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Under the light of the living room, Yan Yuanfei could clearly see the young ladys aggrieved expression.

She was like a child who could not get candy, his heart melted as he quickly walked over.

He had just reached her side when he realized that something was wrong.

The young ladys face was unnaturally red, he didnt care about anything else as he placed his hand on her forehead.

The hot temperature made his heart clench, then he looked at her bare feet.

Without thinking, he bent down and picked her up by the waist.

Wen Ruoshui did not react for a moment, her mind was like a lump of mush.

The cool temperature of the mans body was so comfortable that she could not help but pressed herself against him.

Her delicate little hands automatically hooked around his neck.

Yan Yuanfeis body suddenly stiffened, and an electric shock instantly spread throughout his body.

His breathing was a little rapid.

He looked at the little girl nestled in his arms and said in a hoarse voice, “Shui Shui.”

Wen Ruoshui rubbed against his chest with all her might.

She despised the fact that his clothes were in the way, she tore open his clothes and pressed her face against his naked chest.

She sighed in satisfaction.

“Its so comfortable.”

Yan Yuanfei stopped in his tracks, the young lady in his arms was unbelievably soft.

The books he read said that women were made of water, he finally understood it himself.

He kept a straight face and tried to restrain himself, he couldnt think about these things while she was in a daze.

He wanted to put her on the sofa.

“Wait, Ill get you some water.”

“Dont go!” Wen Ruoshui hugged his waist tightly, refusing to let him go.

Yan Yuanfei never knew that when someone was sick, they would be even worse than when they were drunk.

The young lady in his arms was like a koala bear, unwilling to leave his side.

He let go of her hand and she sobbed at him.

How could he bear to let go of her He was afraid that after she woke up, she would treat him as a hypocrite who took advantage of her when she was sick.

He was afraid that she would misunderstand him and not dare to get too close to him.

He liked her, he was sure of it.

Hed decided on her the first time hed met her.

He could also guarantee that she would be the only one in his life.

But he wasnt sure how she felt about him, he wondered if she liked him too.

So until he officially knew how she felt, he wouldnt do anything that crossed the line and made things difficult for her.

Wen Ruoshui lay on the sofa, biting her lip.

Her beautiful almond-shaped eyes were slightly swollen as she looked at him accusingly.

Bad guy! He was a bad person! He actually tied her hands up to prevent her from feeling comfortable!

“Drink some water first.” Yan Yuanfei held a glass and squatted in front of her to coax her.

Wen Ruoshui turned her head away.

She was angry.

“Hmph, I wont drink it! Bad person!”

Yan Yuanfei looked at her.

“Youre sick and delirious now.

I dont want you to remember and hate me when you wake up.”

Wen Ruoshui looked at him in confusion, her watery eyes misty.

Yan Yuanfei did not look into her eyes, the young ladys eyes were too sharp.

As long as she looked at him, he would not be able to help but feel soft-hearted.

He was even willing to give his life to her, let alone let her go.

“Do you like me” Wen Ruoshui suddenly asked him.

Yan Yuanfeis breathing suddenly stopped, his long and narrow eyes were as dazzling as the stars that had sunk for ten thousand years.

He looked into her eyes.

“What do you think”

Wen Ruoshui shook her head.

“I dont know.

I only know that every time I approach you, this place will keep jumping.

Is this the feeling of having a little rabbit in your chest”

Yan Yuanfei suppressed the joy that surged out of him.

His breathing deepened as he approached her, he lowered his voice and said nervously, “What else”

“I cant help but want to get close to you.” Wen Ruoshui frowned strangely.

“Is this the feeling of liking someone Do I like you”

Yan Yuanfei never dreamed that things would progress so quickly.

There was nothing happier than knowing that the person you liked also liked you.


“But youre Chu Chus blind date.

I shouldnt like you.” Wen Ruoshui sighed softly, and a clear loneliness and sadness flashed across her eyes.

She lowered her eyes.

“They all say that Im a jinx and Im destined to be alone.

You shouldnt like me, and I dont deserve to like anyone else.”

“Im not afraid.” Yan Yuanfei looked at her seriously.

His slender fingers gently held her chin, making her look at him and listen to her words.

His heart ached for her.

“Dont belittle yourself.

Youre not a jinx, youre perfect.”

“Im afraid.” Wen Ruoshui began to cry and sob.

“My parents and my grandfather died because of me.

Dongfang Rui got into a car accident because of me.

Aunt said that I was a jinx and told me to get out of the Dongfang family.”

She cried harder and harder, as if she wanted to cry out all the bitterness and pain in her heart.

In the end, she wailed.

When Yu Bo brought the doctor in, he looked at the girl who was crying so hard that she was out of breath.

He was speechless.

How did Sir provoke her Why was she crying so miserably!

The doctor also looked at Yu Bo and stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

Yan Yuanfei saw the doctor coming over and coaxed the young lady.

“Dont cry anymore, the doctor is here.

Lets let the doctor take a look at you first, okay”

“No.” Wen Ruoshui was still crying, her voice was extremely hoarse.

“Im a doctor.

I dont let doctors treat me.

I will treat myself!”

Yan Yuanfei gently patted her back and said warmly, “I know your medical skills are very good, but doctors dont treat themselves.

Let the doctor take a look at you!”

Wen Ruoshui sniffled and looked at the man with teary eyes.

“Alright, I dont want to take the medicine.”

“No medicine.” Yan Yuanfei coaxed her.

Not far away, Yu Bos eyes almost fell to the ground when he saw the scene in front of him.

No way.

It had only been a short while, but Sir and the young lady were already together

This was too fast.

Sir was indeed Sir, he was impressed!

The doctor went over with the medicine box, thinking that the girl was Mr.

Yans girlfriend.

When he saw the true appearance of the girl who was crying and making a fuss, his eyes widened and his voice trembled in disbelief.

“Doctor Wen”

Wasnt this the famous Dr.

Wen He had just seen her at a top medical forum summit last month.

At the venue, she was tall, cold, and noble.

Her understanding of medicine and her great achievements in medicine left them in the dust.

At that time, he had thought that she was an aloof beauty, like a high and mighty flower.

He could only watch from afar and worship her, he had never expected her to have such a feminine side.

“Who are you” Wen Ruoshui frowned.

She didnt know him.

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