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…Who’s there


No one.


Where am I




Who are you


An old adversary, that’s all.


…Oh, NOW you’re someone


You retain memories from your previous life, even while in this dimension… As one would expect from a regal being.


And what could a being such as you want from me …Did you just say “previous” life Did I… die


Your memories are in disorder… Very well.

I’ll spell it out: You DID die.


How How did that happen My power is supposed to be invincible.


But you were defeated.

By quite an unthinkable method, I might add.


What unthinkable method


Unfortunately, I cannot explain it to you now.

But what’s certain is that that method resulted in you being summoned to this place.


What are you on about For what reason have you brought me here






I’d like you to lend me your power.


………Hah! Fwahahahahahaha! A being such as you wants to wield my power! Don’t joke around.

Did you seriously expect me to cooperate with you, on whatever you are doing, just like that


Not without something in return, of course.


Hmm! …Now, you seem to be contradicting yourself with your statements.

Are you sure you want this


I am sure.

Not that I’m long for this world anyway… if things don’t change, that is.


Is that so And you require my power to achieve that change


I don’t know what effects your power will have over the era.

However, I believe that your being, devoid of faith, will eventually be of assistance to the Chosen One.


The… Chosen One


You met him for but a brief moment.

A mere blink of an eye in our long, long lives.

But that short time had a significant effect on your being.


…I wouldn’t be so sure.


The moment may not remain in your memories, but your destroyed body and perpetually blazing soul must remember… quite well, I might add.


Now I’m actually interested in hearing your request.

Unbelievable… Well What is it that you want


Your soul has a firm connection to the Devilkin — I would like it to possess a certain vessel.


And have me spend a lifetime as a mortal human I will not be subject to such humiliation.


The matter is urgent.

Only you can do this.


…Have your powers truly grown so weak What can your powers possibly grant me, then


……A form of happiness… above all else.






What an insane proposition.

You are trying to form a contract to facilitate the exchange of intangible things With me, of all beings Do you think that I believe in your ability to deliver


All that I ever was, up to this very moment, should be enough to instill that belief within you.


Indeed, the world has always been under your protection.

Existence itself is a mass of belief… faith… Hmm… That doesn’t mean I agree with your terms, however.


What must I do to change your mind


Come the end of the vessel’s lifetime, face me again, right here.

If I’m not satisfied, I’ll have you pay with the entirety of your existence.


…Very well.


Listen, at first I wasn’t so serious about this, but now I must ask… where did that confidence of yours even come from


Once you meet the Chosen One… well, AGAIN, perhaps you will understand.


Hmph, the only certainty is that I’ll be wielding that vessel.

There’s no guarantee that my memories will awaken once I’m alive in there.


Perhaps that is the case.


I must say… you have changed.




Well, I won’t say exactly what I meant by that, but… Heh, it’s amusing.


Amusing, how


You are the one and only supreme being.

If something were to happen to your existence, the world is sure to experience at least some major thing, too.

It will be a topic for centuries to come.


Yes, with sustained interest, I suppose discussions of a hot topic can continue for that long.


Your existence could be considered the sun of humanity.

Wherever your light shines, the darkness of shadows follows.


You never stop talking, do you


Oh, yes, my mouth is on FIRE! Well, jokes aside…



…Being in a conversation with you… wasn’t all that bad.


You have changed quite a lot.


Hmph, remember, we’re under a contract — an unwritten rule of the world.

I’ll help you, and you’ll pay the price — that’s all there is to it.


How simple.


Your ways are just too convoluted.


Perhaps they are.


Now, go on then, put my soul into that vessel of yours.

And curse this action you have taken… because I don’t see this ending well.


Let’s hope you’ll actually make a difference.


You never stop talking, do you God…


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