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333 Today, Ill Confer You as Marquis Yongye

Everyone gasped.

No one had ever dared to speak like this in the imperial court.

The officials gazes swept over and they saw the cold and unruly youth beside Bai Yi raise his eyebrows slightly and smile mockingly at General Song.

General Song didnt expect someone to be so harsh!

He originally thought that Bai Yi was a straightforward person and was clumsy with his words.

Therefore, if he were to casually accuse Bai Yi, the latter would naturally admit defeat.

In any case, the emperor would never punish Bai Yi severely.

Perhaps General Song could also get some benefits and reputation for Song Qiyuan.

Unexpectedly, it was ruined by this brat who suddenly appeared!

General Song threatened coldly, “What nonsense are you talking about This is the emperors Xuanzheng Hall! Its not your houses backyard! Watch your words!”

Ye Siming was not afraid and did not give in.

Instead, his tone was even mocking.

His handsome and cold eyes were filled with arrogance.

“Im talking nonsense Do you think the eyes of other soldiers are used to blow out air like noses the way Song Qiyuan does

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“If it wasnt for Old Bai… General Bai sacrificed himself to block four slashes for him, Song Qiyuan would have been chopped into pieces and sent to you.”

When he mentioned Old Bai, Bai Yi coughed as a reminder.

Ye Siming looked at Gu Yihan, who was sitting on the throne, and cupped his hands lazily to report, “Your Majesty, I dont ever lie.

The mountain bandits were killed by me and Song Qiyuan was saved by General Bai.

It was unknown if Ye Simings words had piqued Gu Yihans interest.

Gu Yihan sat up straight with interest and looked at Bai Yi.

“General Bai, is what Young Master Ye said true”

Bai Yi pursed his lips and glanced at General Song.

He lowered his head and said yes, then explained the series of events that had taken place.

He included the fact that Song Qiyuan had saved someone but the person was a spy who had been sent by the mountain bandits to keep an eye on them.

General Song glared and reprimanded, “General Bai, were colleagues.

Why do you have to slander my son!”

In any case, who could say anything if he refused to admit it

So what if so many people saw it

Half of them were soldiers from the Song Familys army!

Ye Siming couldnt be bothered to waste his breath on him.

He sneered and turned his head away.

Bai Yi didnt explain further.

Everything was left to the emperors decision.

Gu Yihans thin lips curled into a sinister smile.

He clapped his hands.

“Alright, Ye Siming, heroes indeed come from youths.

I like decisive people like you.

Today, Ill confer you the title of Marquis Yongye1.”

When Ye Siming heard this, he frowned.

“Im not going to be the princesss guard anymore”

Gu Yihan was stunned.

He didnt expect Ye Siming to ask this.

What connection was there between the two

“The reason I conferred you the title of young marquis is that I want you to protect the princess better.

There wont be any conflict with you being the princesss guard.”

Only then did Ye Siming lower his indifferent eyes.

“Thats good.”

His tone was like that of a high and mighty god.

It was as if it was Gu Yihans honor that he was able to accept Gu Yihans bestowment!

Bai Yi kept winking at him, but Ye Siming didnt move and looked straight ahead, not seeing anything.

General Song was dumbfounded.

“Your Majesty! How can you listen and believe their one-sided claims This Bai Yi and his foster son are clearly lying to you!”

“Enough!” Gu Yihans expression changed and he suddenly slammed the table, causing the brush to shake.

All the officials knelt one after another, shouting for the emperor to be appeased.

The emperors expression changed faster than the weather.

General Song had no choice but to kneel.

Gu Yihan said in a cold tone, “Song Quan, do you really think that I dont have anyone in your Song Familys army Do you think I dont know whos right and whos wrong”

Just two simple sentences made General Songs face turn pale from fright.

The emperor… had actually planted someone in his army as well

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