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A man addicted to research who had accidentally distilled theDrop of Eternity orGod Drug and used it on himself.

Although he had no talent, he was able to attain above-average () abilities thanks to the virtually unlimited time he had.

His objective was to travel on foot to the legendary dungeon, the Devil Kings C.h.e.s.tpocket.

The author of the titular book.

Approximately 5000 years old.

White Faction.


Asleys long-time companion and Familiar, who had accidentally consumed the Drop of Eternity.

A Siberian Husky dog capable of human speech, she appeared serious most of the time, but the act slipped out sometimes.

Her dream was to participate in the Familiar Chalice, a mass gathering where the strongest Familiar was decided.

Approximately 800 years old.


Formerly an apprentice swordfighter at Faltown, an almost-abandoned town.

Her talent for magic was discovered when she met Asley.

Thereafter, she had held a great deal of respect for Asley as his pupil.

Her initially timid and bashful character was perhaps due to her prior circ.u.mstances, for she had grown up to be a cheerful and outgoing young woman ever since she went on a journey to enroll in the Magic University.

15 years old.

Black Faction.


Nicknamed “Irene the Invincible Sprout,” she is one of the Six Archmages and was successful in stopping her bodys growth at a young age when her mana circulation was optimal.

Her age was unknown, but considering how she was on equal terms with Billy and Gaston, one may be able to come up with an estimate.

She had the body of a little girl, but the mana stock within her was high even for the Six Archmages standard.

She had a great deal of interest in Asley, a newly enrolled student at the Magic University.

White Faction.


The Nations authority on recovery magic.

Nicknamed “The Holy Healer” for his specialized abilities.

He was greatly fond of animals and had recently been stocking up the school infirmary with snacks just for Pochi.

His abilities were close to those of the Six Archmages, but only in terms of recovery magic and not in other branches, which was said to be the reason why he ultimately had not been nominated.

77 years old.

Black Faction.


Magic University Student Council President.

Nicknamed “The Black Emperor,” he was considered the closest candidate for the next generation of the Six Archmages.

A sly young man with absolutely no imprudence, and in the authors words, had “a tendency to laugh creepily”.

Thanks to his overwhelming popularity among the students, he had been made president midway through his sophomore year.

Currently a junior.

18 years old.

Black Faction.


Magic University Student Council Accountant.

A sophomore at the University and a highly talented mage.

Abnormally popular among the boys and had attempted to use that authority to go after Asleys “Apple of Eden” at one point.

19 years old.

White Faction.


A warrior and the leader of an organization called “The Silver”.

Nicknamed “The Silver Lion”.

Had a strong sense of justice and solid leadership.

To quote Betty and Bruce, “its too bad that hes way too serious,” but aside from that, he was a popular man.

Rank A.

Former member of The Silver General.

33 years old.


A warrior and a member of “The Silver”.

Bettys older brother and self-appointed leader of the arbitrarily established “Silver Special Force”.

Unrefined in character but perfectly capable where it mattered.

He was admired by Blazer as “a guy who gets all the essentials”.

He occasionally made mistakes, however, so he was no stranger to failure.

Rank A.

Former member of The Silver General.

31 years old.


A warrior and a member of “The Silver”.

Bruces little sister.

She was a warrior with great mobility and specialized in hit-and-run tactics.

Although she was indeed skilled, she did not think very highly of herself. 

The lone female member of “The Silver”, she was a determined spirit just like her elder brother Bruce, which sometimes was a cause of worry for Blazer.

Rank A.

Former member of The Silver General.

28 years old.


Nicknamed “The Great Mage of Flame,” he was one of the few individuals in this era capable of using ancient magecraft.

One of the Six Archmages who usually worked with the Magic Guardians at the Royal Capital.

Also capable of performing alchemy, but only as a hobby.

Although he owned a Magic Tool Specialist Store, most of the business was being run by the local shopkeeper instead.

79 years old.

Black Faction.

Teacher of the Freshmen at the Magic University and also Irenes assistant.

A woman who always made decisions with a calm mind.

Additionally, she was great at keeping Irene in control.

26 years old.

White Faction.


The top candidate of the Magic University Freshmen after Asleys refusal to represent the year.

An aristocrat and a well-balanced battle mage.

Somewhat hostile towards Asley, but not interested in direct confrontation.

17 years old.

Black faction.


Magic University Freshman.

Although he had excellent grades, his heavy-handed personality made him relatively unpopular among fellow students.

Like Hornel, he acted somewhat hostile towards Asley.

18 years old.

Black Faction.


Magic University Freshman.

An excellent mage, but with an unpleasant personality.

Also proficient in a form of staff martial art and used it as a last resort in situations where magic was unusable.

Rank C.

17 years old.

Black Faction.


An employee of the Beilanea Adventurers Guild.

An effeminate man.

Although his orientation was not accepted by some, he was one of the essential personnel of the Beilanean Guild.

Particularly good at rounding up the rowdy bunch within the establishment.

40 years old.


An adventurer said to possess skills close to Rank S.

Nicknamed “The Scarlet Blade”.

An old friend of Billys, despite the difference in their ages being more than two decades.

Also acquainted with Gaston.

Rank A.

51 years old.

Black Faction.


One of the Six Braves.

A large man who gave off the impression of a bear, nicknamed “The Dainty Tiger”.

Had the tendency to account for every little detail, perhaps excessively so.

49 years old.


Dragans pupil, but unlike his master, he was extremely expressive when interacting with cute girls.

Highly skilled for his age.

14 years old.

White Faction.


Chief of Faltown and a brave warrior with a long record of military service.

The first person to be aware of and acknowledge Asleys power and origins, his discernment came with age and experience.

51 years old.


Ryans bodyguard.

25 years old.


Lina and Manas elder brother.

The leader of the youngsters and children of Faltown.

30 years old.


Linas older sister and Reids little sister.

Serious and level-headed, but somewhat shy.

22 years old.


A girl with an aptitude for magic, as discovered by Asley.

Became Asleys pupil alongside Lina.

Currently in eager pursuit of knowledge.

12 years old.

[Divine Messenger]

Means of communication for the weakening God.



The War Demon Emperor.

Governs the Nation.


A mysterious individual officially titled “The Grey”.


A representative of the White Faction.


A representative of the Black Faction.


Magic University Headmaster.

A mage and former warrior, nicknamed “The Meteor Battlemage”.

White Faction.


Magic University Student Council Vice President.

Junior year.

18 years old.

White Faction.


Magic University Student Council Public Morals Enforcer.

Sophomore year.

22 years old.

Black Faction.


Magic University Student Council General Affairs Manager.

Sophomore year.

16 years old.

Black Faction.

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