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Gu Xi nodded his head in satisfaction and threw the jade pendant out again.

Then, he cupped his hands to the others and said with a smile, “Thank you very much.

Please go ahead.”

After saying that, he sat down cross-legged again and closed his eyes to rest.

“This guy is really arrogant!”

Seeing Gu Xis satisfied look, one of them gritted his teeth and said.

“Its okay.” Senior Brother Li waved his hand and then led them to the exit.

He did not leave.

It was obvious that he had other plans.

In his opinion, if Gu Xi continued like this, he would kick an iron plate sooner or later.

At that time, they could take the opportunity to snatch back the points in his hands.

They might even make a fortune from it.

Gu Xi knew what these people were thinking, but he did not care.

Whether he left or stayed, it was none of his business.

However, if they attacked him, Gu Xi did not mind making them suffer a little more.

Just like that, the world fell into silence again.

The competition was about to end, so waves of fluctuations came from the horizon again.

Almost at the same time, Gu Xi opened his eyes.

“There are quite a few people.”

He glanced at them, but there was no change in Gu Xis expression.

He stood up again with his hands behind his back, waiting for the crowd to come.

In just a few breaths time, disciples wearing different sect costumes appeared in front of him.

There were seven or eight sects in total.

Some people in the crowd quickly understood Gu Xis purpose.

After all, it was not uncommon to rob others of their points on the last day of the competition.

However, this was the first time they had heard of someone blocking the entrance to rob them.

“Hand over your points and you can leave,” Gu Xi said faintly, his voice reverberating in the air.

Hearing this, everyone could not help but laugh out loud.

“Where did this reckless bug come from He actually dares to rob us”

A feminine-looking man chuckled, his brows filled with disdain.

“Looking at you alone, could it be that all the other people in the sect have died”

“Isnt there a woman lying on that side”

“Could it be that his Dao partner was killed by someone and his brain is fried Now he wants to vent his anger on us”

Everyone quickly noticed Liu Qingqing who was lying on the side.

All of them laughed out loud.

“All of you really have a lot of nonsense to say!” Gu Xis originally indifferent expression gradually became gloomy at this moment.

Although he and Liu Qingqing were not Dao partners, he would not allow these people to insult her!

Moreover, Liu Qingqing was already separated from him!

A majestic pressure surged out from Gu Xis body and covered everyone in the blink of an eye.

Everyones expression changed drastically when they felt this pressure.

“This aura, this person has actually stepped into the Saint stage!”

Some people could not help but exclaim out loud.

The faces of those who had mocked and insulted Gu Xi earlier instantly turned pale, and their bodies began to tremble subconsciously.

They had thought that Gu Xi had gone mad and dared to block the exit to rob, but they had never expected Gu Xi to have such terrifying strength!

“Hand over the jade pendant, and kneel down and bow down to her!” Gu Xi said coldly, “Otherwise, none of you can think of leaving!”

Hearing this, everyones faces could not help but turn green and then white.

Bowing to a woman they had never met, and it was even a corpse!

Everyone here was a Heavens Favored Son whose name shook the entire region.

They had never suffered such humiliation before, so they were instantly displeased.

However, the increasingly heavy pressure above their heads made their minds gradually clear, and it forcefully suppressed the anger in their hearts until there was no trace of it.

Plop plop plop plop —

Muffled sounds rang out one after another.

Everyone had no choice but to kneel down one after another and kowtow to where Liu Qingqing was.

“I really didnt expect that this fellow had actually stepped into the Saint stage!”

Not far away, the people from Xuanling Sect laughed bitterly.

“Thats right.

Its all thanks to Senior Brother Li who stopped us.

Otherwise, if we had attacked at the same time just now, Im afraid our ending wouldnt have been any better than Tie Xiongs.”

Another person looked at Senior Brother Li, who was at the front, full of gratitude.

Senior Brother Li did not speak, but only sighed faintly.

Even though they knew the gap between Gu Xi and them, they still leave.

They wanted to see what kind of means a Saint stage cultivator had.

After all, a cultivator who could enter the Saint stage was enough to become a consecrator or an elder in the sect.

It was even possible for him to establish his own sect.

It was beneficial for them to be able to see a Saint stage cultivator make a move.

On the other side, Gu Xi received a total of eight jade pendants.

The Medicine King Valleys points had reached a shocking 100,670 points!

Glancing at the ranking board, Gu Xi frowned.

Even though Medicine King Valleys points had increased by nearly 100,000 points, there was still a big gap between them and the first place, the Vast Expanse Sword Domain.

In the last few days of the competition, all the teams points had increased even more rapidly, especially those in the top ten.

The Vast Expanse Sword Domain, which was ranked first, had a terrifying 504,000 points.

These terrifying points were naturally not obtained by simply hunting demon beasts.

They had also robbed other sects and forces.

Similar things had happened everywhere these past few days.

“Looks like I have to work harder.” Putting away the jade pendant, Gu Xi shook his head helplessly.

As for the people who had just been robbed, like the lucky ones in the first wave, they did not choose to leave immediately.

All of them stayed at the side of the exit.

Gu Xi did not pay attention to them either.

He looked into the distance once again.

At that spot, streams of flowing light once again appeared and dashed over in their direction.

Compared to the second wave, there were more people this time around, and their strength was also stronger.

Of course, this did not mean that they would be able to escape this calamity.

Without any accidents, everyone was once again easily taken down by Gu Xi.

Wave after wave, Gu Xi accepted all of their points.

Meanwhile, Medicine King Valleys points continued to rise, and they were also getting closer and closer to the top ten rankings.

Gu Xi looked at the points on the jade pendant with satisfaction.

However, he accidentally saw a light point flying rapidly toward his position.

He raised his eyebrows and could not help but feel a little embarrassed.

During the last three days of the competition, the top ten sects would show their approximate positions and tracks on the jade pendant.

Therefore, Gu Xi could clearly see the positions of the top ten sects through the jade pendant.

At this moment, the people who were coming over were from the Liuli Sect.

“Am I going to do this job or not” Gu Xi curled his lips helplessly and turned to look into the distance.

There were five streams of light rapidly approaching him.


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