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“Woof! How was it, mother”


“Weak! Still too weak! Ah, Master, when will the snacks be ready!”



Its your patience thats weak, you two.

Chappie the Violet Phoenix – he had grown up quite a lot in these past eight months.

Now he was big enough to be considered an a.d.u.l.t… pretty close to the size of back Shishichou when wed first met the latter, even.

However, hearing Chappies voice become more and more throaty, I couldnt help but feel that hed never end up sounding like Shishichou.

Now I wonder if peac.o.c.ks voices change again later in life.

And speaking of later in life… its almost been a whole year since wed arrived here in the past.


“That can wait – its time to change Leoles diaper.

Cmon, any of you with free time.”

“I cant, sir – its too difficult!”


“I dont want to do THAT ever again.”


Cappies reluctance is… reasonable.

Because, well, the first time around, hed tried to do it with his beak.

No matter how dull his sense of smell was, it was still hard to watch him subject himself to… that,

Pochi and I did try to stop him, but he got angry at us – and accused us of not believing that hed already grown up – so we let him do it.

In less than a second, hed soared high into the sky, screaming “mental interference attack!”

Leon had already started eating a wider variety of food, after all.

“All right, Shiro, you do it.”


“All right, Mister Poer, please stay still~~”


“Ah – uh-huh~~”


Damn it, and Im stuck doing… whatever this is.

Never had I seen this coming…


“Lift your arms up, like youre pointing towards the future…”

We ARE aiming to travel five thousand years or so into the future, but goofing around and making poses definitely isnt the way to do it…

And now Shiro and Chappie are giggling between themselves.

Do your work and change Leons diaper, damn it.


“L-like this”


“Ah, yes, very good.

This is going to be epic!”


Blazing Dragon King, Gokuryu, Hell Emperor, whatever its called – its been seven months since we had gone to seal its egg.

But then the volcano just up and activated, waking the thing up.

The Hell Emperor… its scales were metallic red, even shinier than those of the Lord Dragons.

Its fighting prowess was not to be trifled with.

The very moment it hatched, its body was already the size of a fully-grown Blazing Dragon.

Its intimidating aura was greater than those of the Rank SS monster we had fought; stronger than the Ogre King, sharper than the Chaos Lizard.

It had been wrapped in flames hotter than the volcanos crater, and the murderous intent in its eyes was so intense that I still felt like it would come to get us at any moment.


Pochi and I had hit it with theAnti-demon Mirror Shot, the magecraft we had invented during the seven months before then, to amplify the strongest attacks wed had at the time.

Pochis was her Zenith Breath.

Mine was the Pochi Pad Breath.

Then the Gokuryu disappeared, almost as if it had evaporated away, before it could even get itself out of the crater; the power we had unleashed surprised even us ourselves.

Again, our attacks had been amplified with the Anti-demon Mirror Shot; by increasing the spells intensity with energy reflections, their attack power had been elevated by several levels.

I had a feeling that it could become quite an important asset in the battles to come.

The timing of it was quite difficult, however; despite how many years Pochi and I had fought together, wed had to train quite a lot to make it work.

The important part was that every attack must hit the arcane energy lenses at the same time; otherwise, there wont be any effect.


And then, one month passed.

Polco Adams… for my exploits, that man had said hed erect a bronze statue of me in the villages plaza, which had led me to doing this…pointing towards the future pose, and Pochi and Chappie laughing at me.

This middle-aged sculptor guy seemed to be having quite a lot of fun, too.

The process was to get the design down in a painting, then use that to work on the statue… But Id sure prefer that he considered how… embarrassing it is to be posing in broad daylight.

Im already over five thousand years old, for Gods sake…


“Oh, please try putting your other hand on your hip!”




“Bigger smile!”


“L-like this”


“Cross your legs…”




“Spin your head around-“


“I cant do that!”


Pochi and Chappie kept on laughing, holding their stomachs… and by the time they were about to die from the lack of air, Bright came running to me.

The kid was out of breath, too.

But he was also smiling – something good must have happened… right




Yup, before Id realized it, Id found myself being called just that instead of the usualsir instructor.

It was good and all that hed started to address me less formally, but I still couldnt quite get used to it.


“What is it, Master Bright”


“Ive finally obtained my sisters permission to head to Toued!”


“Oh! Thats splendid! Ive never expected Lady June to let you go…”


“Yes! Now I can go on an adventure with you, Instructor!”


Well, I did put in a few good words for him yesterday, too.

He had gained quite a lot of levels over the past months, and the invasion of the Devil Kings army had been getting more and more aggressive.

That said, I had never actually seen the Devil Kings army before.

We had moved farther and farther away from the place in which they were situated, so I suppose I shouldnt blame myself or anyone for that.

But, well, it would also serve as a good opportunity for young Bright to go on a journey and be exposed to the outside world.

Such experiences were considered rare occasions among the aristocracy, at least according to June.

I had seen firsthand how rarely most actual aristocrats fought monsters personally; in most cases, they would have their bodyguard do the heavy lifting.

So, with all that in mind, well be heading to Toued soon.

And the reason for that was simple enough-


“Still, a title-erasing shamaness… do you think she actually exists, sir”


“Thats what Master Polco told us, so it should be true, right”


“Yes, Instructor.

If you say so, then it must be true!”


While answering enthusiastically, Bright proceeded to start changing Leons diaper.

Seeing that, Chappie was taken aback.


“Uh, Bright, are you trying to die or something”


“No – its alright, Chappie.

I dont plan on dying for another hundred years!”


“Now wait a sec – you two! You cant just have Master Bright change Leoles diaper like that!”


“But its so embarrassing, sir!”


“And it stinks!”


For such a deep voice, Chappie sure likes trying to sound cute…


“Now, Mister Poer, please dont move around!”




Its just impossible to have them on Leons diaper duty, I guess.

Damn it…

Wed kept the knowledge of Leons identity away from Bright, but it seemed that June had already figured it out.

Perhaps it was because Bright had been telling June about how wed had to take care of Leon.

Leon had started being less alert against Bright lately, so I suppose it wasnt all bad.




His vocabulary had improved quite a bit, too.

That was in part because Pochi had been teaching him so much stuff; its good and all to have fun, but I do hope she hadnt brought up anything strange.

Anyways… modeling for a painting sure is tough.

Its not easy at all, having to stand still in a pose like this.


“So… are we taking Leole along with us, after all”


“Master Polco will also be following us later on a separate mission, so taking Leole along shouldnt be a problem… I suppose”


I heaved a deep sigh; Bright chuckled.


“Is something the matter, Master Bright”


“I just figured how it would be a disaster to leave Leole here, you see.

Even Ferris was scared of dealing with him, after all.”


“Hahaha… is that so”


A babys tears are the strongest around here… who wouldve thought

So long as we cant take him to the current Holy Emperor, well have to make do with just four of us.

The Holy Emperor, being aware of how busy Polco was, had decided that it would be safer to leave the kid with him.

June is busy with her own things, too; no other option for us, I suppose.

Anyways, Toued, the eastern Nation… Id never been there myself, but their culture had had a good deal of influence all the way out here, so I couldnt imagine it being a bad place, at least.


“You know, Leoles actually learned to say my name just the other day! Now, try saying it, boy!”




“Im Chappie.







While Chappie repeatedly tried to no avail to have Leon say his name, Pochi and Bright laughed at him at the top of their lungs.

For the time being, things are peaceful here.

How long this peace lasts, though, is another question…

Scratch that – not even this sense of tranquility is possible in Sodom now.

Speaking of which, apparently, June hadnt been keeping up with Giorno and Lylia after I had split with them, either.

We must get stronger and find them again soon…

While thinking about all those things, my hand that had been pointing toward the future changed into a fist toward the sky, because…


“What about Master Leole, boy – hes Poer.


You got that”






Damn it, Pochi! You cant just teach him EVERYTHING just because hes still a toddler!



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