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Chapter 340.3, A Fateful Encounter in Antiquity

A village of Elves existed deep in a certain forest located to the north of Holy City regalia.

It was said that a mysterious, mystical force was at work here, helping it be dense with vegetation, and the seeds and fruits to always be in abundance.


“Hey, Lylia, you’re in my way.”

“Why don’t you just walk around me, Tūs Shouldn’t be too difficult.”


Lylia looked even younger now than when she would first meet Asley.

Indeed, this encounter took place before her departure from her home.


“Fine, I’ll just step over your head and be on my way.

Don’t blame me if your skull’s shattered.”

“Then let me twist both your legs off first, just in case…”

“And here I am, hitting another roadblock in my research for a completely new magecraft… How about you help me a bit here, huh I swear, the only thing you’re developing is your muscles…”

“Hmph, and you’re as scrawny as ever.

Fine, since I’m the bigger Elf here, I’ll take a few steps to the side.”


Lylia cracked a subtle smile, but Tūs conveniently avoided seeing that.


“Hmm, thank you.

You know how the saying goes — middle-aged people are mature enough to be reasoned with.”


Lylia made no attempt to hide her anger at Tūs’ ear-to-ear grin.


“There are some things that you’re absolutely not meant to say, Tūs!”

“Oh, I totally know what I can and cannot say!”


Tūs stretched his grin even wider and suddenly moved behind Lylia.

Lylia looked as if she was about to bust a vein on her forehead.


“You little–!”


Finally unable to contain her rage, Lylia threw her right fist at Tūs’ handsome face.




Tūs guarded against the punch and leaped up, putting up no resistance as the hit’s force carried him a good distance away.


“Hahaha! I knew your raw power would help me save some walking time! Thanks, Lylia!”


Tūs shouted and waved to Lylia, making a point that he had intended to do that from the beginning.


“Ugh, what a pain in the ass you are!”


Lylia glared at Tūs’ distant silhouette and clenched her fists to try and contain her anger.


“Hahaha, that guy was hilarious!”


Suddenly, Lylia heard the voice of a man coming from behind her.


“–! Who goes there!”


His golden hair fluttered in the wind, and he had a carefree smile on his face.

Lylia was naturally wary of the man, since she had failed to notice his approach.

She pointed her fists at the man, albeit with a degree of hostility different from when she had pointed them at Tūs.

Seeing that, the man promptly held out his hands.


“Ah, apologies.

I didn’t mean to startle you.”


At a closer look, he seemed fairly young, and somewhat of a pretty boy.

But even so, Lylia did not let her guard down.

The man held his open right hand out to Lylia.

Gesturing to initiate a handshake, he proceeded to say,


“Pleased to make your acquaintance.

I’m Giorno.

May I ask your name”


Distracted by Giorno’s straightforwardness, Lylia did not even realize that she was already holding out her right hand.

The two exchanged a light but firm handshake, establishing the chance encounter of the Hero and the Fighter.

And such was the beginning of another tale that would transcend space and time.


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