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At any rate, this has turned out to be quite troublesome.

Id thought I could take my time to figure things out, but with me not getting any food that was not the case.

I know I cant do anything about them now, but those bastards at the District… Im gonna make them pay.

Ive got no water of any kind, either.

All the place gave me was a hole of a toilet.

Id never known that prisoners were receiving such an awful treatment.

Me being more or less human, I cant live with this.

No – Im human.

Ill have to do whatever I can to get myself out of here.

Sure, I could have escaped my capture in the first place, but doing would have spread the damage to the people around me.

That was the one thing Id resolved to absolutely avoid.

Without my staff, and with the power of these cuffs, it was impossible for me to draw Circles.

I couldnt even draw them on the floor, what with it being so rocky.

“In which case… Hng-“

A bit too classic for my tastes but lets draw it with my blood.

I slipped my boots off and used my teeth to tear off the nail of my thumb toe, then proceeded to draw a Craft Circle.

Pain ran up my leg with each stroke of my toe on the ground, but for adventurers, such pains were not much more than scratches.

And of course, this Craft Circle was not designed to invoke its magecraft by itself.

Be it magic or magecraft, their Circles required an input of arcane energy to activate.

Besides, if Circles could do that, any prisoner with an understanding of magic would have been able to bust their way out.

Thats why-

“Owowow… all right, Absorb Arcane Energy.”

The alchemy implies that one could transfer arcane energy into an object, thereby turning it into an Artifact.

On the other hand, the fundamental rule of magic states that all magic contains arcane energy.

Then, by using these iron cuffs as an arcane energy catalyst, I could invoke the magecraft, and the latter, in turn, would absorb arcane energy from the cuffs.

And with that, all that was left… was a normal pair of iron handcuffs.

Now that I could draw Circles on the air with my fingers, I was left with just two more things to work on here.

First, to work with the Craft Circle that Id drawn with my blood, and then, use the Storeroom…-

~~Pochisley Agency, Asleys Room~~

“Whew, escape successful.”

First things first, I lit up the room with a Light Source spell.

Then I sat myself down on the bed and started healing up my poor, still-bleeding thumb toe.

“Ive been waiting for you, Master! -Wha, why do you look like that, sir!”

“Huh- Oh, sorry.

Didnt think youd be here.”

“Why are you n.a.k.e.d! Hurry and get dressed this instant, sir!”

“Bah, all right, fine.

I think its in here… Rise, Storeroom! Yeah, should still have it…-“

I took out a certain set of clothes from the storeroom, and got changed right in front of Pochi as she closed her eyes with her paws.

“Wow… now thats the vestment Im most used to seeing… wait, you still havent gotten rid of it, sir”

“Hey, the more spares I have, the better.”

“Its been fixed up so many times that I dont even remember its original design anymore, but its still impressive that youve kept it around for more than 500 years, sir…”

“Hahahahaha, I know, right”

I had always worn it back when we were living in that that cleared dungeon, and also when we left and ended up at Faltown, where we met Ryan, Reid, Mana, Tifa, Reyna, Lina, and so many others.

During the two years I had spent with them, I had always worn this vestment, and now, I just brought it back out of the closet.

That felt somewhat emotionally moving, but reality dictated that I had no time to dwell on it.

“Oh-ho, managed to get yourself out, eh”

“W-whos there!”

Having kept vigilant, Pochi shifted her attention to the rooms door as soon as she heard the unfamiliar voice, but there was no one there.

“Melchi, stop trolling around.

Could you please keep this short and just come out”

“Nuhuhu, sorry~~ I wanted to see more of this lil girls personality, thats all.”

Melchi said as she revealed herself in a movement that seemed as if she was slipping out of a shadow.

“Is-is that Transparent Form magic Even my Master hasnt completed its implementation yet!”

“She sure has a lot of faith in you, eh, Ash”

Melchi grinned as she cracked a teasing-like joke, and Pochi, embarrassed, shouted back at her.

“T-thats not true! Its just a bit…that!”


“Hahaha, and no, this isnt Transparent Form – Its a spell that forces a merging of my physical form with shadows.

Cant be used unless its night or in super dark places, though.

I believe this is our first time meeting, Pochi.

Im Melchi – a p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e to meet you.”

“So howd you escape, anyway You couldnt have just busted those cuffs straight off, right, Ash”

“So you see-“

I explained everything up until now to Melchi, starting from when I had been arrested and how I used Absorb Arcane Energy, and she seemed so surprised that her jaw figuratively dropped to the ground.

“…Thats does make it quite simple to unlock, yeah.

Haha, nice idea you got there.”

“And how did you get back here, Master”

“With Teleportation.

I had one set up in here beforehand.

Distance isnt an issue since the Teleportation here can be invoked from all the way there, too.”

“Wait, Ash, wouldnt that leave traces of the spell in the cell for them to detect”

“Ive included a formula to make that Spell Circle disappear after a certain amount of time.

Getting them to work together is pretty hard, but definitely doable.

By now, you wont be able to come and go through the Circles.

Oh, I should erase this one, too.”

“…I see, another formula, eh.

Boy, thats interesting! A different breed of interesting from my mentor, no less!”

Which reminds me, how old is she Her manner of speaking sometimes sounded very old, and sometimes very young, so I couldnt really tell.

“Still, wouldnt it be dangerous to stay here, what with them noticing that youre no longer there, Master”

“No, Im already dead…”

“AHHH! Master, youre fading away!”

“Thats not what I mean, you idiot!”

Some of her jokes were unexpectedly funny, not gonna lie.

“So… whatd you mean, youre already dead”

“Ive used a calcium formula to craft a skeleton exactly my size and left it there.”

“Ahh, so thats why you were n.a.k.e.d!”

“Wha- n.a.k.e.d!”

In an unexpected turn of events, Melchi immediately turned red.

Now thats amazing – shes like a boiled octopus.

Maybe Ill have her help me with my research on blood circulation next time.

Ah, yes,n.a.k.e.d – such a romantic word of power.

“B.a.r.e n.a.k.e.d!”

“Bare… n.a.k.e.d…”

Mm-hm, her imagination is running wild.

So shes weak against this kind of stuff, huh.

Gotta remember that for future reference.

“Anyway, Master… Dont you think a skeleton would be even more suspicious”

“Yeah, it would – So after I got the cuffs off, I reworked the Absorb Arcane Energys Craft Circle into an Acidic Attack Spell Circle.

Deliberately made it look like a mistake.”

“And then what, sir”

Pochi asked, tilting her head in confusion.

Its quite a mysterious phenomenon, her actually listening when Im talking about something serious.

Well, I wouldve preferred that she acted appropriately for every situation, though…


“So it would seem like I was trying to melt the iron cuffs but messed the casting up, resulting in a spontaneous discharge.

And without the means to evade the spell, the guy called Asley died.

Its a reasonable conclusion that mages would arrive at when they go to investigate my death.

The cuffs were left with the skeleton, and Ive restored the cuffs original power, too – itll be fine.”

“But if you were cuffed, then how would you explain how you cast the acid magic”

“Oh, crap… I cant say that its magecraft, either… What should I do, Pochi”

“Oh, for the love of… Why do you always have to overlook some small but crucial detail, sir…”

I dont want to hear that especially from you, but well just end up with nonstop back-and-forth if I talk back, so Ill keep quiet for now.

“How about we ask Sir Billy for help”

“Oh, yeah! Him doing the autopsy wouldnt raise any suspicion, and hed have no problem getting to do it himself if he offered to!”

“Hes gonna give me sweets, too!”

“Thats got nothing to do with this!”

“People who give out sweets cant possibly be evil… well, most of them! Sir Gaston and Miss Irene are good people, too!”

“…I see.

Thats a pretty fun way to keep your statistics.

Maybe Ill do a research about that sometime later.”

“Bare… n.a.k.e.d!”

And looks like Melchis finally come back to life.

“So, Ash… whatd you mean, youre already dead”

…Cmon, dont make me talk through all that again.


“-…All right, the request went through to Sir Billy.”

“And so… what will you do from now on, sir”

“Hmm, itll be hard to stay hidden in this town, and Im quite intrigued by what Melchi said earlier…”

“Nuhuhuhu, so how about you come over to my mentors place, Ash You might find help there, and I can train myself up some more, too – Not to mention itll be easier for us if we have our investigation subject close by.

Going to meet the Philosopher of the Far East, huh…

That sounded quite interesting, sure, but I also have some things I would like to investigate myself, and most importantly-

“Lina, sir”


The Colorful Food District, too-“

“Hey, no need to worry about that, Asley.”

The familiar voice came from the darkness beyond the Light Source spells reach, as if to cut in between my words of worry.

“Bruce… Sorry, didnt know you were there.”

Ever since wed ended up living all together, Id eventually gotten used to talking with The Silver informally.

And of course, the one among them I had gotten used to the fastest was Bruce.

“Its because of my crazy request back then that made all this happen, anyway.

Betty and Blazer are still in on this, so you dont need to worry about things over here.”

“I wouldnt worry about maintaining the operation, but the management of everyones training is-“

“Ive got some ideas to deal with that, so well pull through… No – well get it done.

Dont worry.”

Bruces tone was resolute, giving me no room to pose an objection.

However heavy-handed that may have been, I knew it was Bruces way of being considerate, and that made me feel all the more conflicted.

And so Im leaving, huh… After Melchi had helped me with her hurtful, yet delicate words, I had been pondering over various things.

About Lina, the Magic University, the Adventurers Guild, and finally, the Colorful Food District.

Everything left unfinished.

Or not – I suppose Lina had successfullygraduated from my guidance… Still, that didnt change that fact that I was concerned for her.

I still wanted to see how Lina would improve herself from now on, but if I stayed around her all the time, I would end up becoming an obstruction to her growth, in a way.

As for me, I had been acknowledged by the Magic University, and even scouted to be one of the Magic Guardians by Gaston himself.

Even though, according to Billy, the decision had been passed down to drop me out of school, Gaston would still be willing to take me in.

I may be uncertain whether I would join the Magic Guardians, but Id never been happier to know that I had somewhere to go to.

Now, I wonder how Lina will react to this.

As long as my magecraft is active, Ill be able to contact her anytime, and as long as she has that roll of parchment, there wont be much need to fear for her safety.

With The Silvers kind efforts, their operations in the Colorful Food District will probably be fine.

They might need some more time to pay off the girls now, but it had always been a time-consuming process regardless.

As for the Adventurers Guild, the one in Beilanea is never the only one.

The world is a large place, and within it, countless Guilds exists.

So thats why… So thats exactly why, just as Ryan had told me back then… I have my own goals in life, and Im meant to make my agenda and knowledge be known to the world… I just cant avoid putting that into action, can I

It would be another story if I had been told to do it, but I think its just my hubris making me think that to be the case.

And, yeah, I guess it might have been better if I did more.

It might have been better if I had made magecraft public knowledge.

No – if the Divine Messenger hadnt appeared before me, I probably would have done that.

Because of His revelation, I had found myself closer to the true form of the Nation and had felt the obligation to do something about it.

However, Im still far from powerful enough to do anything.

In which case-

“Heh, looks like youve made up your mind.”

“My Master is very understanding when it counts, sir!”

“Nuhuhu, and of course, Ill be right behind you~~”

“Yes, Im… Im leaving this town.

Im moving away from Beilanea.”



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