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“Shah-! Sha! Sha!”


Okay, this is getting weird…

All of a sudden, Polco started attacking us with his staff.







“C-could he be… aiming at us for real, sir!”


“Its like you said earlier, Shiro… this guys OUT FOR BLOOD!”


“But he wasnt releasing this kind of arcane energy when I first saw him! Just look at his red eyes and sharp teeth – isnt it like hes turned into a monster!”





Pochi replied and rushed ahead toward… Jetta… huh

Okay, so shes the head maid… but is a maid even supposed to be THAT fast

Fast enough to outrun Polco Thats ridiculous.

…Wait, no, the gap is getting shorter and shorter.

Shes still pretty damn fast though.

Well, Pochi would catch up instantly if she were to go all out, though.



Pochi made two well-timed hops, landing in front of Jetta.

At the same time, Jetta also jumped, flipping in the air to dodge Pochis landing and open some distance.


“Hohoho, impressive.

Ive never thought you would catch up to me, Mister Poer…”


“Thanks for the compli-“


“-IM the one who caught up with you, maam!”

Okay, shes right in her correction, but good God, shes as inappropriately carefree as ever.

Anyway… Jetta is clearly a lot larger than she used to be.

From her shoulder-width to her feet, the difference from before must be a whopping fifty percent.

This new look totally eliminates all impressions of her being an old lady.

Now the maid outfit doesnt suit her.

At all.

If I were to guess, it could be a form-altering application of invisibility techniques.

Ive seen it in some older literature, but never knew that this sort of application was possible.


“…So, have you been infiltrating the Fulbrights this entire time”


“Naw, that aint it, dawg.”



“M-M-M-Master! Did her voice just… turn ROUGH all of a sudden!”


“Yeah, thats clearly just a dude in disguise.

His transformation technique must have been able to alter his vocal cords as well – thats impressive… Okay, so What did you mean by what you just said”


“When Bright came here, the woman named Jetta was already dead, thats what.”


So hes been fooling us for almost a year.

Should be safe to ȧssume that Jetta 2.0 started his infiltration around the time Chiquiata failed to kidnap young Bright, then.



NAME: Mumyou


TITLES: Mage, Martial Artist, SS Slayer, Wind Deity, Dragon Slayer, 


LV: 174

HP: 23,106

MP: 19,230

EXP: 201,794,153


SPECIAL SKILLS: Attack Magic (Advanced), Support Magic (Advanced), Recovery Magic (Advanced), Transform, Blinding Speed, Flight




Mumyou… meansnameless, but at least I can ȧssume from the language of it that hes from the East, I guess

…And this might not have happened if Id just looked at Jetta with the Appraisal Glasses after our arrival here, now that I think about it.

Anyway, were definitely up against a formidable foe here.

With that muscular body, he might even be more powerful than Chiquiata.

And those thɨġh muscles are nothing short of amazing.

No wonder Polco couldnt keep up… And now that I mentioned it, how is he doing now




Hearing Chappies scream, I turned around to see Polco shooting various spells up at the sky… or more precisely, at Chappie and Bright.

Pochi, seeing Chappie fluttering through the air like a thin sheet of parchment, exclaimed,


“Hey, Chappie! Why arent you calling ME to help you!”


Because, despite being his mother figure, youre still Pochi, doggo.


“Okay… Ill just leave rescuing Chappie to you, Shiro.”


“Do you have any idea what youre saying, Master! Master Polco is scary as all hell now – of course Im not gonna fight him!”


“Then how about that big guy with all the heavy makeup”


“That ones scary, too!”


“But thou must choose.”


“Ngh… what a difficult time we live in, sir!”


For the best results, I think it should be me against Mumyou, and Pochi against Polco, though…

…Hmm, lets try proposing one of my ideas first.


“Just think about it, Shiro.

If youre fighting Master Polco, youll have Master Bright and Chappie backing you up – its three against one, you know”




“And its your big chance to show off to Chappie, right”




“AND if Master Bright appreciates your efforts, he might treat you to a heap of delicious food, yeah”




I grinned at Pochi, trying to convince her. 

Okay, even I can tell how weird my face is right now, but whatever… Pochis DEFINITELY interested – just look at how her ears are standing right up.


“Look, if youre THAT interested, then you might as well-“


“-You there, with the red eyes! Im in a good mood right now, so give me just a full-course meat meal, and Ill let you off the hook!”


Pochi faced Polco, raising her front legs and rolling up her sleeves… figuratively, of course.

She doesnt wear shirts.

…Even from behind, I can tell that all shes seeing now is all the meat she thinks shell get to eat for dinner, and nothing else.


“Now then… lets get down to business.”


“Oh You, alone against me With that baby in your shirt”


Now Im just a genericyou, huh

And to think he-she just referred to me asMister Poer just moments ago…

Not that Id like to be called that same way by that burly-man voice, though.


“And youre carrying Lady Ferris on your shoulder.

Isnt that way bigger of a disadvantage, Mumyou”


“…I knew youd be the biggest trouble from that house.”


Mumyou, his eyes containing a subtle hint of surprise to hearing his own name, put Ferris down on the ground and ȧssumed a fighting stance.

So hes a close-combat mage, huh Hes not carrying a staff, so his Circle drawings should be telegraphed quite clearly.

Lets do this, then…


“Now youre sticking your precious staff in the ground… What the hell”


“Jussst making a special seat for Leole here.”


I hooked the baby carrier to my staff and reinforced it with arcane energy.




“Thats right, Ill be showing off some super cool stuff! Keep your eyes peeled and cheer me on, Leole!”




The same instant as Leons last reply, Mumyou dashed with blinding speed, getting himself behind me.

Then he threw a punch… which I deflected with a roundhouse kick.

Mumyou had his stance broken, but I kept on kicking.


“Ngh- gah!”


Mumyou leaped backward, dodging my kicks.

He put his hands on the ground as he landed.

Should be setting up a fixed-position type Spell Circle, right Oh, wait, its a Craft Circle.

I transitioned from my kicks to a jump, with one foot raised high, I drop-kicked down onto the Craft Circle.




The Craft Circle shattered along with the earth, with Mumyou narrowly avoiding the impact by rolling away.


“Shit! Arent you supposed to be a mage!”


“I TOTALLY am a mage, yes!”




I covered the scattered dirt and pebbles with arcane energy, formed them into a solid clump, and sent it flying toward Mumyou with my palm strike.




The clump successfully hit Mumyou on his abdomen, knocking him up into the air.


“Damn you-!”


He maneuvered his body in the air, adjusting his posture and throwing a small knife at me.

I did an extremely quick spin, deflecting the knife with my mantle.


“What the hell, you a martial artist or what!”


“…You know, I dont know how I did that, either…”


I just couldnt help but grumble this to him, what with theHoly Warrior-type title having so strong of an effect.

Its improved not only my ability to manipulate arcane energy, but also my physical performance.

Right now, I feel like I might even pull off the Deca Spell in its full potential – all ten spells in the highest rank.

…Right, that will give me quite a bit more brute force.




Exerting pressure onto all of my body, I tackled forward, aiming at where Mumyou is set to land.

Then, after grabbing him and holding him in place, I pushed him toward a nearby rock.




“This guys… strong as hell!”


“Its called the power of MUSCLE!”


“Thats just ridiculo- GAH!”


Mumyou, his back slammed flat on the rock, let out a cry, as the sound of several bones breaking was heard.

Then I drew a Craft Circle on Mumyous back as he collapsed.


“Rise, Sancta Boundary!”


Damn, I can even draw my best Boundary Magecrat this quickly.


As a result of his injuries to the Boundarys restraint, Mumyou fell unconscious, not getting another word in.

Hmm, perhaps I now have the raw strength to just… overpower enemies of a level similar to mine.

Whoops, no time for that – gotta get young Ferris and save Polco-








Three screams reached my ears, prompting me to turn to where Polco must be.

And as Im seeing, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that Polcos arcane energy stream is out of control.

Its quite… similar to my arcane energy release, actually.

And even though I CAN overwhelm someone on my level, Polco is way more powerful for that…

Things will probably be fine if I work with Pochi, though.

With such carefree thoughts in my mind, I trotted over to Pochi, who was still screaming-


“-Took you long enough! I was super close to beating him just now, sir!”


“More like you looked like you needed help just now…”


“It was an act, sir! An act!”


In that case, my Familiar must have some crazy acting skills, then.


“Anyway, Master… do you have any idea why Master Polco doesnt head to get Ferris, now that shes safe”


“Hes probably lost it and forgotten about his goal by now.

Just look at his face… veins swelling all over, hes more like a monster.”


“But deep down, he must love Ferris a whole lot… So how are we supposed to bring him back to his senses, sir”


“With these, of course!”


I clenched my fists and raised them up.


“Straightforward and simple! I like it!”


We grinned at each other and proceeded to confront Polco of the Adams household, the Mage recognized by the Holy Warriors.



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