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The entire battlefield quickly fell into silence with the defeat of the invading Lord Alliances main force.

There was nothing they could do.

When Li Fuqing and the others chose to escape, the fate of the invading Lord Alliances main force had already been decided.

A large number of invading Lord Alliances main forces began to scatter and flee.

Ren Qi and the others continued to chase after them, and soon, they surrounded all of the invading Lord Alliances main forces.

The expressions of the invading Lord Alliance troops turned extremely ugly.

He had never imagined that he would come here in high spirits.

He had never imagined that things would turn out like this.

They were about to be destroyed!

The surrounding invading lords gritted their teeth.

Looking at the new lords and troops around them, their expressions became extremely ugly.

“Kill! Charge out!”

The expressions of all the surrounding invading Lords became savage as they roared and gave their orders to their troops!

Now, they could only fight their way out if they had a chance to survive.

A large number of invading lord troops began to follow the invading lords as they charged out, wanting to charge out.

However, how could Ren Qi give them such an opportunity

“Attack!”Ren Qi and the others gave the order, and the surrounding new lord-class forces and forces swarmed forward, launching a fierce attack on the besieged invading lord-class forces.

At the very front, the soldiers with the strongest defense blocked the attack, preventing the invading lord-class forces from charging out.

Shrill screams rang out as the invading Lord Alliance troops were killed one after another.

Along with these screams, most of the invading Lord Alliance troops were all killed.

The remaining invading lords and troops also had sad expressions on their faces.

They had never expected things to turn out this way.

In the end, under their despairing gazes, these invading lords and troops welcomed their own deaths.

On the other side, Zhao Yuheng and the Undying Blood Phoenix were chasing after Li Fuqing and the others who had escaped.

Li Fuqing turned his head and looked at Zhao Yuheng and the Undying Blood Phoenix who were chasing after him.

His brows furrowed tightly.

He had never thought that after he had escaped, these fellows would still send out troops to chase after them.

It seemed that they really wanted to exterminate all of them!

“Liu Yufu, you should be clear about what you should do now, right”Li Fuqing did not hesitate as he looked at one of his confidants beside him and spoke in a deep voice.

Liu Yufus expression suddenly changed when he heard Li Fuqings words.

However, his expression quickly became firm.

He was naturally clear about what Li Fuqing meant by saying these words at this moment.

He merely wanted him and his troops to stay behind and cover the rear.

If there was no one to cover the rear, they would definitely not be able to escape.

As Li Fuqings confidant, Liu Yufu had already made this realization beforehand.

Thinking of this, Liu Yufu looked at Li Fuqing and laughed bitterly, “Alright! Boss Li, Ill stay behind to cover the rear.

You guys quickly escape.”

“If you can see the celestial race, help me tell them that I, Liu Yufu, have sacrificed my life for the celestial races cause.”

Li Fuqing looked at Liu Yufu and nodded solemnly.

The reason why he asked Liu Yufu to stay behind was that he respected the celestials the most.

Therefore, Li Fuqing didnt trust Liu Yufu very much.

But it was also because of this that it was best for Liu Yufu to stay behind.

Because of his fanaticism towards the Celestials and demigods, Liu Yufu didnt care about life and death and was more determined to carry out the mission of staying behind.

Li Fuqing did not hesitate at all.

He immediately increased his speed with the other invading lords and soldiers around him and charged forward.

Meanwhile, Liu Yufu stayed where he was.

He brought his own soldiers and looked at Zhao Yuheng and the large number of airborne soldiers chasing after him.

A resolute expression appeared on his face.

For the Protoss!

Liu Yufu shouted in his heart.

After which, he commanded his own troops and charged towards Zhao Yuheng and the large number of airborne troops.

In the sky, Zhao Yuheng, who was riding on an undying blood phoenix, looked at Liu Yufu below.

Without any hesitation, he directly ordered all of his troops to attack.

Liu Yufu and his troops only managed to block Zhao Yuheng for three minutes before they were completely annihilated.

This was the result of Liu Yufu not being afraid of death.

Looking at Li Fuqing and the others fleeing ahead, Zhao Yuheng did not give up and continued to chase after them.

Li Fuqing and the others were mostly ground troops, while Zhao Yuheng brought his aerial troops, so he was naturally able to chase after them quickly.

Li Fuqing looked at Zhao Yuheng and the aerial troops that were getting closer and closer behind him.

Without any hesitation, he coldly ordered the two invading lords and their troops to stay behind to stop Zhao Yuheng and the others.

After sacrificing four invading lords and their troops, Li Fuqing finally broke away from Zhao Yuheng and the others and quickly disappeared into the mountain stream ahead.

Zhao Yuheng looked at Li Fuqing and the others who were escaping and frowned.

The other party kept on abandoning the invading lords and troops to block them, causing her to be unable to catch up.

However, it was about time.

The other party estimated that there were less than a hundred invading lords and not many troops left.

They could not create any more waves.


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