The bed has a canopy over it, which I am not used to seeing – but I reckon I will be familiar with it, and everything else, in time.


“…So that pair of glasses in an Artifact Very interesting…”




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