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The old mans attitude was obviously not as casual as before.

He actually wiped his dirty face and said seriously, “If were talking about the Immortal Dawn Sect, we have to start from Perfected Hengxia who suddenly appeared 200 years ago…”

“Kid, are you trying to break out of prison!”

“I think youre tired of living.

Do you know where this is!”

At this moment, a group of prison guards rushed over and interrupted the old man.


Cui Heng frowned slightly.

With a wave of his hand, these over ten prison guards smashed through the wall on the spot and flew out.

At the same time, he shot out a strand of Dharmic power from afar, causing the dungeon passageway to collapse.

Since the roads were sealed, no one would disturb them.

The loud noise woke up all the death-row prisoners.

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They looked at the tunnel that had collapsed from the shockwave, and then looked at Cui Heng.

They were dumbstruck, and all of them seemed as if theyd seen a ghost.

What a joke!

How did such an expert get captured

“F*cking hell!”

The old man was so frightened that he cried out in alarm.

He shrank back and looked at Cui Heng in disbelief.

His voice trembled as he said, “Grand… Grandmaster! No, even a grandmaster cant destroy a tunnel made of limestone from forty to fifty feet away.

This is a Supreme Grandmaster!”

“Continue.” Cui Heng still had a carefree expression as if nothing had happened earlier.

“Alright, Ill speak, Ill speak.” The old man hurriedly nodded, his attitude becoming extremely respectful.

“200 years ago, the Great Jin was founded not long ago…”

After this old mans explanation, Cui Heng had a rough understanding of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

About 200 years ago, not long after the Great Jin was founded, the world was in turmoil.

It was the time when heroes emerged in large numbers and new sects were established continuously.

Excluding those top sects that had been passed down for over a thousand years, there were a total of 17,000 sects in the Pugilistic World at that time.

They were scattered throughout the various counties and provinces of the Great Jin.

At the beginning of the founding of the country, there were only 241 counties in the 13 states and 2,969 provinces.


On average, a county could have over 70 sects and a county could have five or six sects.


These sects fought with each other, comparing strengths and territories.

The degree of chaos could be imagined.

The Imperial Court watched on from the sidelines as the great clans and sects swept through the snow in front of their doors without any intention of interfering.

This caused countless commoners to suffer in silence, and in turn, more gangs and sects were born.

Until someone appeared out of nowhere.

Her real name was unknown, and she only called herself Hengxia.

She was a young girl who looked to be only 18 or 19 years old.

Her appearance was extremely beautiful, but her strength was frighteningly high.


When Hengxia first appeared in the Pugilistic World, she had already revealed her extremely powerful strength.

In a short one month, she single-handedly wiped out 139 sects in Hedong County.

From then on, her name shook the world.

Ever since then, Hengxia began to truly roam the martial world.

Anyone who committed evil would definitely not be able to escape if she met them.

Those who were oppressed for no reason would at least receive help if they met her.

Doing things like this would inevitably provoke important figures.

Three years after her debut, she had personally killed a profligate son who had robbed a commoner girl.

Unexpectedly, he was the son of the Cangxuan Sects sect master.


The Cangxuan Sect had a history of a thousand years.

It was known for its spear techniques, saber techniques, and palm techniques.

The founder of the sect was said to be a Land Deity.

His heritage was deep and his backgrounds foundation was very strong.

He had already experienced six dynasties in his lifetime.

The death of the sect masters son immediately drew the wrath of the Cangxuan Sect.

Many disciples came out to chase after Hengxia, but were all killed by her sword without exception.

In the end, even a Grandmaster elder was no match for her.

After three months of being hunted down, Hengxia ascended the Cangxuan Mountain alone.

A single person and a sword, she completely destroyed the entire Cangxuan Sect!

Even the top martial arts practitioners of the Cangxuan Sect, who had lived in seclusion for many years and no longer cared about worldly affairs, were unable to escape a single blow from Hengxias sword.

It was rumored that the Immortal Dawn Sword was like a multicolored light that filled the sky with rainbows.

It was extremely beautiful, yet there was nowhere to hide, and it didnt seem like a sword technique that could exist in the mortal world at all.

Since then, the Cangxuan Sect had been ordered to disband on the spot, while Hengxia took the opportunity to establish her own sect on Cangxuan Mountain.

It was called the Immortal Dawn Sect.

Because she liked to wear Daoist robes, and her immortal aura fluttered about, her temperament extraordinary, the people of the world called her Perfected Hengxia.

Under the prestige of Perfected Hengxia, the Immortal Dawn Sect rapidly expanded and continuously sent disciples to wipe out those small sects that often caused chaos and pacified the world.

In a short few decades, the Immortal Dawn Sect became the worlds strongest sect.

Even those top sects with over a thousand years of heritage could only be ranked below the Immortal Dawn Sect.

There were even rumors that Perfected Hengxias martial arts had reached the level of a Land Deity.

It was unfathomable and invincible.

There were even many citizens who spontaneously built Daoist Hengxias temple and worshiped her as a deity.

Such might and fame could be said to be at the peak of perfection.

It was unprecedented in the past thousands of years!

However, a hundred years ago, for some unknown reason, the Immortal Dawn Sect suddenly declared the mountain to be sealed.

Occasionally, a few disciples would descend the mountain.

However, they all kept a low profile and never made any public appearances.

Furthermore, they would quickly return to the mountain after that.

There was no more news of Perfected Hengxia.

“Perfected Hengxia hasnt shown her face since the Immortal Dawn Sect sealed the mountain a hundred years ago” Cui Heng frowned slightly.

He could more or less confirm now that this so-called Perfected Hengxia should be Jiang Qiqi who had mastered the Immortal Sword Art.

Whether it was the characteristics of her martial arts skills or her style of doing things, everything matched.

“Ive never heard of it.” The old man shook his head and said, “Rumor has it that since a hundred years ago, Perfected Hengxia seemed to have vanished into thin air and never showed her face again.

Some also said that Perfected Hengxia had already passed away in meditation.”

She passed away from old age

Cui Heng shook his head lightly and said in a low voice, “Are there any rumors about the reason why the Immortal Dawn Sect sealed the mountain”

When he was composing the [Immortal Dawn Sword Art], he had combined a lot of immortal cultivation concepts, so the lifespan extension function was definitely not bad.

Even if she only cultivated it to the ninth layer of the Qi Refinement Stage, she could still live for more than 200 years.

A mere hundred years was not enough time for her to pass away.

“There are a lot of rumors about this.” The old man thought for a while and said, “Some say that its because Perfected Hengxia passed away in meditation, and the Immortal Dawn Sect is worried about being besieged by various large sects and aristocratic families.

“There were also those who said that the Great Jin Imperial Court did not allow such a powerful sect to exist, so they joined forces with the top sects and great clans to force the Immortal Dawn Sect to seal off the mountain.

There were also those who said that the Immortal Dawn Sect wanted to pursue the path of Immortal Ascension and sealed off the mountain to cultivate.

“In short, there are all sorts of different opinions.

There are no accurate explanations.”

“You said you had a secret manual that was stolen from the sect 50 years ago” Cui Heng asked again.

“This… I was bragging.” How would the old man still dared to lie at this time He hurriedly explained, “After the Immortal Dawn Sect sealed the mountain, there would occasionally be disciples leaving the mountain, but they would return very quickly.

“Before returning to the mountain, some disciples will compile their own sword techniques into secret manuals and leave them at the foot of the mountain.

This is the kind of secret manual that I obtained.

It can be cultivated to the Xiantian realm.

“In order to steal the secret manual, my master and fellow disciples killed my parents.

So when my martial arts skills became good enough, I exterminated his entire family!”

As he finished speaking, the old mans face was filled with killing intent.

However, he quickly noticed what kind of expert was sitting in front of him.

He hastily restrained his emotions and lowered his head, laughing awkwardly.

“You cant even sell such secret manuals in prison” Cui Heng chuckled.

“I just wanted to fool people… how could I teach for real…” The old man quickly shut his mouth and explained,” That, I, I, I didnt want to fool with you! ”

“Its fine.” Cui Heng smiled as he stood up.

“If it wasnt for your teasing words, I wouldnt have noticed the Immortal Dawn Sect… Hmm A guest has arrived.”

“What a reckless fool, to actually dare to destroy the dungeon!”

At this moment, a cold voice came from the depths of the prison.

It was the young monk who had disguised himself as a bailiff and came in from another entrance.

He arrived here in next to no time, and he actually directly disregarded the collapsed passageway as he stared at Cui Heng with an extremely gloomy gaze.

“Speak, how do you want to die”


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