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“Hah… hah… hah… ugh! Damn it! …Gah!”


How long have I even been fighting

Most of them should be gone by now… right

The Blazing Dragons are being so loud that I cant tell what the dude is up to.

These oversized lizards look like theyre losing their strength, too, but Ill probably go down before them…




That just now… that must be the wolf-dog.

Shes back already…!

Then, right after that, the edge of my vision turned red.

The Blazing Dragons Purgatory Breaths…

So bright… and so many of them.

Are those two all right


“Whoa! …Ngh, Pochi Pad Bomb!”


Well, cant let him hog all the glory, then.

Not that I think I can keep up for long…


“Ugh… rah! Haah!”


Crap, Im so damn tired now, my eyes are getting blurry…

Yeah… cant last… much longer…


“Rise, Cross Wind!”


…Damn, hes got perfect timing.

The wolf-dog, too.

And this means… well all be all right now!


“Great work, you two!”


“Thank you!”


I leap up with the last ounce of strength I can muster and cut off the head of one Blazing Dragon.

And then I feel something… warm… on my back.

A man stronger than me, holding me up with his gentle, warm hands and even giving me a look of respect.

Really, I dont even know why Im smiling.

Hes always looking out for me, even though were relatively safe on the wolf-dogs back… I think.

These two are quite a rarity in this day and age, really.

That one spell he just used… the hell is up with that A dog-paw-shaped bomb… looked pretty goofy, but it wiped out a bunch of those Dragons instantly.

And the wolf-dogs Freeze Breath perfectly countered the Dragons Purgatory Breaths.

Shes clearly stronger than her Master.

Man, this pair just keeps getting funnier.

Well then, lets toughen up and thank them some – wait, no…


“Gah! Hah… hah… Hey, long time… no see…”



“High Cure Adjust!”


Dude, talk about overreacting.

Well, I AM at my limit, though.

My wounds are all patched up now, but Im still out of energy.

They should have just thrown me off somewhere and save themselves…


“Master, give him the thing!”


It smells pretty damn nice – totally not fitting for the current situation.


“Hah hah… what The hells this, orange juice”


“Poison, I guess! Just hurry and drink it!”


Hmph, always ready to make me laugh, huh

My hand still trembling from fatigue, I push myself to open the vial and chug thatpoison down.

…It IS orange juice!


“Forty incoming!”


“A hundred meters away, sir!”


“No need to aim! Zenith Breath at the middle of the flock!”


Good – he can make decisions on the fly, too.

He doesnt seem to worry about the shot missing; I guess thats his way of helping the wolf-dog relax.


“Huuuuu… GAAAHHHH!!”


-! No, I got that wrong.

That was an incredible shot.

Took out at least ten of the Blazing Dragons, just like that.

Seeing these two hold up so well, now Im thinking I might be able to keep fighting as well.

…Think No, this isnt it.

Im not… tired anymore What the-!

I turn around to the dude.

Now I know what thatpoison actually was.

…What What the hell is he doing this time Looks like hes drawing Spell Circles onto the emblem of his staff.


“Rise! Rise, A-rise! Rise! Rise, Arise, A-rise… Rise!”


Drawing at an incredible speed, and perfectly calm while doing so.

Seriously, how much training did this dude go through

Now that Im no longer tired, Im able to think straight… which is why Im fast to realize that the next wave of despair is coming up.


“Oh cmon… really They really dont wanna let us go, huh…”


Thats at least a hundred of them.

The wolf-dog has been running non-stop for a while now, and is looking to be in quite a bit of pain.


“H-hey! You have any more of that juice!”


“You need a break, Shiro!”


“Hah hah… this is… nothing…!”


…Damn it! THAT was the last one!


“Weve got to gather them around somehow!”


“I would already have if I could!”


“I know! Lets give this a try! Gravity Road & Remote Control!”


My body instantly becomes heavy.


“Ngh! W-what made you think its a good idea to joke around NOW!”


“Gah! …T-the hell is this spell!”


Is this what his spell does It feels like Im being pinned down by a giant rock.

What is he planning to achieve by taking away our own movement

The dude and the wolf-dog are in the same state as mine.


“Ngh… and… here! Rise! Magic Colors!”


Another new spell

Right then, the wolf-dogs ears perk up.

What Does she get what the dude is going for now

Now that I see the effect of the latest spell, I feel like I understand it a bit, too.

The wolf-dog has already started running again.

Shes desperately pushing through the path shown by the now-color-marked vortex of arcane energy.

But for what

The vortexs center is practically a dead end… what does the dude want there

The very moment the Blazing Dragons surround us, I hear the sound of the wolf-dog gritting her teeth, like shes holding back a ton of pain.

Its just like the sound my teeth made when I was fighting the Dragons myself.

The wolf-dog leaps up.

Thats probably the last ounce of her strength – I can clearly see the color on her face change.

This Familiar sure is something else.

The dude proceeds to whip out a combo of spells, all in an instant.




That extends the height of the wolf-dog jump.


“Gravity Stamp!”


I dont know how, but the Blazing Dragons arent able to fly up any higher…


“Earth Control!”


The exits of the vortex are now sealed off by strong earthen walls…


“Pochi Pad Breath!!”


I dont know what that last spell is, but the sheer energy it contains is giving me goosebumps.

Thats probably why the dude saved it as the last shot.

It must be extremely powerful.


“Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry!!”


The wolf-dog keeps mumbling that over and over in the air before she lands.

…Then she collapses as soon as she hit the ground.


“Ack… ack…!”


“Hey… are you al- whoa!”


Before I can call out to the wolf-dog, the dude pulls me and her up, and carry the latter on his shoulders.

Then we run – far away from the Blazing Dragons, or at least as far as we can.

The dudes eyes are bloodshot, tears streaming, tongue lashing out, snot and sweat all over… lets just say that almost every kind of water in his body is bursting out.




Why is someone as strong as HIM in such a panic

Just when I think that, something ridiculous happens behind us – A flash of light, then a blast of wind.

Just like that, all our bodies float up… and are blown away.










Another spell cast without drawing a Circle first.

Maybe theres a secret function in his staff.

At any rate, the dudes spell really saved our lives there.


Upon landing, I turn to look behind me – and shudder at the sight.

…Theres NOTHING there anymore.

Although the mountain was barren, at least it had SOMETHING.

Rocks, boulders, some grass, some trees…

Hell, even animal and monster bones.

But now theyre all gone.

But above all those, the Blazing Dragons are also gone.

The fifty or so Dragons that were on us, the few that almost got to us – all gone.

I cant even control myself – my mouth opens, and bursts out a weird laugh.


“Ha, hahaha… hahahaha….”


I have no words to describe the power of that spell.

But I guess my mouth just wants to – which results in that weird response.

Im still scared as all hell, but I force myself to turn around and look at the dude.


“Thank God we survived… thank God… thank God… thank God…!”


“Whew… whew… ack-!”


Man… these two really are something else.




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