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Pochi and I were running around, escaping at full speed for our lives.

“Orah! Bug off!!”


Once the fight started, Lylias beautiful face instantly turned into that of a barbaric warrior.

Now the image of the dignified Holy Warrior is totally ruined!

She tore off the wings of the Inferno Bug, an S-ranked blazing purple giant moth monster, laughing gleefully the whole time.

Damn it, how the hell does she have so much power with those slender arms!

“Ha-hah! What a swing, Lylia! See if I can do you one better! Earth Splitter!”

We were being targeted by this Rank SS monster called MOTHER.

Absolutely a dangerous thing, this one, with its fluctuating red liquid-like body dissolving things on touch, and while its movement was slow, its endurance was off the charts, being able to absorb a great deal of both physical and magical attacks.

But then… this young blonde gentleman, Giorno, just totaled it with the most powerful Earth Splitter Ive ever seen – in fact, that didnt even look like the Earth Splitter I knew at all.

The version of Earth Splitter I knew essentially involved sending a blast running through the ground, cracking the surface and dealing damage to enemies as it went along.

An S-ranked adventurer could achieve as much as twenty meters, making it a generally reliable ranged attack for warriors.

However, that simple description didnt apply at all to the one that had been unleashed behind Pochi and me.

Same thing Id said about him when hed fought the Kiryu – Theres absurd, then theres this guy!

Even a MOTHER is a minor bump on the road for him.

Pochi and I looked on as the MOTHER faded from sight, as if it was being eaten up by the earth itself.

“Are those two… even human”

Pochi ran after the two who were fighting off in the distance.

“Hyah-hah! Guts! Blood! Destruction!”

Ill remember to stay away from Lylia as much as I can while shes in combat.

“One, two, three! And… four! Heads up, Lylia! Another mook your way!”

“…Isnt the thing he called amook supposed to be the A-ranked Alpha Chimera”

I finally got something to reply to Pochi with.

“I cant even see the bottom of the pit…”

“Now this, doggo… this is how valleys and mountains are made.”

“Hell if it is, sir! Seriously! I dont know whats going on anymore!”

“Were in the past! THE PAST! BOOM, TIME TRAVEL!”

“I already know that!”

“Yeah, seconds ago!”

“N-n-n-n-no way! I could tell right when we were… teleported! Yes!”

“Ugh… if you did, you probably wouldnt have usedPoer as my fake name… Damn it.”

“Just think about it.

Those two, Giorno and Lylia, are probably the Holy Warriors.

In the fairy tales we all know so well, they have another member… you do know that, right”

“Hmm… If I remember correctly, the end of the story went…So ended the journey of Giorno the Hero, Lylia the Warrior, and Poer the Mage.

Though no one knew where they went, all hailed them as the Holy Warriors, right”

“Whos the mage”


“And what did you just call me”


I know, I know.

“Listen,Shiro, Im asking what fake name you called me with!”


Now then, I better plug my ears, just in case.


“No way.

Im gonna tell Giorno real quick that its a fake name, so-“

“What are you saying, sir! Isnt this your chance to see all those absurd powers up close! Besides, the time were in now should be around a decade before you were born! The ancient magecraft of Limit Breakthrough must still be around!”

“Well, youve got a point there…”

Yeah, that was actually a reasonable statement, for once…

“Ahahahahaha! Curse the powerlessness of your own self! Nay, be glad that death has come to you before the end of the word does! HAHAHAHAHA!”

“Hmm, with how much of them there are, it will be difficult for us to limit collateral damage… Bah, what a drag.



“B-but you did kill one with your Dynamites!”

“Just think about it! The fundamental structure of their bodies must be totally different! Tūs is strong, sure, but just look at them – theyre absurd! Thats definitely because they were born with Holy Warriors powers!”

“You cant be so sure, sir.

I mean, we havent even seen Tūs full power yet.”

“Anyway, weve got to get to a town.

Well break away from them there.

Until then, well have to work together to-“

“Ah – Poer, fend for yourself! Adamanturtle heading your way!”

“Gah, what in the blazes! Why do they never stop coming! Rise, A-rise, All Up: Count 2 & Remote Control! Shiro, do the usual!”


This Adamanturtle was an S-ranked monster, another one that was already extinct by the time I went out of my cave.

Two thousand years before I did so, at least from what Id heard.

Yeah, as much as Id like to deny it… We definitely time travelled.

If I remembered right, the Adamanturtles got a passive shield that granted it increased resistance to physical attacks.

Dispelling that effect was logically the first thing to do.


Look at that, Lylia! Poers pretty good at this, isnt he His moves are sloppy, but still!”

“Hmph! Good! If he can hold their own against a mook, then he wont hinder our progress!”

Hello Werent you the one whod asked us if wed like to follow you

Shell probably pipe down after the fight is over, so theres that.

Anyway, how did the Space-Time Transmission trap spell formula get triggered, anyway Thinking back now, it was in fact quite similar to the Space-Time Transmission spell Id tried to invent a long time ago, too.

But then, how did it get supplied with all the arcane energy From my calculations, it would need to be fed three to five times of my whole arcane energy stock in an instant…

Did God do that No, I dont think Hes been getting enough faith to be that powerful… wait, could it be…

We HAVE been praying to Him.

All of us at the Pochisley Agency.

Before every meal, without fail.

All that might have acc.u.mulated to provide Him with enough power over the years.

That would be a plausible explanation for us two getting thrown over to this era.

“Shiro, we gotta hit the plastron! Lift that thing up!”


I see it!

Pochi gigantified and rammed it, exposing its plastron and allowing me to lock on.


“Pochi Pad Bomb!”

“What on earth is that!”

That was a toned-down version of the Pochi Pad Breath, which I hadnt even introduced to Pochi yet.

It was an original spell of mine that involved creating a paw-shaped blast of water, shooting it, and then triggering it to explode on contact.

It may not be as powerful as the Pochi pad Breath, but that was what made it usable in a wider range of situations.

The Adamanturtle, taking the blast on its plastron, was sent slamming onto a rock wall, its back shell being shattered as a result.

“Air Claw!”

Pochi dealt the finishing blow.

The Adamanturtle, after a muffled groan in the distance, fell silent.


Once the melee neared its end, with the two absurd heroes dealing with the last of the monsters, Pochi started to scold me for some reason.

“What was up with that spell, sir!”

“Its something I came up with pretty recently.”

“Anyone can see that! I mean the name! Cant you make it sound cuter!”

THATs what youre taking issue with

“…Such as”

“Lets see… how about Pochi Pretty Beautifully Excellency!”

“You sure love praising yourself, huh Ill have to work up the courage to shout that whole thing during combat to invoke the Swift Magic, you know.”

“Oh, please dont sweat that part! Just give it some consideration, all right”

It looks like shes quite happy to have her name attached to a magic spell, at least.

I mean, shes wagging her tail about as much as when she sees her favorite foods.

“Yeah, yeah, sure thing… Oh, looks like theyre done.”

Seeing those two cleaning their blades, I tried to wrap up our conversation.

“…Listen, Pochi.”

“What is it, sir”

“Be careful about saying our names from now on.

Im Poer, youre Shiro.

Got it”

“Youre the only one who should be worried, Master.

I mean, Ive never called you anything other than

‘Master, anyway.”

Thats usually the case, yeah, but is she forgetting how she would call me by name when she talked about serious stuff once in a blue moon

Whoops – looks like Giorno and Lylia are back.

“This area has been cleared out now, so I say we hurry on ahead.

Id like us to reach Sodom within tomorrow.”

“All right.”

“Yes, sir!”


“Y-yes! What is it, Lylia!”

Seems like shes already back to acting normal, but… I think I might be having difficulties dealing with this woman in general.

“You… are so weak.”

That was, I would say, the biggest issue we were facing withinthis world.

If we were left to fend for our own here, wed probably be dead in a day… no, an hour, even.

Ah, yes, the world of legendary fairy tales…



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