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Chapter 2319: Confirmed

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The news about the disappearance had spread for several days, but the police had yet to obtain any valuable clues regarding the Divine Doctors student and the professor.

Similarly, some people who had been paying attention to the news understood the meaning behind that as well.

A few people boarded a speedboat and traveled to a private island off the coast.

They dashed off the speedboat and toward a well-decorated house in the middle of the path.

“Boss, we have confirmed that Jiang Yao is the Divine Doctors student.” Once they entered the door, there was no more conversation.

The person humbly bowed and said, “The information has been confirmed from both Nanjiang City Medical University and Jindo City.

Everyone at Nanjiang City Medical University knows that Jiang Yao is the Divine Doctors student.

Back then, when someone from YN wanted to find the Divine Doctor, they had also used Jiang Yao to force her out.

Unexpectedly, the Divine Doctor died in an aviation accident because of that.”

“Since weve found her, lets move on to the next step.” The person sitting on the leather sofa gently wiped the gun in his hand.

“There are more than 300 people.

Feeding them would be a waste of a days worth of water and food.”

The people on the island did not mistreat those 300 people because they had to rely on them to exchange for the Divine Doctors student.

They provided them with food and beverages.

They did not, however, expect to fill their stomachs.

They wanted them to be hungry.

“But Boss, now everyone knows that the Divine Doctors student is missing.

She has been missing for a few days.

The Divine Doctors student is also a graduate student advisor.

Both of them went missing on the same day.

Jiang Yao was called to the university by someone in her professors name to deal with some matters.

She disappeared on her journey there.

The police in the city found Jiang Yaos car, but the car was a mess.

There were blood stains and bullet marks, but there was no sign of Jiang Yao.”

The man on the side nodded and quickly said, “Boss, the most important thing is that Jiang Yao is Lu Xingzhis wife!”

“Lu Xingzhi” The pair of hands wiping the gun suddenly paused, and their voice became sinister as they said, “That soldier”

‘Yes, hes the soldier who injured many of our brothers during the rescue a year ago.

He has a part in causing your godfathers incident.

If it werent for the fact that he led his men and injured so many of our brothers, your godfather wouldnt have been severely injured.

When Young Master Qian first arrived in Danmu town, he intended to kill him and his wife.

Unfortunately, he failed.”

“Thats right, Boss.

Jiang Yao is Lu Xingzhis wife.

Is she willing to cure your godfather What if she takes the opportunity to do something”

Everyone hesitated once more when they learned that the Divine Doctors student had such an identity and had an old grudge against their organization.

The pressure around the person sitting on the sofa also decreased.

His expression was as bleak as the sky before a storm.

After a long pause, he said, “Send people to get her family.

Well have her family here and over 300 other people.

We are not scared of her tricks.”

The man chuckled and said, “We can still find her even if she has disappeared.

Dont worry; were not in a hurry.

We can wait for ten days.

Well just have to keep feeding those hostages.

Unless she is dead; otherwise, wed see her again.

She can vanish forever..”

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