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Chapter 243, “Chitande”


Translator: Barnnn

Proofreader: Xemul


I am Tarawo.

My Master is Tifa.

Tifa had finally gone up to the Junior grade at the Magic University recently.

Despite that, her duties as the University’s Public Morals Enforcer remain unchanged.

Everyone had expected her to become the new Student Council President.

She was even recommended for the position, but in the end, she rejected it. 

Her reasoning was ‘learning a new job is too much trouble’, or something along those lines.

The new Student Council President is a good-natured young man named Mash, but it’s undoubtedly still Tifa who runs the Student Council itself behind the scenes.

My ears are special.

One day, in the shade of the Magic University courtyard, I was lounging around- no – STANDING GUARD, as Tifa had ordered me to, when I overheard something most interesting.

…The talk among the underclassmen.


“I don’t really trust President Mash to do the job.

Especially since Miss Tifa, the Dark Ruler, was supposed to succeed Miss Lina, to…”


“By the way, Miss Tifa has a Familiar, right What’s it called, again”


“‘Ornamental’ Tarawo.”



Now I finally have a nickname!


“Huh I thought I heard that as ‘Tragedy’ Tarawo, though…”


What I have ANOTHER nickname

I suppose it is a destiny unavoidable by the great and powerful.

Good- I mean, very well.

I shall embrace all the nicknames they give me! Fwahahaha!

Anyway… it has already been two years since that man departed from Beilanea – that mass of absurd arcane energy called Asley.

The Magic University has changed a lot since then.

Irene resigned from her position among the Six Archmages, and together with Trace, disappeared from this city.

With a popular Archmage like her leaving the scene just like that, the number of students newly enrolled in the Magic University this year was much lower than usual, or so I’ve heard.

The times sure are quick to change.



“What’re you up to, li’l Taggo”


That’s some nerve you have, so casually interrupting my train of thoughts.

Let’s see who it is-


“-Hmm Natsu… Can’t you see I’m waiting here, in front of the campus gate, for Tifa – because she said I was getting in her way.

How do you like my sitting posture! Surely the sight of this will thrill Tifa to tears!”


“Ahahaha, I guess! Why don’t we go home together I’ll tell Tifa about it.”


“Ngh- no, but… Tifa’s going to miss me-“


“-Oh, she’ll be fine!”


All right, okay…


“Still, Natsu, what business do you have at the Magic University From what I see, you just exited the campus, didn’t you”


“Ah, you see… Headmaster Tangalán called me here.

Rise, House!”


Natsu drew up a Spell Circle in front of me.

At first glance, the horns of the creature that appeared from the dark void might look to be of a Devil… but it’s actually just a sheep.

Save for its black horns, its whole body is golden.

Apparently, it is a rare breed called the Sun Sheep.

It is said to bring blessings to the land it sits on, but whether or not that is true, I have no idea.

Natsu has been getting along quite well with Lala, perhaps because they are the same age, and they often talked about ‘dairy farming,’ but who would have thought that she would put her Familiar into the equation as well

But the facts are that Sun Sheep milk is very nutritious, and their wool is beautiful – And so those products are commodities among the rich crowd.

Every time I saw this sheep after it was sheared, I couldn’t help but feel like laughing, but I had to restrain myself because Tifa would get mad otherwise.


“C’mon, Shiny, get’s go home!”




Their contract was forged in a way such that it discarded its ego as a Familiar, preserving its dignity as an animal.

Tifa has mentioned this variation of it being a thing.

As I recall, it is the same case for Fuyu’s Familiar.

These two have always been so similar to each other, and continue to be so, no matter how far apart they get.

Natsu hopped on Shiny’s back, and I walked alongside them.


“So… Tangalán What could he possibly want from you You’ll be turning fifteen this year, so it’s not until next year when you’ll be eligible to enter the University, is it”


“That’s true… He went on and on about a lot of things I don’t understand – the only thing I got was that he wants me to enroll.”




I see.

Now that Irene has left, the number of students has dropped drastically – the school must be desperate for good Mages to add to their roster.

I overheard Tzar talking about it, and supposedly it’s for the purpose of paying the people on the upper tiers of the Nation… Someone named ‘Ishtar,’ or something.

At the end of the day, though, the Magic and Warrior Universities are places that train people in military power.

It seems that there is still some time before the Devil King’s resurrection that Tifa mentioned, but we can’t afford to stay unprepared like this.

As things stand now, The Silver is the second most powerful adventurer organization in the Nation.

Seeing that Natsu is one of its members, I suppose the Magic University Headmaster does have some good foresight in trying to recruit her.


“We’re home!”


Natsu got off Shiny and cheerfully announced her return.


“Fwahahaha! I have returned, Pochisley Agency!”


My wonderful voice echoed through the building’s interior.

So wonderful indeed.

I wonder why Tifa gets so angry whenever I do this.

Hmm, utterly inconceivable indeed.


“Whoops- welcome back, you three! We have a client in right now, so keep your voices down, yes Oh, everyone waiting in the back, by the way.”


Itsuki said as she stuck her face out from behind the counter, prompting Natsu and me to look at each other.

We proceeded to head for the dining room.


“Hey, Natsu, you’re back early – oh, Tarawo’s with you”


“Hmph, is that a bad thing, Bruce”


“Hahaha… Nah, not at all.

Oh Tifa’s not back yet”


“She said I could come on ahead.

Looks like she’s been kinda busy these days.”




Bruce nodded.

Now that Natsu mentioned it, I’ve had to wait in front of the school more often lately, too.

I can only hope that Tifa isn’t overworking herself… because whenever I express my concern outright, she’d get angry at me.

I myself don’t understand how it would benefit her to be that way, but perhaps that’s simply the way it’s meant to be for my Master, the future ruler of the world!


“Well, how’d the meeting go”


“I turned him down.”


“Hahaha, I can already imagine the disappointment on old Tangalán’s face!”


“Bruce, control yourself.

Sir Tangalán is one of the Six Archmages now – there’s no telling where his spying ears are.

He might be listening to us right now.”


“Yeah, yeah, sorry.”


Reprimanded by Blazer, Bruce settled down.

Oh, dear, human relationships… always a source of worry.

Why is Blazer our leader, anyway I know he’s strong, but Bruce is clearly the stronger one between the two.

Both Ryan and Blazer himself recognize that fact.

The only reasoning Bruce gives is ‘it’s too much trouble,’ but if he were the leader, he’d have the power to get rid of many more troubles plaguing him.


“Now then, looks like everyone’s here.”


Ryan, seeing now as a good time, stood from his seat.

Hmm I don’t see Lala and Tzar here, though Are we keeping this among the members of The Silver

But if so, then I shouldn’t be here, either.


“As you already know, Reid and Mana were recently promoted to Rank S.

This has led to an increase in the number of requests from the Nation.

This may seem like a good thing with no downsides, but in truth, it also serves to tire us down more.

From what I’ve heard, it’s the same case with other organizations as well.

We need to come up with some kind of solution as soon as possible.”


The first ones to reach Rank S among The Silver were Idéa and Midors, who had joined at Rank A.

After them were Haruhana and Ryan – whose promotions are still quite recent – and now Reid and Mana have caught up to them.

Natsu, Adolf, and Reyna are now Rank A.

There’s no longer anyone in Beilanea who doesn’t know the name of The Silver.

Naturally, the Nation was bound to take notice, too.


“Leader, please.”


Ryan signaled Blazer to proceed, prompting him to put a sheet of parchment on the table.


“What… is this, Sir Blazer”


“…Haven’t I seen this handwriting from somewhere before”


Idéa and Midors muttered as they looked at the parchment sheet.


“From what I see, it is a process note for magic or magecraft, isn’t it”


“Looks like a woman’s handwriting to me…”


Following Haruhana and Adolf’s guesses, Bruce burst into laughter, while Betty tried hard to hold hers.

And Ryan..

uh, are you all right, old man! It looks like you’re suffering…! That’s not something I see every day!


“Itsuki found this while she was cleaning… in a certain room.”


“”Which room””


Everyone asked Blazer the same question they had.

Blazer sighed lightly and looked up at the ceiling.


“Second floor, street side, farthest room.”










Idéa, Midors, Adolf, and Haruhana all had different reactions, emotion-wise.

Second floor, street side, farthest room… hmm If I remember correctly, that was where I struggled with the doorknob two years ago, wasn’t it

The room I failed to enter, where Tifa arbitrarily slept in.



“That’s right.

Asley’s room.”


“T-then this must be from Sir Asley!”


Adolf looked at the sheet again, excited.


“Oh, yeah! Dude’s handwriting’s always been delicate-looking like this!”


“So, what exactly is this noted process for Looks like it’s… recovery magic No… it’s too different and complicated.

Gah, is he trolling us or what!”


Idéa grumbled, her annoyance not so subtle.

Hmm If a mage of Idéa’s caliber couldn’t decipher it, then it must be quite a difficult formula – either of magic or magecraft.

Perhaps Tifa or Lina could figure out what it is


“Currently, I’m leaving it to Lala and Sir Tzar to figure it out.

As far as they know, it looks to be something extremely useful.”


“…And what is it that’s written here It’s somewhat distorted, covered in paw stamps… ‘Chitande’…”




Everyone repeated after Reyna.

Chitande… What a strange name.



Author’s Notes: Present Day Reference List


[Duodecad Conference – Six Archmages]

Billy (Duodecad Leader)

Gaston (Royal Capital Magic Guardians Commander)


Tangalán (Magic University Headmaster)




[Duodecad Conference – Six Braves]

Charlie (Former Duodecad Leader, Former Warrior Univerity Headmaster, Royal Capital Warrior Guardians Commander)

Dragon (Warrior Univerity Headmaster)




Egd (Dragan’s Apprentice, Royal Capital Warrior Guardians Command Assistant)


[Royal Capital Magic Guardians]

Gaston (Commander)

Viola (Brigadier)

Fuyu (Command Assistant)

Platina (Fuyu’s Familiar)

Hornel Adams (Special Elite Squad Captain)

Maïga (Hornel’s Familiar)

Lina (Special Elite Squad Vice-Captain)

Baladd (Lina’s Familiar)

Jeanne (Position Unknown)


[The Resistance]

Irene (Former SIx Archmages, Resistance Leader)

Trace (Former Magic University Lecturer)

Warren (Former Magic University Student Council President, Jennifer’s Little Brother)

Jennifer (Former Six Braves, Warren’s Bigger Sister)



[Magic University]

Tangalán (Headmaster)

Tifa (Student Council Public Morals Enforcer)

Tarawo (Tifa’s Familiar)


[The Silver]

Blazer (Leader)

Ryan (Second-in-Command)





Shiny (Natsu’s Familiar)

Itsuki (Office Manager)





Idéa (Magic University Graduate)

Midors (Magic University Graduate)




Tzar (Lala’s Familiar and Instructor)



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