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Searle held the document in his hands.

It held all the information they had on Cheng Yans activities in the past few days.

If there were any names that had been consisted in his file, it was the name Yao Tang.

He pursed his lips.

In the middle of his folder was a picture of Yao Tang.

The photo looked like it had been downloaded straight from the search engine, which could explain why it looked a little blurry.

However, there was no denying that the young woman was gorgeous.

The corners of his lips inched up into a cool and mocking smile.

Even he, as a foreigner, was impressed by her looks.

However, even then, he couldnt help but be disappointed by the results of his investigation.

She was simply a beautiful woman.

That was it.

Could it be that they wouldnt have a breakthrough on this miracle doctor he had been searching far and wide for

But then again…His fingers grazed against the pages.

He could tell why someone as monotonous as Cheng Yan would let his guard down.


Maybe Yao Tang was connected to all of this after all.

Perhaps it was time to find out himself.


The next day, Yao Tang was dressed casually.

Her soft long hair was tied up in a low ponytail as she waited right by at the school gate.

Her skin was snow white under the artificial light, and her eyes were bright and spirited.

She was beautiful.

At that moment, Searle was sitting in the passenger seat.

His car was parked right across the school gate.

His eyes slowly widened when he spotted the familiar woman stepping out of the campus.

Only then did he understand why Cheng Yan, who had always been so calm and self-controlled, would fall right into her trap.

Her looks were truly eye-catching.

She looked like a femme fatale who could destroy anyone shed meet.

Cheng Yan slowly got out of the car, and the two shared a look.

However, none of them said a word.

It was as if they had an unspoken understanding as to how they should act around each other.

Yao Tang slowly got into the car, and they soon drove off.

“Theres someone watching us.”

She shrugged lazily, placing her bag right beside her.

Before long, she grabbed her phone from her pocket and tapped on the screen.

A race car popped into her phone as she started playing, watching the animated car slide across the makeshift road.

“He followed me all the way here.

Im still not sure what his intentions are.” He nodded, glancing at the rearview mirror.

Then, he added, “How have you been doing recently How are you performing at school Is everything good so far”

Although Yao Tang didnt appear to be the person who was stressed about her schoolwork, he still wanted to ask her about her academics.

She was already in her third year of high school.

Soon enough, she was about to take her college entrance exams.

He had the obligation to care about her mental and emotional health.

He knew how much pressure students were under these days.

Yao Tang took a sip of the mango milk tea he had prepared for her.

“Its okay so far.”

Her gaze was still focused on her screen.

The two of them didnt seem to care about the car following right behind them.

That, or they didnt perceive the car as much of a threat.

When her game finally ended, Yao Tang took a deep breath and leaned against the car door to rest for a while.

It didnt take long till they finally arrived at the Tianyue House.

This was the newly opened restaurant that Cheng Yan had picked out.

It served the best Chinese cuisine, as theyve said.

from the looks of it, the interiors were also quite beautiful.

However, the food here was quite expensive.

As such, there werent a lot of people whod choose to eat there.

As soon as the pair entered the restaurant, they passed by a tall, suited man.

He stared straight at them as if hed expected that theyd be here.

The man had very strong features with his strong jawline and high nose bridge.

He appeared to be quite handsome and very eye-catching.

He couldve been a model if he wanted to.

Yao Tang, however, appeared indifferent to his good looks.

Instead, she followed the waiter into the private room as if she hadnt seen him at all.

She didnt even bother to greet him.

The corners of Searles mouth inched up in amusement.

This was interesting indeed.

What he didnt expect was for Cheng Yan to nod at him first.

No surprise flashed in his eyes as if he already knew that hed come over.

He blinked in shock.

This was definitely different from what he had initially imagined things would go.

Yao Tang entered the private room first and casually picked a seat to sit down.

She didnt even bother to look around at the beautiful interiors.

Cheng Yan poured her a cup of water and ordered her some tea and appetizers.

“You must be hungry.

Eat first.”

“Mm…” Yao Tang nodded.


Just then, her phone dinged.

When she glanced down, she saw a message sent by Yun Tian.

“The richest man from K has gone to City A.

Make sure to avoid him as much as you can, okay”

She cocked up an eyebrow.

“Ive already run into him.”

As soon as Yun Tian received the message, he sighed.

It seemed that his warning was sent too late.


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